Glenn Greenwald’s Latest Shows Nothing’s Changed.

Thought he’s been relatively quietly peddling his own faux “progressive” drivel to the select few who read his inane blogging on “The Intercept,” for the most part, professional bullshit artist Glenn Greenwald is back at it again. This time, he shows just how shitty a journalist he is with his “takedown” of MSNBC contributor and best-selling author Malcolm Nance this weekend. That’s in addition to his trip to Russia to visit his Russian intel “handlers” and to touch base with the Edward Snowden, during which Glenn gave an interview to none other than RT explaining that he just really doesn’t like the way “everyone” portrays Russia, and he feels it’s unfair.

In both instances, Greenwald does his “journalism” as he has always done it, by using few actual facts, a lot of supposition and speculation and a heaping helping of bullshit. Let’s start with his attempt to attack Malcolm Nance, which is nothing short of pathetic. Start with the fact that he bases the entire “takedown” on one errant statement he made on MSNBC almost two years ago.

Seriously, Nance has written two NY Times bestsellers so far, where he has laid out a very strong case for why and how the Putin used Russian intelligence to attack our democracy and the democracies of several European countries. He has laid out a credible case regarding Trump and his cronies being Russian assets and assisting with their efforts to make sure he won and Hillary Clinton lost. He cites hundreds of sources in his books and he cites many more in his commentary on TV and radio.

Yet, Glenn Greenwald tries to take him down because of a single misstatement Nance made in August 2016, when he claimed Jill Stein “ha(d) a show on RT.” In other words, he finds one completely irrelevant statement and with that one statement, we’re never supposed to believe anything on MSNBC ever again and we can’t trust Malcolm Nance for the rest of our lives. See what I mean by pathetic?

Take this from his column as an example (Source):

One of the network’s programs featured Malcolm Nance (pictured above), whose background is quite sketchy but is presented by the cable network (and now by NBC News) as an “intelligence expert” and former intelligence officer for the U.S. Navy.

We’re supposed to believe Greenwald’s a journalist, but he can’t do even the most basic research. Malcolm Nance’s background is not at all “sketchy.” In fact, his DD-214 is easily available online, which gives all the details of his military career, which matches everything he has ever said on MSNBC and everywhere else. And just FYI, I heard this was online from Malcolm Nance himself, on Twitter and it took me less than five minutes to find it and download it. I’m assuming even Glenn has access to Google, at least from his home in Brazil, if not from his adopted home in the Russian Federation.

In other words, Here is Glenn Greenwald, who wants everyone to take him seriously as a “journalist,” attacking the reputation of an intelligence expert who demonstrates higher journalistic standards than Greenwald based on one essentially irrelevant statement made two years ago. Here’s what he says:

On August 20, 2016, weekend host Joy Reid asked Nance about the supposed “affinity” for Russia harbored by Jill Stein supporters. In response, Nance told MSNBC viewers: “Jill Stein has a show on Russia Today.”

Now, I have to say, here and now, there is no evidence that Jill Stein “had a show” on RT, which doesn’t like to be called by its actual name, “Russia Today,” which is a propaganda arm of the Russian government. She did, however, appear on RT on a fairly regular basis and she also made an appearance at a dinner sponsored by RT and attended by Vladimir Putin and Michael Flynn, among others associated with Donald Trump. In other words, while he was wrong about that, calling it a lie may be a bit exaggerated. Jill Stein’s campaign featured a lot of pro-Kremin rhetoric and propaganda, to a point comparable to Trump’s obvious pro-Putin bias. (Source)

This is the usual time when Glenn Greenwald decides to get into nonsense mode and makes up a cause that never existed except in his fevered brain. He wrote:

(Joy) Reid allowed Nance’s lie to stand. Perhaps she did not realize at the time that it was a lie. But subsequently, a campaign was launched to urge MSNBC to correct the lie that MSNBC broadcast, based on the assumption that MSNBC – which is part of NBC News – was a normal news outlet that functions in accordance with basic journalistic principles and would, of course, correct a false statement once that was brought to its attention.

