Fixing This Mess: Step One

In 2016, Trump went out of his way to portray America and its economy as a stinking hellhole that needed to be raised from the dead. No one in their right mind believed him then, which is how those who did earned the moniker of “Deplorables.” For the first time in history, the American people seriously screwed up, and allowed Trump to get just enough votes to make his cheating feasible and let him eke out a “win.” Put simply, we voters simple had a collective brain fart and elected someone as president who is as ill-suited for the job as possible.

Since then, we got exactly what we expected.

Oh, yeah, I know. At least a dozen people have told you and me, “no one could have possibly imagined this…” Well, they’re full of shit. We “elected” a narcissistic know-it-all shitty businessman whose greatest success has been as a reality-TV show host. He not only has no political experience, but most of his experience as a businessman has involved cheating on everything he could get away with. If you think there’s an innocent reason why he won’t release his tax returns or other financials, you haven’t been paying attention. His entire business record if fraught with a combination of massive debt and massive losses. We know this because his father left him with an estate worth more than $400 million, and his estate is probably worth less than twice that, which is a return on investment that could be doubled by putting it into a Certificate of Deposit at a relatively low rate.

Again, anyone who was paying attention to what he was doing during the campaign should have known how he would be as “president.” And what we have seen since his poorly-attended inauguration is exactly what we should have expected.

Trump clearly doesn’t understand his job. He was apparently told at some point that “the president is essentially the CEO of the country” and taken it to heart because that is exactly how he treats the office. As president, he sees himself as the “boss” of America, which falls in line with how he saw running “the Trump Organization,” a private company where he was essentially emperor. Think about it; in nearly four years now, he has not written a single bill; instead, he relies on executive orders, which sound like the orders he gave at Trump; he’d give an order at “TrumpCo” and dozens of executive toadies would rave over him and ask what to do next.

He clearly still expects that behavior. Look at the hatred he displays to the courts when they shit down the executive orders that violate constitutional principles. No one who understood what an executive order was would threaten the court or whine about how he wished he was a dictator, so he could do more things on his own, as Trump does with regularity because he doesn’t understand the purpose of the Constitution or what his oath of office meant when he recited it in front of one of the smallest crowds in inauguration history.

Like I said, most people knew we’d made a horrible mistake almost immediately. That’s why the first women’s march, the day after his inauguration, was so successful. The crowd for that was much larger than Lord Donny’s the day before because that many women were pissed off, including white women, a majority of whom actually voted for Trump over Hillary Clinton.

And MAGA? Who the hell do they think they’re kidding when the Trump cultists tell us how great he’s been? What has he done? Nothing good,; of course, unless you’re a xenophobe who enjoys watching the United States of America become a second-rate power and the laughingstock of the world community, and you think taking our open philosophy of immigration and trashing it, thus forcing oppressed people back to the country of their greatest oppression. Well, that’s who the “deplorables” are – or the largest majority of them, anyway. Yes, I know some people voted for him in 2016 because they didn’t know any better. In 2020, there are no excuses. He took a strong economy and didn’t completely screw it up until a pandemic struck, and he referred to everything as positive and took credit for it, as if our economy wasn’t a complete disaster. .

But now, after he completely flubbed the response to the coronavirus pandemic, which sent the economy southward to its worst condition since the Great Depression. Worse than that, he continues to pretend he’s making the economy is better. He’s told at least 20,000 lies so far (that’s an assumption, based on his having told 19,128 documented lies by May 29, 2020 (Source: ), and he’s been doubling down since the pandemic hit our shores. He’s blaming China for the virus, and he’s also blaming them for his terrible response.

Yes, he is the worst president of all time. And yes, he is worse than a great many people expected. However, it is not the case that Trump is worse than anyone could have expected. He is actually just as bad as anyone could have predicted if they had paid attention beforehand. This election, the only requirement is that you pay attention and fail to repeat this incredible mistake. Donald Trump should be too politically damaged to even be considered for a second term by now. You don’t have to love Joe Biden, you just have to understand that the second term of Donald Trump would be even worse than the first and that this fragile democratic system may not survive that.

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