Fighting BS From the Far Left

Just in the last few days, I have been told that many actual liberals who are fighting the good fight and trying to get Democrats elected are “shills” who are trying to hurt Bernie Sanders’ chances in 2020, I have been told that many on the left agree with the right, that “liberal” is a dirty word and proof that someone is a “sell-out” and I have been told that I am supposed to hate the Democratic Party because Democrats in California elected the “wrong person” to be chairman of that party.

Then, there is this “list,” that went viral in the last couple days:

This list of liberals is actually an excellent group of people to follow on Twitter, if you want to get good information. And for the record, they don’t attack Bernie; they just don’t take shit from Bernie Stans who worship Bernie Sanders with an irrational fervor. (Just as an aside, most of these people have seen an upsurge in Twitter followers since this list was posted.)

In other words, lately, I have been getting just as much shit from so-called “progressives” as I normally get from the far right.

Let’s clear up a few things.

  • If you claim to be a “progressive,” but you have not been a major part of a winning electoral effort, you’re not actually progressive. Check the root word;  “progress.” The only way to achieve progress in a democratic system is by winning elections and getting laws passed. The people these professional left morons are trashing – people who supported Hillary Clinton, for example – have actually achieved more than anyone on the unicorn left.
  • No one can “hurt” Bernie Sanders’ “chances” because he will never be president. By 2020, he will be 79 years old, making him too old to expect a majority of Americans to vote for him. That’s not “ageist,” either. What many Bernie Stans feel for Sanders is very much the same as the irrational support Trump gets from his brain dead minions. I know many of these people have convinced themselves that Bernie is a god, but his record of 30 years in Congress doesn’t come close to Hillary’s eight years there. That’s just a fact. When it comes to talk, Bernie Sanders says everything the Bernie Stans like, and that is all. He is all talk, with very little action.
  • What the Bernie Stans and the professional left are all about is white privilege, writ large. I know these people get pissed when I say this, but it’s too goddamned bad. The base of the Democratic Party is People of Color. White liberals who think they are too “special” to just play politics like all others do think they should have as much say in Democratic Party politics as everyone in theDemocratic Party, even though they won’t even register with the party. There are people who call themselves “progressive” who actually think the Democratic Party is brazenly “corporatist,” and is always going after the money, even though there is no evidence.
  • In California, almost two months ago, rank-and-file Democrats in that state elected a chairman. Eric Bauer was elected chairman over Kimberly Ellis. The margin was 60 votes and the professional left are royally pissed about it, claiming Ellis was “robbed.” There was no evidence of this, of course; there doesn’t have to be any evidence . They decide they want one candidate, but… well… more on that in a second.

Lately, there is often very little difference between the far left and the far right when it comes to irrationality in their political discourse. Again, these people are mostly white, fairly well off and they believe they are somehow above the fray. They adopt a symbol to “support,” but they’re not even consistent with that. The vast majority of Bernie Sanders supporters last year heeded Bernie’s support of Hillary and voted for him, but the truth is, about 10-20 percent of them did not. They convinced each other that Hillary Clinton was somehow a bad candidate, or dishonest or any number of other descriptors that, once again, had no evidence to support them. Irrationality rules with these people.

I mean, these people are actually touting Bernie Sanders as a “front runner” for 2020. The initials WTF come to mind when I hear this. For one thing, no one has announced, not even Bernie. The only person who is clearly running is Trump. In any case, we have to get through 2018 first. There is no way to even assess the 2020 race until we see the results in 2018. If Democrats win and make huge gains, you will have one type of election in 2020. If Democrats win huge in 2018 and Trump is impeached and removed, you will have a different type of election. And if the Republicans end up gaining seats in 2018, the 2020 election will be completely different from that. If you think you can even begin to predict what will happen more than 3 years from now, might I remind you that Jeb Bush was considered a shoo-in for the GOP nomination last year and Trump was considered a joke by pretty much everyone, including the same people who claim they can predict what will happen in 2020.

