Everything is Wrong with the Current GOP

Ever since Donald Trump lost the 2020 presidential election more than two months ago, his most brainwashed cultists have been whining about everything. Shit, just five minutes ago, someone on Twitter whined about Trump losing his access to Facebook and Twitter, suggesting that Donny oughta slam the shit out of “big tech” over the slight.

Of course, being a pretend “conservative,” he started his Tweet by saying he didn’t “normally” recommend such heavy-handed shit from the federal government before he suggested that Trump so something remarkably heavy-handed to “big tech.” If there is one thing that is true of all far right wing idiots, it’s that they believe anything they’re told by thew “right people.” The problem is, these “right people” are liars – liars who know their followers are just really stupid.

They will all vote for Trump no matter how much he lies to them because they have decided he’s a strong right-wing Republican, even though he was never a Republican until 2015, when he decided to run for “president.” Yes, that’s right, Trump cultists, he even conned you into believing he was a Republican, when he had never been one in his life.

Donald Trump is also not a Christian, unless you think a “Christian” is someone who says they are one. It’s a safe bet he’s never seen the inside of a church, except maybe for one of his many weddings. Of course, the self-proclaimed “Evangelicals” who worship him aren’t actually Christian, either, so I suppose he’s in good company, I suppose.

It must be really hard to be a Republican these days, so I suppose I understand why they would look to a grifter like Trump for “leadership.” Being a Republican these days requires one to accept that their party simply wasn’t govern with anything resembling competence. They used to be able to fake it, but not anymore. They’re not even trying to pretend they’re competent. It used to be that the worst thing the GOP could be saddled with it championing the policies that led to the Great Depression, but then they developed the “Southern Strategy” in the 1960s, in which they started recruiting people to the party in a bid to make sure a debacle like the Goldwater 1964 election never happened again.

Unfortunately for everyone, the people they chose to bring into the GOP were those discarded by the Democratic Party after they (and the GOP, ironically) passed the Civil Rights Act and Voting Rights Act. That means they were bringing in racists and morons to fill out their ranks. Being racists and morons, of course, they couldn’t just BE registered Republicans, they had to take over the party’s platform mechanisms and force the GOP to take on causes more appropriate for the John Birch Society than a major political party. The Republican leadership became so afraid of losing their new factions, hey just played to them every chance their would get. By the early 1970s, the GOP had largely absorbed the entire Dixiecrat sector of the Democratic Party, to the point that People of Color found it far more comfortable being a Democrat than registered with the “Party of Lincoln.” That is why People of Color, especially Black people, have become both the base and the heart of the Democratic Party these days, while the Republican Party has become almost entirely white.

It is also why the modern GOP has become an embarrassment. In 1964 and 1965, while Democrats get all of the credit for writing the Civil Rights and Voting Rights Acts, the fact of the matter is, a larger percentage of Republicans than Democrats voted to pass them. Yet, more than a half century later, it’s damned near impossible to even imagine a single Republican voting fr civil rights for anyone, but especially Black people.

In other words, what the Republican Party has become is an embarrassment. And yet, a lot of Republicans will assert that they are “lifelong Republicans and even brag about it. They seem to have no clue that their party has changed drastically, and they take pride in a political party whose governing style is based on smoke and mirrors. During the rare times when Democrats are running the show, Republicans will sit around and bitch about the deficits the federal government has been running far too often lately, and they’ll try to blame it on “the Democrats,” when the fact of the matter is, the REPUBLICANS are responsible for more than 90% of the national debt, which was less than $1 trillion before St. Ronald of Reagan was elected on a promise of huge tax cuts, combined with the fantasy that cutting taxes would somehow INCREASE Revenue. And unfortunately for the country, even though the people who championed the idea of “trickle-down economics” have taken it back and called it a “fraud,” the GOP as a whole still tries to push it as a meme, even though it cannot work. Not only does it make n sense financially, but it relies on the concept that rich people who get a tax break will turn around and use the money they save to help poor people do better in the economy.

Yes, that’s right; for all of their claims that Republicans are better with money than Democrats, and that Democrats are irresponsible with their “tax and spend” philosophy, it’s Democrats who are more responsible with taxpayers’ money, and the economy does better under Democrats than Republicans. Given facts, that should be obvious, but as we have all seen in recent years, the GOP doesn’t do well with facts. They don’t like them, and they have no use for them. Face it; the voters in the Democratic Party would never nominate a con man like Trump, and they sure as hell wouldn’t support him, even when he was shown to be ignorant and incompetent as president.

Here are a few examples proving that Democrats are better on the economy than Republicans:

  • Since 1981, only two presidents have overseen an overall reduction in budget deficits; Clinton and Obama.
  • Every single economic downturn since 1980 has happened under a Republican president.
  • Every Republican Administration since 1980 has pushed “trickle down,” and cut the hell out of taxes, while increasing spending at the same time.
  • The Great Recession of 2008 came about as a direct result of economic policies passed by Republicans, and it was Democrats who led the recovery.
  • For four years, Donald Trump has been bragging about “the best economy in history” and his Republican minders in Congress have parroted that nonsense, even after his inaction on the Coronavirus led to the worst economic crash since 1929.
  • Starting with the Great Depression, virtually all recessions since have happened under Republicans, and it’s been Democrats who have rescued the country from them.
  • Under Democratic Congressional majorities, the national debt went from 120% of GDP after World War II, to 32% of GDP by the time the neocon-dominated GOP nominated and elected Saint Reagan.
  • Under St. Reagan and George Bush, Sr., the national debt quintupled, while Bill Clinton became the first Democratic President to oversee a surplus since LBJ. And Clinton did that twice.
  • Then, after Clinton led the government to a surplus, Republicans, led by George W. Bush, who could be the second-most incompetent “president” in history, immediately exploded the deficit again, combining a massive tax cut for the rich with taking two expensive (and many would say unnecessary) wars off the books.

When you use facts, you find that Republicans are horrible at finances and the economy. That includes Trump, who should have been called out by the press during his first campaign, since he has always been corrupt, and he has been a failure as a businessman more than he’s been a success.

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Everything is Wrong with the Current GOP — 1 Comment

  1. Well written telling of the facts of the matter.
    So, how do we now get those who need to know this to read and fact check it?
    That’s what’s necessary to get more citizens to vote for their own welfare and the welfare of their family, friends and neighbors.
    A good place to start: shut down Fox, Newsmax, et al. Even on cable, lies ought not be allowed.
    How about bringing back “equal time” (aka “The Fairness Doctrine”) that was shut down by R. Reagan somewhere around 1985, if memory serves?