The “campaign” Glenn imagined consisted of a single member of FAIR (Fairness and Accuracy in Media), who demanded that Nance, Reid and MSNBC correct the record because, you know, that was far more important than the obvious media bias against Clinton in favor of Trump. I mean, at a time when everyone was fretting over Clinton’s email server, we are all supposed to drop everything and prove that a third party candidate with no chance of winning did not actually have her own show on RT.

This is what Glenn Greenwald does, folks. He finds one little mistake, then magnifies it into a tragedy and cites it as a reason to smear a perfectly credible person. He is probably the only person in the history of journalism who would ever refer to this small mistake as a “significant falsehood,” yet he excoriates MSNBC for about 10 more paragraphs, before turning the piece into the usual piece he does, which is to discuss just how put upon Glenn Greenwald is.

No, I am not kidding. If you can make it halfway through this article, you will see how he transitions from an article all about how MSNBC “lies designed to destroy the reputations of Democratic Party critics” (meaning him), which is an obvious lie, to make the next ten or so paragraphs all about him. This is where we get to his motivation for attacking Malcolm Nance for his one faux pas two years ago. I’ll let him start the story:

This week I traveled to Moscow to meet with Edward Snowden as well as to participate in a cyber-security conference, on a panel regarding “fake news” that included Alexei Venediktov, famous in Russia as a fierce critic of the Putin government in his position as editor-in-chief of “Ekcho Moskvy” radio station, along with Giovanni Zagni, the head of an Italian website dedicated to checking politicians’ statements who is working with Facebook to determine “Fake News.” (The Intercept paid for my travel and I was paid no fee for the trip).

Now, the section in parentheses has a two-fold purpose, I’m sure. On the one hand, it makes him sound as if he’s doing a “full disclosure.” On the other, it takes away the speculation that Putin and Russia paid for his trip. However, he failed to note that he holds and controls the purse strings at The Intercept since he was put in charge of the site by billionaire Pierre Omidyar a little over four years ago, when the billionaire invested about $250 million to create a media empire. Therefore, claiming “The Intercept” paid for his trip is much like Trump Trump claiming “The Trump Organization is making money from my countless golf outings as president; I don’t make anything.” Disingenuous, at best.

Then, Glenn tries to get himself off the hook. He talks about a panel he was on:

The panel was moderated by RT’s editor-in-chief Margarita Simonyan, and it also included Sergey Nalobin, Acting Deputy Director of the Information and Press Department of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Given the presence of harsh Putin critics on the panel, the discussion included severe criticisms of both the U.S. and Russian governments, their propensity to lie, and their desire to control the internet.

After Nalobin, the Russian official, claimed that Russia was the victim of disinformation and Fake News campaigns, I responded by pointing out that while this was true, Russia is also the perpetrator of such campaigns, and that in general, the history of the Cold War has continued through today: whereby the U.S. and Russia both use the same tactics against one another while claiming to be the victim(.)

In other words, in Greenwald-land, his claim that Russia uses propaganda should take him off the hook and PROVE he’s not beholden to Russia in any way. After all, he was able to say that and not be killed, so Russia can’t be so bad, right? That might be fine, except that’s not what he did. Look closely; he went straight into “they both do it” nonsense. The US and Russia do not use “the same tactics.” Russia has a government-owned media arm they use to peddle disinformation in the United States; there is no corollary owned and operated and directed by the CIA to operate in Russia. There used to be, but not lately.

There is a ton of evidence that Putin and the Russian government actively interfered with the last election. Before the election, 17 US intelligence agencies agreed on that – quite possibly the first time all agencies have agreed on anything. They have the Russians dead to rights on a lot of this. If Glenn Greenwald has evidence of the opposite being true, he should present it, but then Greenwald doesn’t do evidence. Or when he does evidence, he makes assumptions about it without even discussing anything with experts.

That’s when Greenwald turns to his real reason for his attack on Nance. This is actually hilarious:

Nance did none of that. What he did, instead, is exactly what he did on MSNBC to Jill Stein in August, 2016: in two tweets, he outright lied about me on purpose, telling his 420,000 Twitter followers that I am “an agent of Moscow” and am “deep in the Kremlin pocket.” He further lied by stating that I “helped Snowden defect” and that I “reports into [my] masters in Moscow.”

