Don’t Let Up! The Fight Goes On!

I am getting a sense that a lot of progressives and others are looking for the finish line on healthcare. They’re looking for a time when we no longer have to fight to keep health care reform. Every time the Republican assholes in Congress fail to pass a bill, a large group of liberals pats themselves on the back and proclaim, “the resistance is winning!” They are looking for a time when they can relax a little and make good use of the health insurance they worked hard to get.

Unfortunately, there is only one way the siege of the Affordable Care Act will end;that comes when Republicans are no longer in charge.

Let’s face it, even if we win this time, we also have our work cut out for us on the budget. As of right now, the budget before Congress includes more than $610 billion in Medicaid cuts, which all but guts it, In addition to major cuts in support for subsidized insurance payments. That means major cuts in available money for exchange policies and in support for healthcare for the poor. In fact, even if Republicans fail to kill “Obamacare,” that “failure” they keep predicting could become a self-fulfilling prophecy, unless we can stop them. We have to keep watching everything they do in Congress and the states; while we are far too preoccupied with Lord Donny, the more that idiot Tweets, the more convinced Ibecome that he’s trying to distract us, so we won’t see the damage the GOP is attempting to do.

For example, while Trump Tweeted that he won’t “allow” trans people to be in the military, he obviously lied when he said he ran it past “his generals,” because they seem to know nothing about it and really don’t seem to approve. In order for his little Twissy Fit to actually turn into action, he (or someone, anyway) would have to write it up formally and include specific guidance as to how it would work. For example, do you just not allow trans people to not join? Based on what? If they are already in, do we throw out competent people because of an anti-trans bias, or do we let them stay in until they retire?

In other words, while many of us have been preoccupied with the awfulness of the very idea of banning trans folks from the military, Republicans have been doing all kinds of things to limite voter access to the polls com 2018. As many of us have been ridiculing Donny for his pride in supposedly bringing Foxconn to Wisconsin to provide 13,000 jobs, we are ignoring the fact that the state and federal governments had to pony up $8 billion in tax abatements which pretty much offsets the $10 billion they claim they will invest in the state. By the way, that $8 billion comes to more than $231,000 per job, which would indicate that the jobs will have to pay above average for at least 5-6 years to break even. Of course, we also have the problem with Foxconn consistently promising to build plants and suddenly pulling out. Ask the people of Pennsylvania about Foxconn.

It may seem like I’m rambling, but the main point is, we will not get to relax until we get rid of as many Republicans as possible, at every level of government. They are awful and their policies are killing more and more Americans. And those they don’t kill are not exactly doing well enough to keep their families secure these days. We will not be able to rest until we place the entire government in the hands of Democrats and keep it there for a while. if you think they will ever stop fucking with us, think again. The GOP is a radical party and the only way they can change is if they lose. Therefore, the first step in any progressive strategy has to be to banish them from government until they change.

Do not let up until they are gone. It’s that simple.

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Don’t Let Up! The Fight Goes On! — 3 Comments

  1. I am with you on this one. Trump seems ready, willing AND able to subvert the constitution and violate his oath of office if that is what it takes to defund the ACA. The problem is stopping him since the congressional Republicans aren’t about to take any action against their boy.

    You will have to have millions camping on the capitol steps and the NG called out to arrest them.

  2. Truer words have never been spoken, VOTE the BASTARDS OUT!!! That’s the only protection we have.