Evangelicals vs Unicorn Progs: What’s the Difference?

The most irritating thing about evangelicals and political “Christians” in general is their insistence on telling us about the Bible, despite the fact that most of them have never read most of it, and all they know is what other people with an agenda tell them. The problem with that, of course, is that most of them have no idea what Jesus actually stood for.

Jesus was a liberal. If he was alive in the US today, he would be a Democrat. He would be in favor of policies favoring the poor and giving them a break. He would be in favor of programs that treat people addicted to drugs as patients, not criminals. He would be in favor of any program that fed people and that kept people healthy and free.

You see, it’s impossible to call yourself a Christian and to also be pro-Trump because nearly everything Trump and the GOP stand for goes against Christ’s teaching? Putting up a border wall would be an abomination under Christ’s teaching, since Christians are supposed to welcome the downtrodden. Likewise, our attitude toward refugees, especially those women and children escaping war, is untenable in Christ’s teaching. His attempts to keep out Muslims for being Muslim would be seen as abhorrent by Christ.

But I have to be honest here. I don’t think Jesus would be too happy with the unicorn progressive movement, either. He wouldn’t be too crazy about Bernie Stans at all. Why, you ask?

I’m glad you asked.

I want to share a few Tweets from my timeline this morning, because this is why I say, far too often, unicorn progressives act too much like Trumpers for my tastes. There is just one difference; Trumpers have aligned themselves with the GOP to give them a better chance to win, while Bernie Stans seem perfectly happy standing on the sidelines and letting Republicans run government.

I answered all of these Tweets on Twitter, but I want to do so again here:

First, I Tweeted this yesterday:

Then, “James Roe” responded:

And I responded with the following:

To which he responded as follows:

God, where to begin???

First of all, Bernie Stans have been telling me “a supermajority” of Americans are in favor of “Medicare for all” for a couple years now. The number has no support anywhere, but even if it did, there is a difference between support for the words “Medicare for All” and support for the concept in practice. For one thing, the idea of changing or expanding Medicare will make seniors notice and seniors vote in greater numbers than any other demographic, so that makes the 83% number quite suspect.

This is simply the unicorn progressives’ attempt to put lipstick on the “single-payer” pig. Unicorn types do this; they adopt an idea like “single-payer” as a mantra and they will not let it go, no matter what. Instead, they try to find an alternative way of phrasing that makes it sound more appealing. The problem is, they don’t actually run it by any live people; they assume, if it sounds like something “most people” will buy, everyone will buy it. They did the same thing a few years ago, when a bunch of unicorn progressives tried to change “gun control” to “gun safety,” thinking more people would buy it. It never occurred to them that most people who own guns are safe with them. Most people who own guns do so legally, and most gun owners lock them away from their children. Besides, it’s not the issue. the issue is gun CONTROL.

If the unicorn progressive fantasy were to come true,what they are asking people to accept is that 100% of us will have to give up our current insurance and accept a government insurance plan. If you describe it to everyone like that, you can damn sure bet that fictional 83% would become 38% or less in about a minute. However, there’s another reason why I know the 83% number or the claim of “supermajority” even among Democrats is bullshit is because of the second part of his Tweet. If 83% of Democrats actually favored that plan, or any other, Democratic leaders would be falling all over themselves to support it. This is primary season, folks; California’s primary is today. If 83% of Democrats supported Medicare for all, there would be countless such plans out there, and there aren’t. Because the claim is not true.

Once again, the issue is universal healthcare, NOT “single-payer.” Single Payer is one way to get there, but it’s not the only way. And in a country where a third of the population thinks government can’t do anything right, selling single payer isn’t going to be an easy sell. In a nation that has grown used to private insurance, getting 100% of Americans to buy a public insurance system will be a very hard sell, and the professional left and the unicorn progressive movement don’t have the skills. All they seem able to do is undermine everyone. They think “having a plan” is all there is to being a “progressive.”

Progressives didn’t give us the Affordable Care Act, Democrats did. For that matter, Medicare was first advocated by Truman, a Democrat and was finally passed by Democrats more than 20 years later. The only reason they don’t win every election is because people like this guy undermine them ever chance they get and they propagate the notion that “both parties” are completely feckless. And they lie their asses off to do it. The number one strategy by the GOP is to drive down turnout. That is why they are so negative; they want to make voters think who they vote for doesn’t matter, which makes a lot more voters stay home.

I would also like to comment on the notion that the United States is anything like a “company” and that politics is about “marketing.” There are comparisons to be made, of course, but he chose the wrong one. What has been happening to Democrats thanks to the unicorn progressives is that they have been taking more progressive positions every election cycle and people who describe themselves as “progressives” have been shitting on them and telling everyone how horrible they are. Hillary Clinton was the most accomplished candidate the Democrats have ever run for president. Yet, unicorn progressives chose Bernie Sanders as their standard bearer; a man with a lot of wisdom and a big mouth, but with very little actual accomplishments, except longevity. That’s okay; choose who you want in the primary. However, if you think the best way to tout your own Democratic candidate is to trash the other Democrat mercilessly, I question your knowledge of either marketing or politics.

The unicorn progressives’ efforts have entrenched the GOP in power, which means their efforts to “perfect” the Democratic Party has screwed the “poor Americans” they claim to care so much about. The welfare system has been dismantled to the point that 76% of those making poverty-level money received ZERO cash assistance last year. SNAP is harder to get than ever, which hurts the poor and hurts the economy. Because the GOP keeps gutting subsidies for public transportation, the poor have fewer and more expensive ways to get to work. Because the GOP has been cutting everything, the poor are being screwed every way but Sunday.

And the unicorn progressive segment of the progressive movement is directly responsible for keeping the GOP in power for so many decades now, so what?-In the name of trying to help the poor, they have to screw the poor first? I’d ask, “how’s that been working for you?” But we already know how it works. It doesn’t. And no unicorn progressives, the concept that making things so bad, Democrats have to win is also a stupid and cruel concept. (Yes, I said “cruel.”)

The evangelicals are always telling us what “good Christians” do, even as they violate their own moral code in service to “winning.”

Unicorn progressives use their “principles of perfection” to supposedly help the poor, but the result of their actions is to screw the poor and make life harder for those we progressives are supposedly advocating for.

What’s the difference between them, really?

Evangelicals screw the poor in the name of Jesus.

Unicorn progressives screw the poor in the name of Bernie.

Same result. Stop listening to either.

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