Give him a CHANCE? You’re Kidding, Right? 

A few days ago, someone I actually used to respect a lot actually graciously acknowledged that President Obama gave an amazing farewell speech. This person said the president showed class and dignity in the way that he is leaving the White House. However, this person’s next request left me cold. This person actually asked that we give the incoming “president” a CHANCE (their caps, not mine) to do the job he was “elected” to do.

Really? Give him a chance? For what? To do what he said he was going to do? So, we should give him a CHANCE to take away my fucking health insurance? I was forced to pay family health insurance for policies that refused to cover the only health problem I had ever had. In my last five years of working for an employer, my employer and I spent more than $60,000 on health insurance premiums and would have had to pay upwards of $20,000 cash before they would take care of the problem I had lived with for more than 25 years. I should give him a CHANCE to take away health insurance that actually pays for the health care that I may need?

Should I give him a CHANCE to turn the Mexican border, which is a scant 60 miles from my home, into a war zone? Should I give Donny a chance to turn people who are just coming here to make a living into our enemies? What for? And given that it’s already illegal for an employer to hire undocumented immigrants, why are we not enforcing the law against the employers? Should we give Donny a CHANCE to bully people who are poor, and do so in our name?

Should we give him a CHANCE to create a religious-based registry and accuse all members of one religion of being terrorists because some of their relatives use religion to cloak their political misdeeds? Should we give him a CHANCE to use his ties to Russian dictator Vladimir Putin to give the Russians a foothold in the United States? There is no question that Putin and Russian intelligence interfered in our electoral process, whether it was through the use of technology or propaganda, no matter what idiots like Greenwald and Assange say. Should we wait around and see what Donny has promised Vlad as a reward for all of his great help at “defeating” Hillary Clinton? We know there has to be something?

Let’s get real here. We know jack shit about the giant orange toddler, Donny Trump. He refuses to tell us how much money he has. He refuses to tell us who he’s borrowed money from and how that may affect his dealings on behalf of our country. He won’t even release his tax returns; something that every presidential candidate has done for 40 years, until now. He won’t divest himself of any of his businesses, nor will he give us business details that would reveal the extent of his record-setting conflicts of interest. His Cabinet is made up of other billionaires, family and yes men. Not only that, but the only guideline we have to his “management” style is a book written by someone else 30 years ago, in which he suggested one really good way to look better on the job is to hire a lot of stupid people to surround you. That doesn’t instill lots of confidence.

Give him a CHANCE? To do what, exactly? Are we supposed to wait until he causes World War III to openly speculate on what he might do? This isn’t Mitt Romney, John McCain, or even George W. Bush, with whom I disagreed politically, but who at least made a pretense of trying to follow the rules and do things the right way. Donny makes no pretense of such a thing. He seems to have no concept of the fact that he works for us, not the other way around. Listen to him; he believes he s America’s boss, or the CEO of the United States; he has no concept that he is the top-ranked public servant in the country. Look at his “press conference” the other day. He was petulant and childish and he couldn’t handle anyone who asked him a question that he hadn’t pre-approved. He is a tiny-handed little tyrant who is used to everyone kissing his ass and who can’t handle anyone who doesn’t defer to him in every way. This is not the type of person who can even think of competently leading an executive branch that is co-equal with Congress and the judiciary. This is not someone who is capable of working with many others with diverse viewpoints in a way that drives concensus. I mean, for Chrissakes, hs own political party hates him and the feeling is mutual.

What should we be giving Donny a CHANCE to do? Blow up the damn country and then say sorry?

Besides, I am amused by the people who spent eight years trashing the extremely competent President Obama who are now asking for us to give Donny a CHANCE. Irony detection is not their strong suit, to be sure.