Disposing of Left Wing Trolls

So a day or two ago, I was perusing the Stephanie Miller Show Fan Club Facebook page and someone posted something of a troll, in which he (of course, it was a white man – who else would dare?) posted a declaration that Bernie Sanders would win in a walk in 2020. I posted something reasonable in resoponse but it brought out another troll, who baited me with the following:

From Peter Bugbee on Facebook

Milt Shook Well, bless your bleating heart.

Back in the day the Dems were the party of the people. They were the ones who championed helping the poor, the disadvantaged, minorities etc.

Bernie is actually more of a Dem than Hillary.
Your old enough to have seen the sharp right shift that’s gone on in this country since Reagan took office.

I knew once Bill gutted welfare that something may be going on in the party.
Milt, what did you think to yourself when Clinton did that?

The average “take” by congressmen is $1.2 million per member, EVERY YEAR.

IF that doesn’t spell corruption to you……………..

Both parties are complicit with the shoveling of money up to the rich.
There used to be big differences between Dems and Repubs.
That isn’t the case so much these days.
The Dems are doing too many Repub-like things while simultaneously maintaining a jelly spine when it comes to ‘mixing it up’ with the Repubs.
The Dems not givng ‘it’ right back to the Repubs made me crazy, these past several years.

Anyway, I look forward to your response and, have a great day.


Now, I normally don’t respond to obvious trolls, but a lot of Bernie Stans have been saying many of the same things to me for weeks. I had nothing against Bernie Sanders until recently. These days, he’s a huge ball of ego, as are his staunchest “supporters.” (I put that in quotes because they don’t actually support Bernie. They support their own egos and nothing more.) Bernie Sanders had an optimum chance of winning in 2016, but he lost badly in the primary, at the age of 74. By the time of his inauguration in 2021, he would be 79 – and he will be 80 later that year. It’s just not happening.

But the real issues is that this  guy was lying his ass off, so I responded with the following:

Peter Bugbee The word is “bleeding.” You’re the one “bleating.” Your knowledge of history is lacking, and that’s putting it kindly.

The Dems are still the party of the people. The only people on the left who always bitch about them are white people, mostly male, who think they know more than everyone else. In point of FACT, Democrats are MORE the “party of the people” than they have ever been and all they do is champion the poor, the disadvantaged and, especially, minorities. MOST minorities are overwhelmingly Democrats; are you implying that they’re too stupid to understand why they are Democrats? 90-95% of blacks always vote Democratic and they didn’t support Bernie. Why? Because Bernie and the hardcore Bernie Stans don’t speak for them. Latinos, LGBTQ, women, naturalized immigrants, etc. ALL vote overwhelmingly for Democrats. Apparently, you think your white ass knows more about what’s best for them than they do, which is a key reason these groups hate the far left as much as the far right.

As for history, well, back in the day when progressives and Democrats worked together and succeeded massively (in the post-War era), they did so with a component within the Party called the Dixiecrats. Now, we built a great society while having to coalesce with moderates and liberals in the Republican Party to counter this huge faction within the Party, but now? BLUE DOGS are “too conservative” to get your vote?

Your distorted view of history is genuinely frightening. The Democrats have NEVER been a progressive party, at least by your definition, but it has been and continues to be the party of the people. I know this, because most common working people still belong to it.

There is literally not a single true statement in the above. Not one. The average NET WORTH of members of Congress is $1.2 million. That is higher than average, but you fail to note what the average is for Republican members as oppose to Democratic members. It is also not uncommon for household median net worth to be upwards up $1 million these days, so the statistic is meaningless. No, having money is not corrupt in and of itself. And if you think it is, then you are one reason progressives always lose. Most people don’t hate others because they have money.

Bernie and Hillary differed on very few issues, and the few they disagreed on were minor. But your contention that “both parties” do anything alike must mean you’ve been in a coma for the last 40 years. Let’s get real; there are ZERO similarities between the two parties. They have never been farther apart. FFS, genius, compare Congress in 2009-2010 with every Congress since.

And BTW, you loon, CLINTON did not end welfare. Congress did, and they did so with a veto-proof majority. And in 2009-10, there were at least a dozen bills to restore AFDC and re-reform welfare, but the GOP killed them all with the filibuster. In fact, in the 112th Congress, Republicans blocked 375 bills that Pelosi got through the House, including about 100 that would have made Bernie Sanders smile.