The only people on the left who think the professional left and unicorn progressives represent liberal thought are the pro and unicorn lefties themselves. They are deluded. Unfortunately, many voters don’t pay close attention to politics because they can’t. They tend to be overworked and underpaid, they are struggling to keep a roof over their heads and food in their kids’ bellies and they don’t have the time or the energy to read about “politics” every minute of every day. They make their voting decisions based on the overall tone. And there are two things everyone should know about that voting decision: First, they are already inclined to vote for Democrats because they think the Republican right is crazy. And second, their decision is not always who to vote for, but whether or not to vote at all. In the last few decades, They are increasingly deciding to not show up to vote. And many of them make that decision based on the fact that BOTH SIDES of the debate are telling them the Democrat sucks too. They are also being told their vote may not count because of something called “voter suppression.” In fact, talking about voter suppression is probably more suppressive than the actual voter suppression efforts.

And why would they not get that impression? The far right keeps telling them “millions of immigrants are voting” and the professional left is saying that everyone is conspiring to keep everyone who isn’t a far right loon from being able to cast a vote. Now, if you’re a single mom working three jobs just to scrape by and buy food for your kids and pay for child care and you have to take three buses and lose a couple hours pay to go cast a vote, but the overall impression you get is that the Democrats are just as bad as Republicans, why would you go through all that trouble? And please don’t tell me, “civic duty.” The only duty someone in that position feels is to her kids and perhaps God.

This is the problem we face as progressives and liberals. White liberals who proudly shout “progressive” pearls of wisdom aren’t “special.” They don’t have some sort of “special knowledge” that other liberals don’t have. They have not been anointed by the “progressive” gods as knowing all of the solutions to the problems Americans face.  No one gives a shit if Bernie marched with King. Regardless of how much college they’ve had, white “progressives” do not know more about what it’s like to be a person of color than a person of color does.  When the white unicorn and pro left acts like they are the only true representatives of the left, they are acting out of just as much arrogance as the right wingers who still blindly support Trump. Black people are overwhelmingly liberal in their politics, as are Latinos, recent immigrants, LGBT people and women, especially women of color. That is because, while you are reading about shit all day, they are actually living it.

Liberals come in all shapes and sizes and types and they come with every shade of ideological liberalism. Not all of us think the same about every issue. While white far lefties have all their “buzz words” memorized, most liberals are too busy with life to come up with buzz words and to “organize” constantly into vague factions who do nothing but talk about shit incessantly. The thing is, they don’t actually do anything because they never win elections, they only lose them for the Democrats.

And the key thing to remember is, if they’re losing elections for Democrats, then you know why the GOP is running everything now. And that is not in any way progressive.

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Fighting BS From the Far Left — 11 Comments

  1. We need, as some have noted, to talk about issues. Here are a few to consider:

    Issues that will WIN for Progressives:

    The Economy:
    Our economy, by way of the “dual mandate” imposed on the Fed by the congress, forces from eight (U3) to twelve (U6) million workers to be unemployed at any given time. This cadre of unemployed individuals have three options, they can go on the dole, they can mooch off family and friends or they can resort to crime. All three options are widely used across this population of unemployed individuals. This policy, forcing a pool of individuals to remain unemployed, is based on greed and stupidity, The greed part is that it puts downward pressure on wages by maintaining supply greater than demand. The stupid part is three fold. First, the bases of the policy is the “Phillips Curve” which has been thoroughly debunked for many years. Secondly, it is an atrocious waste of valuable resources, the labor of eight to twelve million workers and third, the policy is immoral.
    The immorality of the policy is based on the real meaning of a job. A job gives a worker a way to help his fellowman. You may be making and selling burgers or working on an assembly line building SUVs or managing a retail store but in each case you are helping others. That is what a job is and what a job should be. By denying this cadre of unemployed a job or license to help others, they are forced to take one of the three options listed above, all of which hurt, not help, others.
    The progressive solution to the present flawed economic system is the implementation of a 100% employment policy enabled by the government guaranteeing a job for every individual who wishes to work, the government thereby becoming an employer of last resort. The wage paid under this program would become the de facto minimum wage. An extensive literature on the job guarantee (JG) program concept has been published by the MMT community.

