Five Days to Go: Let’s Deal With the Corruption

In just five days, we get to start the process of moderating the most corrupt regime in US history. We used to have standards. Okay, they weren’t always great standards, but they were standards nonetheless. While our presidents sometimes did some stupid and unreal shit, they never once did so with impunity. Hell; Bill Clinton stood trial in the Senate for a consensual blowie. Now, we have a “president” who is easily the most corrupt in history and his entire political party is actually complicit. I don’t just mean they’re looking the other way, which would be disgusting enough, but they are actually helping him. 

No one knows why, although many of us can imagine payments and blackmail by the whole lot of them. Lindsey Graham used to be one of Trump’s few critics in the Senate, but he’s so far up Donny’s ass these days, he can smell the Big Mac Orange Lardass is about to eat.  The soon-to-be-retired Jeff Flake, from my current state, Arizona, sometimes gives lip service to an opposition to Trump, but when it comes down to it, he does absolutely nothing, just like everyone else in the Republican Party.

The entire Republican Party is corrupt these days, and in five days, we’ll have an opportunity to get rid of a lot of them. This will return the “checks and balances” to the federal government, but it will mean a lot more than that. The current Congress doesn’t do its job in any way, shape or form. They have a pathetic record for passing laws over the past eight years, in the first place, but they also do nothing about the orange toddler in the White House. Nearly two years in, Trump still has no idea what his job is, he has no concept that he is not the “Boss of America,” or that he works for us, and not the other way around. And while it may seem controversial whether the country can be run like a business, the fact of the matter is, such a thing cannot work, and Trump is proving it, with no oversight whatsoever. If a government could be run like a business, it would have to be a publicly traded company with shareholders, not a privately-held sole proprietorship, like the Trump Organization. 

Right now, midway between two presidential elections, we are stuck with a malignant narcissist running a third of the federal government, and the other two-thirds, whose job it is to make sure the Executive Branch does its job, it letting him do whatever he wants. This week, Donny got it into his tiny little pea brain that he could just write up an order and eliminate birthright citizenship, and not a single Republican Congresscritter has bothered to tell him to stick it up his tiny little ass. He is openly promising to violate the Constitution he swore an oath to protect and defend and the only body with direct oversight of the executive branch is just letting it happen. Oh sure, a few Republicans have said in the press that he can’t do this, but not a single one has taken a formal or informal stand against it. 

It’s been this way since the beginning. Trump has been in violation of the Emoluments Clause of the Constitution since the minute he took the oath of office and there has been no pushback from any Republican officials. And since they run the government, that’s kind of important. He has been blatantly plundering the Treasury since he started, taking vacations nearly every weekend at his own properties, owned by a company he has never put into a blind trust. That means payment for every room, every meal and every round of golf is not only being paid for by taxpayers, but that money is going into the coffers of the company he was required by law to divest when he took office. He also leases a property owned by the federal government just blocks from the White House, and foreign dignitaries routinely choose to stay there, just because they wish to curry favor with Trump. 

It’s almost impossible to call the current Trump regime an “administration,” since they don’t administer anything. In the 650 days since the beginning of this “shit show,” it is clear Trump is not up to the job and it is also clear he knows it. He puts out “executive orders” because he doesn’t know what they are. He thinks he is creating a memo that everyone who works for him must follow without fail. He refers to everything as a “deal” and he treats every “negotiation” as if he’s the “Boss.” 

Trump fancies himself a master deal maker, but it’s clear he sucks at it. That should be no surprise, given that his entire business career has been marked by massive debt and numerous bailouts, often arranged by officials in foreign countries. For example, he pulled out of the TPP, which was an attempt to force China to deal more honestly. As soon as he pulled out, guess who joined the TPP? China. He pretended to “rip up” NAFTA and bragged on himself about “negotiating” a replacement, when, in fact, the “replacement” contains largely identical language to the TPP. He agreed to a deal with North Korea that essentially said they would someday get rid of their nuclear program in return for some Trump investment and he placed South Korea in a somewhat more precarious position. He seems to love strongarm dictators with a passion, starting with Russian President Putin, and it’s clear he would like to be one, but thankfully, he’s too stupid to get away with it. 

Not only is Trump doing personal business from the White House, but a significant number of staff, including his kids, are actually doing private Trump Organization business from the White House, on the taxpayers’ dime. Not only that, but Trump and his family seem to hold Trump Organization secrets much closer to the vest than national security secrets. Not only is Trump completely disinterested in his intelligence briefings, but he seems to like to share, kind of like the kid who tells all the other kids in the playground, “I know something you don’t know…” just so he can tell them all. Trump thinks of himself as a “big man” and he is always showing off how important he is, which is a potentially very dangerous trait for a “president.”

And through it all, the Republican Party has simply sat back and watched or, worse, helped him with this corruption. In five days, we can begin the process of getting rid of this boil on the ass of the United States and begin the process of restoring the checks and balances the Founders always intended when they wrote the Constitution. Don’t be fooled; this will take a while, but the process starts in five days. Get out there and vote to moderate the Donny Effect on November 6. 

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