Enough With the “Tough Guy” BS, Please??

Let’s get real here, shall we?

The era of neocon politics is over, okay? It’s time for politicians to stop all of this macho posturing shit, and get down to the business of running this country with the promise that was once made us the envy of the world.

Will you listen to the rhetorical garbage coming from two of the three presidential candidates out there? They act as if "talking tough" was a requisite for becoming president. I don’t know about you, but I don’t want a president who "talks tough;" I want a president who can do what is needed to right the proverbial ship of state, and who can respond properly when situations happen. Haven’t we had enough of drugstore cowboys who talk tough, but act like pussies and hide behind bombs and guns when real problems happen?

You want to talk about a clear choice? Right now, we have three candidates available to us…

John McCain, who has a bad temper and little common sense, who has flip-flopped on every major issue John_mccain
involving national security for what he perceives as political expediency. Think about this; to appeal to the electorate at large, he has decided that staying in Iraq for 100 years might be a good idea. Sure, he tries to excuse the claim by saying that he meant we would stay there under peaceful conditions, but that betrays a lack of basic understanding of the region that is frightening on its face. This is a part of the world in which the people who live there have been controlled by one empire after another for thousands of years. Under what circumstances does he think they and the other countries in the region, would welcome us in to protect them for a century? If the Chinese invaded, and decided to stay for 100 years with a promise to protect us, how would we react?

He’s also changed his mind on torture, apparently based on his perception that we voters  love the idea, and  think the United States should torture those we don’t like, if  the person occupying the Oval Office deems it necessary. Seriously, do politicians think the majority of us are so warped that we just LOVE the idea of torture?

Then there’s Hillary Clinton. Apparently, she’s under the impression that we, the voters, want a presidentHillarytheevilone
who can threaten anyone with annihilation if they cross us. Last week, Sen. Clinton actually promised to "obliterate" the entire nation of Iran, should the crazies running the country do something stupid, like attack Israel. Previous to that, she made fun of Barack Obama for even suggesting that we talk to the leaderships of countries we don’t like.

On the other side of the "toughness" equation is Barack Obama, who has actually demonstrated a  far greater level of toughness than either of the other two "tough talkers." He’s spent this entire election season being poked with sharp sticks, with his opponents daring him to react and beat the crap out of him, and he’s reacted with quiet dignity and poise. Honestly, he’s been James west to Hillary’s Dr. Loveless, and James Bond to Obamatough
McCain’s "Jaws." 

The question I have is, does this kind of tough guy/gal fake macho shit actually play anywhere other than Right Wing World, really? I know the press thinks it does, but that’s because they spend all of their time in their little bubble, and really have no clue what’s happening in the real world. They read polls and think they know what’s on our minds, and they read and watch others’ news stories, and think they’re up on what’s going on in the world. And they’re usually wrong about everything. When is the last time a political pundit has ever been correct about anything?

See, here’s a little taste of reality. Pretending to be a tough guy doesn’t work. it never has, it never will. Think about the bully in elementary school when you were growing up. They never amount to anything, because no one reacts positively to fear and intimidation. In fact, in many elementary schools, when the other kids had had enough, they  usually ganged up on and beat the snot out of that  bully kid.

This country made its mark in the world by leading it gently; by being the moral opposite of the Soviet Union.  Now, however, we’ve started adopting policies that would have made the Politburo  proud. "Tough guys" have been running the country for eight years, and look at what’s happened to us. We’ve been attacked by a group of murderers that just want us out of their affairs; we attacked a country that was no threat to us; we now occupy a country where most of the population doesn’t want us to leave; we have been threatened by other countries that never would have threatened us in the past; and we are now something of a pariah on the world stage.

Enough of this "tough guy" crap, okay? We’re not making the country better and more secure by threatening everyone whose policies we don’t like. And they don’t hate us for our freedom; they hate usBushcrybaby
because we treat them like they’re too stupid to run their own country, and need us to bail them out.

Let’s face it; the toughest people you know don’t have to say a word; you know how tough they are. People who have to tell me how tough they are are usually pussies who have to tell you, because they’re too insecure to believe that anyone else thinks they’re tough. Do we want four more years of pussies like Bush, who think that empty warnings and childish petulance are substitutes for intelligence and good ‘strategery"?

No more "tough guys." I think we need more of the ‘strong, silent type," thank you very much…

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