Dispelling Unicorn Progressive Myths

Over the last few days, the Unicorn Progressive movement, which consists of educated white people with no common sense and a lot of fear of being displaced within the Democratic Party, has been in overdrive. From Jane Sanders’ pathetic demand that Democrats change or face a “Third Party” challenge, to members of the Young Turks lamenting the fact that Democrats are holding fundraisers so they can compete in November, to members of “Our Revolution” suggesting that Democrats “pandering” (one of these idiots used the term “kowtowing”; I shit you not) to minorities was killing the party’s chances… let’s just say, if the “Blue Wave” fails once again, we will know exactly who to blame. Again.

First, let’s address the above insanity.

Jane and Bernie Sanders are a primary reason we are having to deal with a moron like Trump sitting in the White House. Bernie deals primarily from ego these days. He always has, but since his lickspittle followers have convinced him he was close to beating Hillary in 2016 (he wasn’t), he has gotten far worse. The Democratic Party is fine. If it wasn’t for the far left Unicorn Progressive movement undermining them constantly, they would be winning every election.

As for the “threat” of a “third party” challenge, let me start with the fact that there are actually not two parties in this country. There are actually 134 legally registered political parties in the country, which means there are 132 “third parties.” They represent every ideology imaginable and many have been around for a century or more. Yet, the last time a “third party” mattered was more than 150 years ago, when an upstart named Lincoln won as a member of the Republican Party. The best any “third party” can hope for is to be a spoiler because the vast majority of American voters align with one of the two viable political parties. In fact, that’s what makes them “viable.” “Independent Progressives” have a fantasy that they can win because. For a long time, “independent was the second-largest political affiliation in the country. The problem is, “independent ” encompasses far left and far right and everything in between; there is no “independent” ideology. Progressive independents make up between five and ten percent of the electorate, which is not enough to win anything.

As for the Young Turks, I used to like these guys, back in the day. However, for a bunch of Unicorn Progressives who use the term “corporatist” to describe most Democrats, they sure seem hypocritical. For example, if Buddy Roemer offered this blog $4 million, I would have to turn it down because I would consider that to be a major hit to my credibility. Yet, since the Young Turks took that $4 million in 2014, they seem to have felt no need to disclose that to their viewers and readers whenever they discuss “corporatist Democrats” or when they whine about Democrats holding fundraisers. Last August, they received a $20 million infusion of cash from a hedge fund run by Jeffrey Katzenberg, who would certainly seem to be a corporate Democrat, according to the TYT definition.

Now let me be clear here; I do not have a problem with “corporate Democrats” supporting independent media. In fact, i wish more of them would do so. I don’t begrudge The Young Turks their luck in getting such an infusion of cash. I truly wish George Soros was handing out checks to liberals in the media, as the right wing assumes. My problem isn’t with the cash, it’s the hypocrisy. It doesn’t seem principled to whine about Democratic fundraisers being “too expensive” for the average Democrat, while happily accepting cash donations from the same people who will likely attend that fundraiser. And when a liberal media company happily accepts money from a Republican lobbyist like Buddy Roemer, they foreclose their ability to rationally criticize anything Democrats do for money. Cenk Uyger is an ex-Republican, so all of this makes sense on some level, but it doesn’t make him less of a hypocrite.

Practically speaking, if you want campaign finance reform – and we all do – there is only one way we will ever get that done and that is to elect ONLY Democrats. Republicans LOVE the Citizens United decision. They love it because what used to be a level playing field now favors them. They will never reform campaign finance, while Democrats will most certainly do so because the level playing field favored them. While the Unicorn Progressive crowd likes to whine about “corporate Democrats,” and they like to claim Democrats get their money from the “same sources” as the GOP, that is absolute crap. The largest donors t o Democrats are unions, trial lawyers and academics, while the GOP’s biggest donors are groups like fossil fuel producers, big tobacco and big banks. Not “the same” at all. If you reform campaign finance laws and remove as much of the legalized bribery as possible, Republicans will be affected to a far greater degree.

And, in order to win, Democrats have to play by the current rules, which means they have to raise a lot of money, so they can compete. That means large fundraisers that don’t meet the ideals of Unicorn Progressives. If you can’t live with that, you need to grow up.

Now, about this whole “pandering to minorities” nonsense…

I wish Unicorn Progressives understood how racist they sound most of the time. Bernie Sanders’ campaign was horribly racist in tone, even before he blew off the Black Lives Matter movement. The entire tone of the Bernie Stans is extremely paternalistic, as if Black people should be eternally grateful that white liberals “gave them” civil rights and the like. When Bernie had his ass handed to him on Super Tuesday in 2016, it was dismissed because most of those states represented “the old Confederacy,” thus dismissing all the Black voters in those states, as if they simply didn’t matter.

