Donny’s “Space Farce” is Not a Funny Joke

I know, I get it. It’s great to make fun of the idea of a Trump “Space Force.” I’ve seen the logo contest, with the least inspired logo prospects of all time. One is just a red version of the NASA logo, for crissakes. The idea is a joke, the idea of Trump leading the way on the building of such a thing is a joke and the idea that the Republican Party, who simultaneously create record deficits and whine about them, will put their money into such a “Space Force” is a major joke, as well.

The thing is, not all jokes are funny.

A “Space Force”? We’ve weaponized the planet, with enough nuclear weapons to wipe out everything on its surface several times over. We’ve practically ruined the environment, thus making a large swath of the planet uninhabitable. We are watching the planet’s climate being altered before our eyes, which could make the rest of the planet uninhabitable soon, if we don’t address it.

There’s also the issue of spending. We already spend more on “defense” than most of the rest of the world combined. Now, we’re supposed to carve out a new military branch based solely on technology that will likely cost more than the other branches. We can’t afford to buy steel from Canada, but we can weaponize space? Right.

There are also logistics to work out. All of the current branches of the military have a space component to them, and all of those will have to be taken out of their current branches and reconstituted, as it were, into the new “Space Force.” A lot of money and expense, and for what? What would be the purpose of this?

Non one ion their right mind wants to weaponize space. This isn’t Star Wars; we’re not that advanced. In fact, if you’ll look closely, most of our rocket launches come from the private sector, and the manned flights have largely been launched by – are you sitting down? – the Russians. NASA is in a transition right now and, while they are still doing amazing things, the idea that we will lead the way on militarizing space is not a given at all.

In fact, if we start to make moves to militarize space, that will create incentives for other countries to match us move for move. And while the right wing thinks the United States is invincible militarily, might I remind everyone that were 73 years beyond the Second World War and we haven’t helped win a war since. What happens when Russia gets the upper hand and places live munitions in orbit over the Midwest? We sure as hell don’t have there technology to shoot it out of the sky. I’m sure we are working on it now, but now, without a “Space Force,” the development of such systems is largely done in secret. With a “Space Force,” other countries will assume we’re working on militarizing space and be emboldened to beat us to it.

Regarding both domestic and international foreign policy, this is just one more think to damage our reputation. I know Trump doesn’t read anything or care one way or another, but we have signed a number of treaties promising to not militarize or weaponize space, and his creation of a “Space Force” will certainly violate those and make other countries trust us less.

The good news is, it seems as if Trump is the only idiot on board with this idea. Well, him and Pence, who will go along with anything to keep in Lord Donny’s good graces. There is little chance this will get through the current Republican Congress, and if Democrats take over in January, they’ll kill any idea Donny proposes. According to some sources, even Secretary of Defense James Mattis, who may be the only adult in Trump’s cabinet, is dead set against the idea.

Of course, all that means is, Donny will make a proposal, Congress will tell him no, and he’ll throw another hissy fit about how Democrats only want to “obstruct.” He’ll likely threaten to shut down government again, and whine and cry like a small child, but in the end, there will be no “Space Force.”

There are so many things this country needs, especially with the rapidly changing climate causing so many natural disasters, it’s hard to believe even a cult leader like Donny can only come up with an expansion of the military into outer space.

“Space Force” is a joke, but it’s not a funny one. It’s another thing we need to stop. We need to restore our reputation as a sane country with common sense.

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Donny’s “Space Farce” is Not a Funny Joke — 1 Comment

  1. I think the real plan is to create a Praetorian Guard for the Republicans. Whatever you call it, this space force is going to spend most of its time on the ground anyway.