Dump Comcast!

Beginning yesterday, Comcast once again kept CNN and Fox News on its basic channel lineup, and moved MSNBC to its digital tier. Comcast has been doing this on an increasing number of cable systems, and while there is a valid business reason for doing so, someone needs to reiterate the fact that Comcast’s access to our homes belongs to us. They are able to run cable into your home because you agreed to allow them. Comcast_sucks

There have been a lot of calls for letter-writing campaigns to Comcast, demanding that they return MSNBC to the basic cable tier, but I think we should go further.

Dump Comcast.

This company has been allowed to buy far too many cable systems, and has been allowed to expand far beyond anything that was imagined when cable television was first conceived. Cable TV was supposed to be local in nature, to reflect the community, and yet Comcast has slowly removed any semblance of local programming from cable. They charge an arm and a leg for the service, above and beyond what the programming is worth, and they nickel and dime you every chance they get. Short of dumping them, you can also petition your local authorities to pull their
franchise, or force them to carry programming you want, and not just what Comcast decides is good for you. WE have control over what comes over our cable tv, not
Comcast. Got it?

It’s not enough to ask them to put MSNBC back on basic cable; if they’re going to make you put a box on your set, anyway (it’s coming very soon, folks), why not go with another service, or simply watch TV from the Internet?Which reminds me; remember when they first started offering Internet service and promised to open their cable up to competition from other providers? Whatever happened to that, anyway?

Tell Comcast where to stick their cable box.

(And just for the record, I dumped them last December, and I have not looked back. I watch Keith Olbermann online, or I wait a couple of hours for the podcast to be available. Comcast be damned…)

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