Donny’s New Slogan

The propaganda never stops…

Donald Trump has a new slogan:

Yes, that’s right. After the clear success of “Make America Great Again,” as emblazoned on red baseball caps that have become the “white hoods” of the 21st Century, Donny has decided to make his mark with another nonsensical slogan, “Build a Wall & Crime Will Fall.” Just rolls off the tongue, doesn’t it? I mean, it rhymes and everything.

The concept is absurd on so many levels, but once again, this motto, which will surely be brandished on ball caps and bumper stickers by white morons nationwide, is based on a notion that nurturing fear in the populace is the best way to win the 2020 election. Trump packed his new slogan in a series of Tweets that warned of a proliferation of terrorists, drug dealers, rapists and gang members if the wall isn’t built. He even included an admonition to “use it and pray,” to make sure it appealed to his right wing Republican “base.”

It was, as always a response to Donny’s fear that he might be losing some of his core cult members over his failure to produce a border wall. Trump has always lied about the alleged dangers presented by immigrants, particularly those coming over the border with Mexico from points south, but this basically imbues a new “wall” with magical powers that will repel any foreign invaders who may not have the best of intentions.

As usual, Trump overstepped, and turned the whole thing into a complete pile of bullshit. Nothing he promises with the magical “wall can possibly come true. First of all, there are no studies showing that undocumented or unauthorized immigrants commit crimes at a rate even approaching that of native-born Americans. Also, most undocumented immigrants do not come here illegally; the vast majority of them come here legal and overstay their visas. As for drugs, it is acknowledged by Customs and Border Protection (CBP) that roughly 90 percent of all drugs that have been seized at the border come though legal ports of entry; they are not thrown in large bags over the current border fence.

Even among the immigrants who are seized at the border and are found to have criminal records, the vast majority of arrest records are for things such as loitering, speeding, driving without a license and driving without insurance; not exactly the types of crimes that should strike fear in the hearts of Americans.

According to border officials, based on their experience, the hardened criminals who do come over the border will not be stopped by a wall; they have the resources to evade capture. If you doubt that, watch the news; the CPB conducts regular patrols just to look for tunnels. In the past month, they have found three tunnels under the existing wall around the Nogales, Arizona Port of Entry. One of them is an exact replica of another they destroyed a few years ago; they just re-dug the tunnel and placed the US exit inside the same storefront they placed the exit the last time.

Trump knows he’s in deep shit with the reprobates who make up his political “base.” He knows he has to deliver something because it’s the only way these “deplorables” will think they put one over on us “libtards.” It’s really the only thing they truly care about. Even on the immigration issue, they don’t really care about “Mexicans streaming over the border,” except in the abstract. Most will never see a brown immigrant in their lives. They only care about making liberals look bad.

If Trump gets his wall funding, the idiots who still support him will think they got something over on us, and they will be happy as clams. If they don’t get wall funding, Trump will tell them he’s building it anyway, and they’ll believe him.

The fact that Trump has to work so hard just to keep his cultish base happy portends good fortune for the future of this country. Their numbers are shrinking, and shrinking fast. Only 35 percent of Americans believe a border would make us all safer, while nearly 60 percent think it would make no difference, which means Trump’s bleatings are not having the desired effect.

His new slogan won’t help him, unless he thinks he can win an election with 35 percent of the vote. And even he is smart enough to know that won’t do the trick, unless someone like Bernie Sanders decides to run as an independent, which I hope never happens.

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