Gee, You Mean Bushies are Liars? Who Knew?

Why is everyone going ga-ga over Scott McClellan’s revelations that George W. Bush and his administration suck? Are the rest of us becoming like the right wingers, where we have so little faith in our opinions that we need validation from others to even have them?Mcclellan

McClellan has written a book and, of course, his publisher needs to sell a ton of them in order to rationalize the overpayment they made to him in securing the book deal in the first place. You know, because every reader is chomping at the bit for a book by a guy who was arguably the worst and most inarticulate press secretary in US history. So, they release some details designed to get the book a lot more publicity than it would normally get, and everyone oohs and aahs and talks about how stunning all of this is.

So, what did McClellan’s book reveal, after all?

  • Bush is an out of touch leader, who lacks confidence, and who is unwilling to accept failure. 
  • Bush
    is all too able to convince himself of his own spin, to the point that
    he actually can’t remember if he ever used cocaine.
  • That Bush
    ran his administration as if it was in a permanent political campaign,
    which made his administration uncompromising, unwilling to change and
    admit defeat, and in which everything was spun in a positive way..
  • That
    Bush sold the Iraq War like soap, and used heaping helpings of
    propaganda to get us in there and keep the occupation going.
  • That the press corps was easy on Bush in the run up to war, and never asked any of the really tough questions.

the way, this is the second time in six months that we’ve been treated
to revelations from this book, which always seems to leak passages, but
never actually seems to see the light of day. If you’ll recall, six
months ago, we were treated to the "revelation" that McClellan was
actually told to lie in the Valerie Plame leak case, and assist with
the cover-up when it came to outing a CIA agent. Remember that? That
was all over the press, and everyone was shocked then. Now, we’re
supposed to be shocked again, because a known liar decides to come
clean and tell us he lied to his employers, and is now coming clean so
he can make more money?

In all seriousness, haven’t we known all
of this all along? Is this really much of a surprise? More importantly,
how much credence can we lend to someone who’s telling us, several
years after the fact? One of his other revelation was that a lot of the
bullshit that came out of his mouth — bullshit that we told you at the
time was bullshit — was actually bullshit.

Basically, a liar who worked for a liar that we have known was a liar for many years. Pardon me if I yawn.

what I’d like to see. I’d like to see articles of impeachment passed,
and every high-ranking member of the Bush Administration named as
witnesses, before Bush leaves office. That will prevent Bush from
pardoning anyone. And then, I’d like to see President Obama and the
Democratic Congress investigate every single perpetrator of a crime in
the current administration.

And that would include Scott McClellan.

Sorry, Scotty, but you don’t get to claim "hero" status, just because you finally admitted that you were a criminal…


Gee, You Mean Bushies are Liars? Who Knew? — 2 Comments

  1. Scott, I don’t give him credit for anything. Like I said, this is the second time something from this book has “leaked,” and all of the revelations are stuff we already knew. If he was going to turn all of the profits to Veterans groups, I might be persuaded to change my mind. But I’m sick to death of these people screwing the public for years, and then only coming clean when they can make money from it.
    As for the pardoning, if they pass impeachment articles, and the Senate names people as witnesses, he can’t pardon them. It’s in Article II, Section 2: “(The President) shall have Power to Grant Reprieves and Pardons for Offenses against the United States, except in Cases of Impeachment.”
    I think that’s a good reason for impeachment…

  2. Fair enough, but I’ll give him credit for at least resisting the pressure not to release the book, and for confessing. That doesn’t exonerate him or make him a hero, but its better than continuing to live hiding knowledge of the lies and deceit. I don’t think anything will prevent Bush from pardoning whomever he wants — remember what his dad did with all those Iran-Contra folk.