    Balancing the Budget:
    We are taught that the federal budget is balanced by tax revenue and borrowing if there is a deficit in tax revenue. There is, however, a third way that has been used often in the history of the nation but is not recognized by bookkeepers. It is seigniorage, the difference between the face value of a monetary item and the cost to produce it. An example is quarters produced by the mints. In 2016 2,356,030,000 were produced with a face value of approximately 589 million dollars. However, the cost of minting the coins, just fewer than 9 cents per coin, was only 212 million dollars. The seigniorage was 377 million dollars or the government was able to spend 377 million dollars for goods and services for the American people without borrowing the money or balancing it with tax collections. This is an extremely important point. The federal budget can be balanced with seigniorage in addition to tax collections and borrowing. This fact is not shown on the balance sheets and Progressives should demand it be shown on balance sheets and that seigniorage be used to fund deficits to the greatest extent possible.

    The National Debt:
    Progressives should support retiring the national debt. It can be done using seigniorage as noted previously, thereby reducing and eventually eliminating the need to borrow funds to balance the budget. If treasuries are no longer sold then the debt will be retired in thirty years, the longest term bond sold by the treasury.

    A National Savings Bank:
    A National Savings Bank (NSB) will be needed to provide a safe place for idle money held by wealthy entities, both individuals and entities such as retirement funds, if the national debt is retired. The NSB should also be available to all citizens via the postal savings law that is still on the books. Retiring the debt and opening an NSB will essentially transfer the totality of the national debt into assets of the NSB, enabling the bank to make zero interest loans to federal programs and low interest loans to states and metropolises in need of financial support. The NSB would be an improved version of the RFC that existed from late in Hoover’s term until 1958. It is also very similar to the national bank proposed and described in great detail by Ellen Brown in her books.
    Progressives should support the establishment of an NSB. The Chinese have copied the idea of our RFC and they now have the four largest banks in the world doing what our RFC used to do and what an NSB could do for us now.

    Foreign Policy:
    Our current foreign policy is dominated by the military option. Congress has essentially abdicated their responsibly for declaring war and handed that power to the president. Progressives should support returning this power to the congress as defined in our constitution. There are two general paths to foreign policy, one is a military option path and the other is a “helping other nations” path. We have done both but are now dominated by the military option. China is on the “help” path and is winning the game on international relations. Progressives need to take the lead in changing US policy from the military path to the helping path, converting funds spent for the military into funds for American citizens and for strategic support of our neighbors in other nations.

    • Dude, you have no concept how to speak to most voters about any issue. Please, don’t even try. And you don’t understand any of these issues anyway. Let’s take the above…

      – We tried to establish a national bank. It’s impossible. You can’t.
      – You’re right about the military option. It should be a last resort. However, you’ll never change that as long we Republicans are in charge.
      – You can’t just retire the national debt. Not only would that completely screw our credit rating around the world, but millions of Americans would be screwed, as well. You do realize that most of the debt is owed to Americans, including the Social Security.
      – For roughly the same reason, you can’t employ seigniorage. This is an asinine Libertarian joke that ha been floating around for a half century that I know of. Our currency has value and you cannot simply manipulate it at will for short-term gain. What makes a quarter worth 25 cents is the market’s willingness to accept it as payment of 25 cents. It doesn’t matter how much a quarter costs to produce. Besides; quarters last as long as 70-80 years; how does that figure into your equation?
      – You stupidly mention a guarantee of work, but seriously, where do the jobs come from? And if the government has to pay 10-12 million to do busy work, where does the money come from?

      You have no concept of how the economy works and your solutions are ridiculous. They come out of Libertarian claptrap and they have no basis in reality. And even if they did, getting wonky on the American people won’t attract votes.

  2. Milt – for some reason, any comment longer than a sentence or two causes the “post comment” button to vanish.

    Needless to say, this causes me some small inconvenience

    • I dislike the use of the term “Far Left” to describe these people, for as I see it there is nothing at all leftist about these people – once you get beyond the posturing and the slogans and look at what they do.

      It gives me no pleasure to say this, for as a Social Democrat who guarded his portion of the Secret Flame through the Reagan years and the Bush years and the Clinton years and the second Bush years and who began political blogging in the dark days of 1996 I have been aching for the return of an energized Left that would actually implement all the good things that we have been designing pursuing for all these decades.

