Donny’s Political Trouble

For those of you putting all your faith in Robert Mueller – and honestly, Lord Donny seems to be one of them – you should really look more closely because the Trump Regime is likely to crash and burn sooner rather than later.

First of all, Trump’s is easily the least popular “presidency” in history. According to a credible Washington Post/ABC News poll (Source), taken a week after his former lawyer and “fixer” Michael Cohen pled guilty and Paul Manafort was convicted of eight felonies, Trump’s disapprovals are at a new and near-record high of 60 percent. More striking is, 53 percent of respondents express strong disapproval. At the same time, his approval rating is at its lowest, at 36 percent, and overall, Trump’s average approval rating is the lowest of any president since the dawn of modern polling.

Oh, but it gets worse for “The Donny.” His approvals are the softest they have ever been. This poll notes that the government is more corrupt since Trump took office and only 13 percent believe Donny is “draining the swamp” and reducing corruption. In addition, 61 percent say, if Cohen’s assertions about him are true, then Trump broke the law. In addition, a full 53 percent already believe Trump has obstructed the Mueller investigation. In all, 63 percent want the Mueller probe to continue, with 52 percent giving the investigation their strong support and only 29 percent objecting to it. Support for the Mueller probe is 85 percent among Democrats, and it is supported by 32 percent of Republicans, which is way up from just a few months ago.

As of today, with Republicans still in charge of Congress, 49 percent fully support impeachment, versus 46 percent who apparently feel it’s still too soon.

What all this means is, all of Lord Donny’s plaintive cries of “no collusion” and his constant insistence that he has done nothing wrong are falling on largely deaf ears. It also indicates the public will be receptive to them when (not if, but when) charges are brought against the Trump family and Trump himself. And the more indictments we see, especially among those closer to Trump than even Manafort and Cohen, the stronger the opposition to Trump will become.

Trump’s plaintive whines regarding Manafort and Attorney General Jeff Sessions aren’t even working, according to this poll. The public sides with Sessions, 63-23 percent and 64 percent oppose Trump firing Sessions, with only 19 percent supporting it. At the same time, 67 percent say Mueller’s prosecution of Manafort was justified with only 17 percent siding with Donny and saying it wasn’t. The idea of Trump pardoning Manafort is rejected by 67 percent, while only 17 percent support such a thing. Even among Republicans, only 36 percent support such a pardon, while 45 percent oppose it. Again, even though 36 percent still claim to approve of Donny’s performance, stop assuming his support is not impregnable. It’s not even close to that. Even among Republicans, his 78 percent approval rating spells trouble, since the conventional wisdom says no Republican has any chance of winning anything with less than 80 percent of the Republican vote. Also, the single biggest shift in support has been with college-educated white women, with whom he only has 23 percent support. Their disapproval of him is now 75 percent, which is 20 points higher than a year ago. Combine that with the drop in support from non-college white men, who are his “sweet spot,” and you can see tremendous political trouble for Donald Trump, even if he’s too stupid and narcissistic to realize it.

Oh, and one last thing. Thought Trump keeps bragging on Twitter about his support among blacks doubling, this poll shows that to be complete bullshit. His black approvals are THREE PERCENT, with a 93 percent disapproval, and 8- percent of blacks support impeachment proceedings. As if those of us who actually know black people have always understood, his claim of 36 percent black support is insanely ridiculous.

Donald Trump is toast, politically, and most everyone but Trump knows it. Next, I’ll show why Robert Mueller is the least of his worries.

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