Election Day Eve: Here’s Why You Should Vote for Democrats

If you depend on what is commonly called the “mainstream media,” chances are good that you don’t know a lot of this stuff. That’s because journalists would rather talk about Obama’s “low” approval ratings, despite the fact that his lows are higher than the lows of the last nine presidents. (Yes, Republicans; Obama is more popular than Saint Reagan at his lowest point.) Here’s why a vote for ANY Democrat is  a vote for good government.

  • Democrats have gone around Republican obstruction to get unemployment below 6 percent for the first time since July 2008.  (Source)
  • Democrats also stopped the country from falling into a depression, and pulled us out of recession in less than a year. (Source)
  • Democrats also re-regulated the financial system and made banks responsible for future bailouts. (Source)
  • Democrats also made those who received a bailout pay back taxpayers, which Republicans tried hard to not do. n fact, the government made $25.2 billion on TARP, while they lost $24 billion on last year’s government shutdown. (Source) and (Source)
  • Democrats have created the longest peacetime expansion in world history, despite Republican budget cuts, which have resulted in the loss of nearly 1 million private sector jobs. (Source) So far, it’s 63 months, but it’ll be 64 at the end of this week. That’s better than Reagan ever dreamed of.
  • The only two post-1980 presidents who have overseen a reduction in budget deficits have been Clinton and Obama. The last deficit was $100 billion less for an entire year than the deficit Bush left for Obama in FY 2009, after just four months. The current rate of deficit reduction is actually the fastest since Eisenhower was president. (Source) Clinton’s last budget had a surplus of $127 billion. Bush and the Republicans’ first budget left a $130 billion deficit; a $250 billion swing, and that was BEFORE the Iraq war. (Source)
  • The Dow Jones Industrial Average was sinking like a rock when Democrats took over in early 2009, and hit rock bottom with a value of 6,547 by March 2009. (Source) With Democrats in charge, reregulating financial markets, the DJIA is at 17,407 as I write this.
  • Thanks to Democrats, we are less dependent on foreign oil than at any time since 1986, AND we have increased investment in renewable energy by 250 percent in the last decade. (Source) At the same time, private investment in renewable energy has soared, as well. (Source) To keep up with the rest of the world, we will have to do even more. (Source) Democrats will increase their investment, Republicans will not. (Source)
  • Thanks to Democrats, our health care system now covers nearly everything, it covers a lot more people, and health care inflation is at its lowest level in decades. Also, with more companies jumping into the competitive marketplace, the downward pressure on health care costs should continue. (Source) The law passed with zero Republican votes, and the Republican House has voted at least 50 times to kill the law. (Source)

Here are a few other reasons you should vote for ALL Democrats.

  • With Republicans in charge of the Senate, none of Obama’s nominees will make it through, including a Surgeon General.
  • President Obama will have to break a record for vetoes, and even fewer bills will become law than before.

You have to vote Democratic, if you have a brain in your head. And that includes those of you who aren’t sure you’re even going to vote. Seriously; a non-vote is a vote for even more gridlock. Is that what you want?

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