Don’t Fear Fox News… Ignore Them… They’re Not Important

Why are lefties so afraid of Fox News?

Here’s a dose of reality…

Fox News is the number one cable news channel. That sounds scary, doesn’t it? Doesn’t it carry with it the notion that everyone watches Fox? Well, no. In fact, in February of this year, Fox News’ total viewers all day was 1.46 million viewers, with a total of 2.61 million in prime time. Hannity was still second to Rachel Maddow, with 3.17 million viewers. Tucker Carlson had 3.09 viewers, which was about even with Rachel. (Source: )

However, taking into account perspective, all of those numbers represent less than one percent of the population. Also, the lowest rated network nightly news broadcast is from CBS, but even their audience is more than double that of Fox News prime time, with both NBC and ABC having more than triple the audience of Fox. (Source: ) For comparison’s sake, NPR’s Morning Edition’s audience is 14.65 million per week, while All Things Considered’s audience is 14.4 million per week. (Source: ) And NPR podcasts serve up more than 4 million downloads each and every week. And that’s in addition to nearly 10 million visits per month to their website, including 7.7 million to their online real-time fact checking tool.

In other words, there is no reason to fear Fox News. In fact, if you really want to know why so many on the left do fear Fox, it is because the left-wing media is is keen on repeating everything that Fox says, as if they’re the most powerful news organization on the planet. I would be willing to bet that, if the professional left would just stop repeating everything they hear on Fox, the network would lose a lot of its perceived power. Keep in mind; thee only thing that matters to the overwhelming majority of right wingnuts is that someone “owns libtards.” Therefore, every time we make it clear that something said by Fox News or Lord Donny pisses us off, Fox News and its satellites get a few extra points.

Don’t be afraid of Fox News. In fact, ignore it and pretend it doesn’t exist. I’ve been doing that for years, and I feel much better as a result. Ignore all the rightwing media and you’ll be surprised at how quickly you forget they exist. Try it.

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