Fox Noise Tub Ailes to Faux Business: Pretend to Be….

Check out this last line…. it’s a scream… This is from TV Newser:

Roger Ailes, chairman and CEO of FOX News/FBN and chairman of FOX TV Stations, gave a field speech to the FBN troops Friday, in their newsroom. We’re told it’ll be the last time the entire team of anchors and reporters, producers and tech staff will meet together before Monday morning’s launch.

Ailes talked about how the press covered the launch of FNC 11 years ago; that, despite the naysayers, FNC grew to become the number one news channel, less than six years after launch. His advice for the FBN team: integrity, attitude, teamwork and excellence are everything.


Fox Noise is a joke among journalists — absolutely no integrity. If negative integrity is possible, Fox Noise has that…

Fox Noise’s attitude is, essentially, "screw the news! We prefer wingnut spin!"

Fox Noise is famous for firing people who don’t toe the company’s ideological line; you call that teamwork?

And above all, Fox Noise only qualifies for "excellence" if your goal is propagandizing to the idiots who buy your bullshit…

I hate to break it to Ailes, but when it comes to business reporting, the people you have to appeal to don’t fall for the same bullshit that dittoheads do. If they do to Faux Business what they did to Fox Noise, CNBC has little to worry about…

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