F.B.I. Chief Confirms: Gonzo is a LIAR!

Scooter Libby lied his ass off, and doesn’t have to spend a night in jail, his fine was paid for by someone else, he’s probably been assured a cushy lobbying  job somewhere, and he’ll probably be pardoned before Bush leaves office.


THIS is how you restore "honor and dignity" to the White House? By simply avoiding oral sex for six years?

Please, I think the country runs better when they follow the rule of law and get some on the side; could we return to that model, please?

From: F.B.I. Chief Challenges Gonzales’s Testimony – New York Times.

The dispute over the truthfulness of Attorney General Alberto R. Gonzales reached a new intensity today as the F.B.I. Director, Robert S. Mueller 3rd, contradicted Mr. Gonzales’s sworn testimony before a Senate committee.

Mr. Mueller told the House Judiciary Committee that the Bush administration’s secret eavesdropping program was the main topic at an encounter in the hospital room of then-Attorney General John Ashcroft on March 10, 2004, contrary to what Mr. Gonzales told a Senate panel on Tuesday.

At the time, Mr. Gonzales was the White House counsel, and Mr. Ashcroft wasBushandgonzo_3
recovering from gall bladder surgery. That March night, Mr. Gonzales went to the hospital room with Andrew H. Card Jr., then White House chief of staff.

In his testimony before the Senate panel on Tuesday, Mr. Gonzales said the subject in the hospital room was “intelligence activities” under debate in the administration, but not the secret eavesdropping program.

More fodder for the impeachment cannon, folks. Do we really want people running this
country who won’t even fire someone who so blatantly avoids the truth?

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