Don’t You Even THINK of Not Voting!

To paraphrase a very popular presidential candidate just a couple of weeks ago, the best advice I can give to absolutely everyone is…

Don’t get cocky!

If you look at all the signs, and if you know anything about politics, everything is in place for a decisive Democratic win on November 4. Unless the entire Obama campaign gets a collective brain fart and does something really obnoxious to turn the electorate against him, he will be named the president-elect relatively early in the evening on November 4.

But don’t you think for even a moment of not voting. and you have to get every one of your friends out there. Every single vote is necessary. And I mean EVERY SINGLE VOTE!

It’s simply not enough to elect Barack Obama. Yes, it’s important to elect him; this is the most important presidential election in recent history. But it’s also important to defeat this neocon power center once and for all. An electoral victory of 270-268 is simply not good enough. We have to make it clear that we will no longer put up with the ruthless incompetence that has characterized the last eight years.

In part, we have to administer a major drubbing to make sure they can’t steal this one. It can’t be close enough for there to be any doubt about the vote count. If we’re ever going to be able to fix the voting mess once and for all, we have to not only make sure Obama gets in, but to also be sure that he has an overwhelmingly Democratic Congress. I know a lot of you are thinking of voting for Nader this year, but try to resist. Every vote will send a signal this year, and the signal this year must be the complete and total rejection of the neocon agenda. Nothing less than that can suffice.

That makes your vote for Congress crucial this year; more crucial than it’s been in decades. This past Congressional session, every progressive position the Democrats took was stymied by Republicans in the Senate. The record number of filibusters this session is nearly THREE TIMES the previous record, and we have to stop them this time. It’s critically important that you vote for damn near anyone with a “D” after his or her name this year, if we are to give the new president the tools to reverse the past, and pave the way for future reforms. I don’t normally call for something this drastic, because there are a few Democrats out there masquerading as Republicans. But we can weed them out in two years; for now, we have to kick the rabid right wingers out of Washington.

And there is another reason we have to get out the vote in droves. The right wingers are trying to get their people out to vote by feeding them red meat that does nothing more than inflate turnout. In California, Arizona and the swingiest of the “swing states,” Florida, all have referenda on the ballot that would deny same-sex married couples the same rights as all other married couples. (I’ve seen and heard the ads in two of these states, and they’re nothing short of odious; more on that later.)

Do not take anything for granted, because we simply can’t afford that, on any level. We can’t just beat McCain; we have to send the far right to the showers. We have to send them a message; that we’re tired of their crap, we’re pissed, and we’re not putting up with it anymore. Plus, we have to give Barack Obama the tools to reverse the mess the right wing has made, which means an overwhelming victory for every Democrat running for Congress, especially the progressive ones. And we have to turn out, to defeat the odious initiatives that are on the ballot in many states.

So, here’s the deal. I don’t care how sure you are that Barack Obama is going to win. I don’t care if you live on the West Coast, and you hear on the radio on the way to the polls at 7 PM, that Obama has won every state thus far, and will be the next president, continue driving and vote anyway. And pick up all of your friends.

It’s time these people were gone, once and for all. Please.

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