Goldwater Rule Be Damned: Professionals Must Call Out Trump’s Craziness

A lot more people are finally starting to speculat that Donald Trump may very well be, in the words of Randall Patrick McMurphy, a full-on “bull goose loony.” This is not the first time, of course. Many of us have considered him a nut bar for years. There was a reason why, as a Manhattan real estate “mogul,” he had to turn to Vladimir Putin’s buddies to sell condos in Trump Tower.

In other words, the people who know him best – the people who live in the same city as Trump – would not elect him dog catcher, which is why he had to turn to the racist base of the Republican Party to troll for votes. Think about it; From the time he came down that escalator in Trump Tower four years ago, what has he said or advocated for that would appeal to most New Yorkers. The answer is, nothing. Instead of developing a winning strategy, he decided to rely on an old staple of today’s GOP; he worked his ass off to appeal to the Republican base, which is made up of stupid white people who are angry because they’re about to be out-numbered. The problem is, they assume the brown people who will soon out-number us will treat white people the way white people treated them. Karma’s a bitch and white racists who are loyal to Trump are more afraid of that than “economic anxiety.”

In any case, Anyone who was paying attention knew long before Russia stole the election for him that he was batshit crazy. First of all, he’s a narcissist, which is obvious when you account for the fact that he doesn’t think any rules or laws should apply to him. Why do you think he is so envious of strong-arm dictators and authoritarians? It’s clear that he thinks he’s the “Boss of America.” As such, he seems to believe his “executive orders are the same as a president of a privately held company sending a memo and ordering everyone under him to do his bidding. This is why he gets so crazy when a court doesn’t go along with him. He thinks it should be a matter of the “boss” ordering something done and his minions doing it. And make no mistake; we are all his minions, at least from his perspective.

Since day one – you remember, his poorly attended inauguration – most of the country has realized that Donny has neither the temperament or the smarts to do the job. However, this week has been kind of special. Perhaps it was his absurd attempt to buy Greenland, which was met with uproarious laughter by Denmark, the country that administers Greenland for the few people who live there. Perhaps it was his fealty toward Israel, as if they were the 51st state. Perhaps it was the inherent anti-Semitism in his declaration that any American Jew who doesn’t sing the praises of Israel is somehow “not loyal.”

This isn’t the first time he’s demanded personal loyalty from other Americans, but he’s never before demanded personal loyalty to another foreign country.

For whatever reason, though, the calls for invoking the 25th Amendment and using that to get his ass out of the White House have been building over the past few weeks and months. Never mind that he’s been doing this for almost three years now, all of a sudden, in the last few weeks, more and more people seem to be getting it. We have a crazy person sitting in the White House who is not only incapable of the work, but he wasn’t reliably sane. Put it this way; when was the last time a person fully qualified for their job worked so hard to convince us he is actually a “stable genius”? Whether the person is a “president” or an auto mechanic, it’s easy to spot those who know what they’re doing and those who haven’t a clue. Trump sincerely falls into the latter category. If Trump was an auto mechanic, he would have a hard time inflating the customer’s tires, yet he would tell us he could build a car using just parts. And it would be “the most incredible car ever made.”

Last week, Trump seemed determined to convince everyone on Twitter that he was indeed batshit. He went on a rant about how horrible China has been to us before saying private’s manufacturers “are hereby ordered to immediately start looking for an alternative” to doing business in China. He also suggested that his own hand-chosen Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell was somehow an “enemy of the state” because he didn’t cut interest rates enough. Then, while he was at the G7, he alienated more of our allies by skipping in the climate change seminar, raggedly insisting that Russia be let back in and call it the G8 again, and then recommending that next year’s meeting be held at Doral Country Club in Floria, which is a Trump property. That means he would be making money directly from interactions with foreign officials, which is a direct nose-thumb at the Emoluments Clause of the Constitution. He’s constantly whining about investigations and his pending impeachment; you would think he wouldn’t want to enhance the impression we get about his sanity and competence by simply ignoring the Constitution and shilling for his golf club to host a meeting of foreign leaders.

It makes you wonder. Have the White House physicians cut off his Adderall or not? And let’s be clear; like Godwin’s Law, which declared you a loser in any argument in which you invoke Nazis and=/or Hitler and which has been suspended, given that we have white supremacists and neo-Nazis working in the White House, it’s time to suspend the “Goldwater Rule,” in which mental health professionals hold off on diagnosing candidates or government officials unless they can examine them. We need mental health professionals to chime in on what is wrong because smething is obviously wrong.,

None of the shit we see from Trump is normal, and we have to ignore journalists’ attempts to treat it like it is. Donny isn’t just ignoring established precedents in the White House, he’s clearly unhappy as “president” and he’s biding his time until it’s all over, Not only is Trump not normal for a government official, he’s not even close to “normal” for an adult over the age of 13.

Donald Trump has always served as the perfect example of the Peter Principle, in which it is posited that everyone rises to their level of incompetence.” You can say that about any number of presidents, chief among them being St. Reagan and George Dubya. However, the man currently sitting in the Oval Office has irrational rants on what seems to be a daily basis. His insults are f the third-grade variety and he is wholly incurious, meaning he knows nothing about the job he ran for and he is not interested in finding out more about it.

We have to make it a point to vote out his ass on November 3, 2020. And while we’re at it, we need to replace the entire GOP in every seat we can. I know a lot of people like to claim both parties are the same, but compare the last 40 years, in which we routinely elect Republican majorities, with the 40 years prior to that, in which the electorate essentially banned the GOP. The two parties aren’t even similar these days. Put it this way; Democrats could never even nominate someone like Trump, or even Bush, Jr., while people like that run the leadership of the GOP.

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