Friday Night Reading Room

Joanna Grossman on the Lily Ledbetter Fair Pay Act of 2009

Jane Hamsher wonders why a certain Billionaire Gasbag gets so much WH Access

Media Matters has Larry Kudlow being moronic again… why does this guy work?

Who'll Stop the Pain? by Paul Krugman

Clive Crook in The Atlantic on Obama's new housing plan

Bobby Jindal turns down $90 million in help for the unemployed — Think Progress

Court: No Class Action in 'Vista Capable' Claims Against Microsoft

John Dean on how David Frost convinced Nixon to Talk

PFAW — Attacks on DOJ Nominees Signal Right's Judicial Nominations Strategy

Stephanie Zacharek in Salon on Comeback Kids Robert Downey, Jr. and Mickey Rourke

Moron vs. Moran — Limbaugh takes on TVNewser… Loses…

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