Speaking of Bernie Sanders, there is no way his net worth isn’t around $1.2 million by now. So, are you saying he’s corrupt? I know you looked forward to my response, I won’t even look at yours, because you’re a liar, and your FB page seems like a troll page. I posted all of those for everyone else.

We have to learn some fundamental lessons and Those of us who understand them must drown out those idiots, like this asshole, who refuse to learn them.

  • There are TWO viable parties in this country. We don’t have the luxury of a smorgasbord of available candidates. Don’t blame anyone but democracy. If you want to create a viable third party, then do it. But you need to start at the bottom and work up and you’ll have to work WITH Democrats in the meantime and AGAINT the GOP. If you don’t create a third party, then stop whining about the “two-party system.” And if you do create one, then the constituency you’ll want to attract is in the Democratic Party, so it makes no sense to beat them up.
  • You can’t form a “movement” by insulting the people you should be trying to attract. In other words, if you thought being pro-Bernie meant you had to trash Hillary Clinton, you have a maturity level just slightly higher than Donald Trump, who insults everyone, too.
  • Anyone who thinks the two parties are more similar now than at any time in history is ignorant of history. All of the Dixiecrats, white supremacists and bigots who used to be spread among the two parties are now highly concentrated in the GOP.
  • Of the two viable political parties, only the Democratic Party is “the party of the people.” Period.
  • When white liberals talk like this, they are dismissing People of Color, women, Latinos, immigrants and LGBT people as irrelevant, because these people DEPEND on the Democratic Party as their voice. White liberals do not know more about the “plight” of minorities and the poor than minorities and the poor do, no matter how much you think you learned in college.
  • When you trash Democrats or imply that they’re the same as Republicans, you lie your ass off, and it has the added effect of making people not trust us, as progressives and liberals. It also makes a lot of people who don’t like the GOP at all to stay home because they think it doesn’t make any difference who they vote for.

STOP LYING. Bill Clinton did NOT “pass welfare reform.” He merely signed a bill that had gotten 328 votes in the House and 78 votes in the Senate. (Source) This guy has probably heard this a billion times and just assumes it’s true. It’s not. The same goes for the claims that Clinton passed the repeal of Glass-Steagall. He merely signed a bill that received 362 votes in the House and 90 in the Senate. (Source) If he’d vetoed the bill, it still would have become law. Besides, the collapse was only tangentially related to the repeal of Glass-Steagall, in any case. The real problem was the unregulated mortgage after-market that was created, which would have collapsed the economy, even if Glass-Steagall’s separation of financial functions had been left intact.

We have to get smarter about politics.


Disposing of Left Wing Trolls — 3 Comments

  1. I would also like to note that one of the primary causes of the economic collapse was unregulated derivatives. BERNIE voted to deregulate them, not most Dems, not HRC. Bernie. I would also urge his cult to ask why anyone should follow a man who dumped toxic waste in a very poor Latino community then had people from that community thrown out of his office. He kept white VT pure at their expense. Or why should we follow a man whose Black constituents hate him for his indifference and promotion of “tough on crime” in his campaign. Voters overall dislike him mostly for his TOTAL lack of legislative product in 25 now 26 years.

    He’s just introduced “Medicare for All” – which is already filed by Rep. John Conyers who has been THE champion of single payer since 2003. It’s been HR 676 all that time, and single payer people supported it. However, Bern never once has thanked Conyers, and his idiotic followers PRIMARIED Conyers – who, by the way, is Black. Talk about RIP OFF and abuse. No amount of self delusion will get past Bern’s inability to pass legislation. He had the progressive caucus backing, but no one works with him largely because he’s been butt lazy and can’t write bills. Even during the years of Dem control he sat back, did NOTHING. It wasn’t a ‘gotcha’ question by the NYDN to ask HOW he intended to regulate banks – and he had no answer until days later after his staff prompted him. CANNOT explain your own IDEAS? SERIOUSLY? How different is this from Trump, and why would we settle for that in a president? Or EVEN in a Senator?

    We freaking deserve so much better than this fraud.

  2. As with most of your articles this one is outstanding. I would have a problem deciding which is your best, please keep up the dedication.
    Interestingly, I used to get trolled unmercifully every time I added a thought to The Stephanie Miller Fan Club, been a fan of hers for many years before her TV programming or joining her on Facebook. Suddenly I was kicked off and put onto The Other Stephanie Miller Fan Club. Pointing out they prefer hate-filled Bernie backers to real fans.