Forget Barron; What About Malia and Sasha?

Look, I get it…

When Kathy Griffin posted an image of herself holding up a severed head that looked a lot like Donald Trump, it was wrong on many levels. For one thing, it was in bad taste; not surprising from Kathy Griffin. For another thing, we can’t let violent images of presidents become the norm. Also, in a media environment in which the Trump Administration is looking for any distraction it can find to take the onus off of them for the shitstorm they create on a daily basis, providing easy distractions is kind of stupid, really. For example, when she posted that, it took a lot of attention away from Lord Donny’s stupid decision to pull us out of the Paris Accords. While he was spreading his “isolationist” message on climate, most media outlets were breathless about who was firing Kathy Griffin and whether she should be arrested by the Secret Service or other nonsense.

What was funny is, a right-leaning friend recently made the point that hate speech is protected by the
First Amendment, in an attempt to make me accept that alt-right hate merchants shouldn’t even be investigated because “it’s only speech.” But when Kathy Griffin posted that picture, he was all over it, suggesting that everyone fire her and that the Secret Service investigate, arrest and detain her because of her speech. It has me laughing my ass off. I don’t particularly like Kathy Griffin, but it’s not like this is beyond the pale for her, really.

However, what struck me about the absolute disgust that came from the right about Kathy Griffin’s photo is that these same people had been passing around images that were worse for eight solid years. I mean, they’re all worried about Barron Trump possibly having seen the Griffin depiction and been horrified by it, but what about the five solid years that Malia and Sasha Obama had to listen to tales about their father, the President, not being a “real American.” And for the record, the asshole sitting in the Oval Office (possibly in an adult diaper) right now, led that charge. For years, he was all over TV promising to prove that Barack Obama was born in Kenya, not the United States. Who was concerned for those children then?

For that matter, what about the disturbing images of their father that Sasha and Malia Obama were confronted with all through their eight years in the White House? I mean, Barron gets to live in a cushy condo at the top of an ivory tower in Manhattan, away from his father and the White House. Poor Sasha and Malia were bombarded by images of their father being the same as Osama bin Laden (get it? Because the names are so similar!), or as a witch doctor, or as a “Stepin Fetchit” character for eight years. And it’s hard to count the number of images that were propagated by the far right in which their father was being lynched; why does no one care about any of that?

Why didn’t any of those offended by a comedian holding up a head that looked like a former reality TV show host get offended when teabaggers were carrying around pictures of President Obama looking like Hitler? Poor Malia and Sasha had to look at many of those, right outside their house. I saw a few of them in Lafayette Park, which is right across Pennsylvania Avenue from the White House; why were these assholes, who are so concerned about little Barron now, not concerned at all about the Obama girls having t see their father compared to two of the most historic monsters of all time?

Once again, as is always the case with Republicans, it’s not that they’re completely wrong. The image
Kathy Griffin posted was kind of disgusting. As such, she was fired from a few gigs and she will have to pay for it with part of her career. It’s the incredible hypocrisy that Republicans express that is the issue here. The image to your right was taken at a football game in Wisconsin. This was just a few days before the election, which means President Obama was on his way out, anyway, and these yahoos were drinking beer and showing pride in their cleverness for fashioning a mask showing President Obama being lynched. Not only were they not investigated by the Secret Service, but they weren’t even asked to leave the football game. And there was not a single tear shed for poor Malia and Sasha Obama anywhere in right wing land.

It’s the hypocrisy, stupids. Here are a few more. I sure hope Malia and Sasha don’t see these, but these are Trump supporters, so… 


Forget Barron; What About Malia and Sasha? — 2 Comments

  1. My observation is that hypocrisy arguments have no effect on most Republicans. Accusations and outrage are just a tactic to win. Winning is all that matters. Over the years they have sneered at liberal guilt. I don’t want us to become like those with no shame but I think we need to learn how to fight them. The hypocrisy arguments are worth making because they mean something to our own.

    I think it’s. O.K. acknowledge Kathy Griffin went out of bounds. But we need to do a better job of defending our own when they exaggerate transgressions. Example Hillary emails.

  2. I have a friend who is a friend of a Secret Service agent assigned to PBO as president. The word came down form the Obamas very early in the administration that while they needed to know what the Secret Service wanted them to do, they NO LONGER could bear to know WHY. They shielded the girls from the worst of it. But nobody raised a ruckus over it other than we, the people, who had elected him. The conservatives ignored it, the RW did it, and a whole lot of would-be Johnny Rebs celebrated it. Up to and including the people who trashed Sasha and Malia as teen hookers.

    I am done with the faux outrage on the Right. Barron never saw this. It wasn’t on TV. But unless your outrage was equal for Barrona nd the Obama daughters, well, then, you might effing be a racist. And then I have zero use for you.