None of Nance’s statements here is opinion. These claims – especially that I am an “agent of Moscow” and “deep in the Kremlin pocket” – are intended to be factual statements: that I work for, and am paid by, Russia and the Kremlin, and that I aided Edward Snowden in “defecting” to Moscow. They are all outright lies. There is no other way to describe them.

Thus far, his tweet has been re-tweeted by close to 5,000 people. After I noted that they were lies, Nance re-affirmed them and said how proud he was to have broadcast them.

This is because Nance knows that he is free to lie this way with impunity. That’s because he works for an organization – MSNBC – that masquerades as a news outlet but actively encourages its employees to lie this way about anyone who criticizes the Democratic Party.

Malcolm Nance would be the first to tell you, the above statements he Tweeted are nothing but his (very learned) opinion. He’s not a judge or a jury. But for Greenwald to claim these are LIES is rich. It’s also telling because it shows that Greenwald himself can’t tell opinion from fact. There is a shitload of evidence pointing to a strong possibility that Glenn Greenwald could be an agent of Russia by now. Here’s the shortlist:

  • He very possibly helped Edward Snowden, his buddy, to steal secure documents from the NSA, through criminal means;
  • He quite likely helped Snowden sift through the documents and apprised Snowden on “what they meant;”
  • Greenwald himself wrote a series of articles about a small smattering of the NSA documents Snowden stole and gave his own interpretation of what they “must have meant,” despite the fact that we know he spoke to no one at the NSA or any other expert on intelligence documentation. (I wrote about this extensively about five years ago here: )
  • Greenwald has worked closely with Julian Assange, who clearly has strong ties to Russian intelligence;
  • Snowden could have gone to any number of countries to avoid extradition, yet he landed in Russia and is never far from Putin’s minders at all times;
  • Snowden and Greenwald only released a small fraction of what they claim Snowden stole; one has to wonder where the other 99.9% of the documents went, since he’s living in Russia under Putin’s care:
  • In the 20 months since the election, Greenwald has written any number of articles claiming the Russians had nothing to do with Trump winning, or the hack on the DNC;
  • For 20 months, Greenwald has sung the praises of Russia and his current trip is ostensibly to change people’s minds about Russia, which is the same type of language Trump uses to describe the country who attacked us during the last election.
  • Greenwald has been (sans facts or evidence) claiming in column after column to know more about the Russian investigation than the actual investigators, referring to the Mueller investigation as a “red herring.” (Source)
  • For 20 months, Greenwald has claimed there is “no evidence” of Russian interference in the election from his comfy perch in Brazil, thus dismissing (again, sans facts and evidence) the work of countless actual journalists and intelligence officers in this country. (Source)
  • Glenn Greenwald is a rightly proud gay man who moved to Brazil to be with the one he loved and to whom he subsequently married. Yet, he openly supports Russia’s openly homophobic government over his home country, and not just while Trump is president.

Put all of that together, and it’s not hard to make a case that something is going on. It is not beyond the pale to suggest that Greenwald may be a Russian asset.

Tomorrow, we’ll talk about Greenwald’s obfuscation about his current trip to Russia and why he may have given an interview to RT. I will also discuss this openly anti-American statement, from the same article I discussed today:

That’s because NBC News and MSNBC have essentially merged with the CIA and intelligence community and thus use their tactics. The network is filled with former Generals and CIA officials who are part of the community that pioneered these smear tactics of accusing journalists and critics they dislike of being traitors, spies and Kremlin loyalists. Indeed, Nance sometimes appears on MSNBC along with former CIA Director John Brennan, who MSNBC also hired as an “analyst.” This is who they are.

Yeah, okay. More tomorrow…

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Glenn Greenwald’s Latest Shows Nothing’s Changed. — 3 Comments

  1. I’ve never like Glen Greenwald. he was partly or maybe a lot responsible for hooking up with Julian Assange. He is a grifter and an a**Hole

  2. Nance was the first to sound the alarm about Russian interference, and he never stopped banging those klaxons. Now a Russophilic journalist goes after him. This could be a coincidence, but as Nance himself is fond of saying, “coincidence takes a lot of planning.”

    • I think there are a lot of planned coincidences going on right now,, like Putin-obedient RT holding a seminar on “fake news,” Greenwald emerging to fully embrace Putin/Russia and a sudden Trump/Putin “summit,” just before the mid-terms. It all fits together…