To all the white liberals who still imagine they are the heart and soul of the Democratic Party, please be enlightened; we are no longer that. White liberals chose to leave the Democratic Party in 1968 or thereabouts and the Unicorn Progressive movement proudly refer to themselves as “independents.” Bernie himself has never been a Democrat and he is proud of that fact. Face facts; about 56 percent of white people voted for Trump. White people are on the verge of no longer being an electoral majority, and Democrats have come to rely on votes from Black people, Latinos, LGBT, women and immigrants. They (we – I’ve always been a loyal Democrat) no longer need the votes of independent white liberals. In fact, all they need is for you to stop undermining them. They need white liberals to stop acting like kings of the world and downgrading Democrats, which only serves to help keep Republicans in power. And make no mistake; the constant denigration of Democrats by white Unicorn Progressives is a major reason the GOP maintains power and has been able to dismantle most everything progressives have ever done.

If you want to know why this country is in the shitter, it’s because of white liberals acting racist. The heart and soul of the Democratic Party these days is Black women. That means, every time you whine and cry about “corporate Democrats,” you are essentially saying, “corporate black women.” And I’m going to bet, that’s not what you mean. Right?

One last thing…

This country lives and dies by the economy. The economy is run by corporations. Virtually everyone in this country works for a corporation and depends on a corporation for their living. When they start their business, they incorporate, if they have a brain in their heads. Therefore, using “corporate” or “corporatist” as a pejorative is probably not getting us the reception we need as progressives. Just saying…

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Dispelling Unicorn Progressive Myths — 6 Comments

  1. You forgot that Sanders’ campaign was hugely sexist. You *almost* decided that what was important near the end, where you say “corporate Black women,” as opposed to “corporate Black *people*.”

    He and his staff are racist and sexist, and if you think that Black women are only mad about the racism, you should actually ask one how she feels.

    • It is important and I made that clear. It wasn’t the purpose of the article. There wasn’t enough room to detail everything wrong with Unicorn Progressives or the Sanders campaign.

  2. How do you edit comments? I saw a few mistakes, but I don’t know how to access what I wrote in order to fix them. Sorry about that.

  3. Milt, why do you feel you have to invent one more damn division in our party? Really? Unicorn progressives?? And white at that. I get that we are the big tent of inclusion compared to the other side but we really need to stop this name calling between each other. It’s going to be hard enough getting the House back without people like you coming up with one more negative term to describe someone in our party you don’t seem to mesh with. Here is news flash Democrats are white too. We are just as relevant to the party as black women. And as a white liberal I really don’t care if we are full of any particulate ethnic group as long as they American citizens who can vote. I also don’t count out the our revolution people because if your read the book, and you are a fact kind of guy you would have discovered that out of the democrat big tent it’s Bernie who had a plan going forward. Yest he lost to Hillary, but did you read the book, and see the plan he was pushing. I don’t care how middle of the road liberal you might be, if you looked that plan over from taxing to investment to reconstruction as a liberal you have to admit it was pretty damn good idea. And it wouldn’t have killed the economy, or made rich people poor. We have to come together and that means embracing every kind of view we have under this big tent of ours in order to win against the scourge that has infested our government. We need all of us in order to pull this off. I’m tired of winning or losing elections based on the majority being just a little bigger then the loser. We need the numbers, and we need a landslide in order to fix out country.

    • First of all, the vast majority of Unicorn progressives are NOT Democrats. I am not creating division, in any case; they have been undermining Democrats for 40 years or more. We don’t need Bernie Sanders. We don’t even need the fucking unicorn progressives. We just need them to stop bashing Democrats more than they bash Republicans.

      And please, Mr. Bernie Stan, stop telling us how to win. You have no idea how to win. Bernie lost, remember. He not only lost; he lost in a landslide. Yet, here you are, a loser of a landslide, telling Democrats to either accede to our demands or lose. Who’s really sowing the seeds of division? It’s the Bernie Stans and the Unicorn Progressives.

    • He doesn’t have to invent it.

      That you refuse to listen to women and Black people about their own experiences with Berners is irrelevant to our experience with Berners.

      In fact, you are a case in point. Not believing hundreds of thousands of women saying the same thing is called sexism. Doing the same to Black people is called racism.

      Bernie had NO plan. He stole his platform from Clinton, took out all of the actual plans, then said she copied him. 30 days before he released his platform.

      I am not going to give him money or book sales because he is a racist, sexist, liar. You’re just gullible for white dudes.