      • But not like this, not like this. These people exhibit no awareness of Left history or Left doctrine, and their “activism” consists principally of mob attacks on individuals they have decided to attack over some pretext or other.

        And yet, they expect the Democrats to simply hand of the keys to the Party without resistance. As Milt says, that betrays an astonishingly naive misunderstanding of politics by these would be kings.

  3. The Left do not have all the solutions to problems, but at least we are FOR the people and not FOR the richest in society. After 45 years as a die hard Republican, I joined the Democratic party because over all those years and the complete moral deterioration of the Republican party and who they truly serve, I knew that I was in the wrong party. I changed with Obama and his sincere desire for change. The Republican party today is so obviously not serving the people but serve those who are the highest bidder in payoffs. I had once thought that the Republican party was the only “Right” party. All those years, I just did not want to face it or see it. Republican had been drilled into me by my parents & grandparents and other blinded people in the midwest. The Republican party needs to be cleaned out and cleaned up and start over. Perhaps, then, they will return to being a viable party.

  4. Not all Christians believe that God will fix climate change. Many of us believe that God gave us the earth and expects us to be stewards over it and do the right thing. True Christians do not feel that they will ignore everything wrong on earth and step aside and let God fix it. As Christians, we especially have the responsibility to DO the right thing. This, by the way, does not mean that we are given the right to judge others. That right only belongs to God. Despite the fact that the Republican party is trying to stop our efforts to promote sensible alternatives to oil as the only source of energy, those who believe in other sources of energy need to persist in our efforts in that arena. Christians must work hard in this area and be partners with God in saving his beautiful earth. God sent us here with the gift of free agency in order to make our own right and wrong decisions. He stays out of our free decisions in order to allow us to make our own choices. In the end, we will be judged on our choice of decisions, the sifting in the end.

    • Donna Bunten’s reply reflects very well the view of our founding fathers who called themselves “Deists” ; they believed in god but did not believe he ever interfered into our lives in any way. Many rejected all organized religions, having seen the horror inflicted on people at times by the Church of England. They were generally, the product of the period called the enlightenment. WE definitely need more of that in this era as well.

  5. The thing is how will we know who is a Russian troll and who is actually a deluded progressive? I drop in on caucus99percent and am convinced that at least some of those folks must be trolls. I supposed there is not much of a difference since we can not reason with either group. Of all times, when we need a united Liberal/Democratic front we are being sabotaged by the extremists on the far-Left. Keep up the good work Mr. Shook! I wish you were on a cable show so you could have a wider audience.

  6. Two points (other than thumbs up for this article) – the second, IMO, is the most important

    1) While I am willing to state that there very well may be nothing to the probe of Jane Sanders’ land deal and Burlington College I am unwilling to go along with this idea that this is a “witch hunt” (hmmmm) to hurt Bernie’s chances in 2020 (he has no chances in 2020). Many on the far left, however, were more than willing to go along with the fever dreams of the far right about the gazillions of ways Hillary is a corrupt criminal.

    2) You are right, the far left does not have special insight into the problems we face and how to solve them.

    For example, climate change. Most on the far left believe that the reason the far right denies that climate change is a real thing is because they all somehow benefit from the largesse of the fossil fuel industry. Now, yes, that is true for many “deniers”. But there are other issues in play.

    80% of evangelicals voted for Trump and most still support him. How many millions of those evangelical Trump voters also believe that climate change is either not real or nothing to worry about? Lots. And this is not because they are in thrall to the fossil fusel industry. No, it is because of God and the Bible. They believe that God will fix it – after all, God promised Noah that he would never destroy the world again (I actually know someone – with a degree from a university that ranks in the top ten, no less – who said this out loud).

    And while many politicians are financially beholden to the fossil fuel industry many also truly believe as their constituents do.

    Frankly, I wish that greed and profit were the only things that motivated people who are against taking measures to reverse or mitigate the impact of climate change – this would be much easier to counter than deeply held religious beliefs that tell them that God will fix it.