DNC 2016 Speechifying – Final Night

Once again, there was simply too many great speeches and excellent words spoken last night to fit into a single podcast. Last night proved once again that there is the starkest of differences between the current Democratic Party and the current Republican Party.

For example, Kazr Khan gave a compelling speech last night. His son, Humayun S. M. Khan, was one of the 14 American Muslim soldiers who have died fighting for this country since 9/11:

And one of my favorite speakers of the night was Dr. William Barber II. He was one of the founders behind Moral Mondays. He made me happy. Finally, someone called out the GOP for their hateful use of God:

Then there was Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s dig at Donald Trump, which was actually the introduction for Mr. Kahn’s speech, above:

Soon after that. John Allen gave a rousing speech in support of this country. Unfortunately, much of the tone was to out-shout the shameful and out-of-place protests coming from some delegates. He not only mentioned ISIS but he took several swipes at the current GOP platform, especially the part about honoring treaties:

Then there was the introduction of the nominee, voiced by Chelsea Clinton:

And then, the speech of a lifetime by the first woman nominee for president:

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