Don’t Worry, Choose Sanity

I want to say something about polls. More specifically, i want to cut the crap on those who speak of an individual poll as if it reflects reality.

No individual poll has ever reflected a precise perception of reality at a specific moment in time. There is a reason why the fine folks at Five-thirty-eight average polls and evaluate them together in a way that envisions a certain climate or viewpoint as a trend. It’s because asking a few hundred people a series of specific questions will never actually reflect how the entire country thinks about anything. We are a diverse country, full of people with diverse experiences, from diverse backgrounds and with diverse political viewpoints. To look at a poll and determine that “this country sucks” from the results is a reflection your opinion, not the poll. Think about it this way. If you were to ask 200 people in Birmingham whether women should have the right to choose, you are likely to get a different answer than if you ask 200 people in Lower Manhattan.

Take, for example, the recent poll that has been bandied about all week, claiming that “96 percent of people who voted for Trump say they would do it again.” All week long, I have been watching the professional left and even some actual journalists, tout this poll as proof positive that all Trump voters are mentally ill or that Trump voters actually like all the crap he’s done. Well…

There are a few inherent flaws in a poll like that. First of all, the “Trump voters” in the poll are essentially self-described as such. It’s not like everyone got a certificate when they voted, declaring who they voted for, and they faxed a copy to the pollster to prove what they say. So, ask yourself, if they voted for Trump but they wish they hadn’t, what’s to prevent them from saying they didn’t vote for Trump? If you had done so, would you admit it? Second of all, use some common sense. We all know at least one person who voted for Trump and regrets it already. I already know several. Therefore, the odds that 96 percent of all Trump voters are actually satisfied is pretty unlikely. No politician has ever been that popular. So, what if a lot of the people who answered the phone for the poll were too embarrassed to say they voted for Lord Donny? Might that affect the results? It should.

But there is something else. Although you and I think we are living through a nightmare and that our worst fears are coming true, the fact of the matter is, Lord Donny is doing much of what he said he would do. Okay, that’s a lie and I’m sorry. He’s not actually doing anything, but he is pretending to do exactly what he said he would do, so why would you imagine that a large swath of his followers would be abandoning him right now?

Think about it. He’s insisting on a wall that will never happen, but it was never going to happen, anyway. He’s promising huge tax cuts for the what’s left of the middle class and, although we all know that any cuts will mostly go to the rich, they don’t know that. Hell, most Trump voters probably don’t even pay income tax, but they think they pay too much. He’s pushing forth trickle down economics, which we all know doesn’t work, but his brain-dead faithful think it makes sense. He’s tried to ban Muslims from the country and he’s tried to undo everything the Obama Administration did. Why would that not make them ecstatic? He’s defunded Planned Parenthood and his budget promises to defund a whole lot more, including cuts to “liberal” programs that have been in the wet dreams of Republicans for a generation. And he’s been pretending to repeal “Obamacare” several times, even though he shows no signs that he knows what that means.

In other words, while he’s a nightmare to us, why would we liberals expect his lickspittle followers to give up on him in the first 100 days? And what does it matter if they do? Given that we have the unicorn left out on the road with Savior Bernie, telling anyone who will listen how bad the Democratic Party is, Republicans won’t need a lot of help to hold onto the government in 2018, anyway.

So, no; it’s unlikely 96 percent of Trump voters would vote for him today, but with the unicorn left pulling the same shit they pulled in 2016 (and 2014 and 2010 and 2004 and 2000), what difference does it make?

Join the resistance. Don’t just sit back and wait for the GOP to implode. Poke the goddamn hole!

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