GOP Candidates Foot-in-Mouth Disease

The Republican presidential field is so incredibly weak, it’s remarkable that the party doesn’t just pack it in and call it an election. Seriously, when Fred Thompson and Ridy Giuliani are among your "bright spots," it’s pretty much time to "turn out the lights."

Witness the sheer volume of faux pas last week alone, as Republican candidates each took turns jumping up and down and shouting "Pick me! Pick me to lose big in 2008!"

Mitt Romney had to "apologize" because he pretty much said flat out that his sons were just too good to
go to Viet- er, Iraq. You know, because of all them brown and black people  are already over there fighting, they can serve the country better by working on his campaign.  Five large, strapping, healthy American sons, and not one of them thinks enough of his country to serve it. It also makes you wonder how  seriously Mitt will consider getting us out of Iraq, given that "everyone else" is fighting it, as he sees it…

From: Print Story: Romney, Winner in Iowa, `Misspoke’ About Sons’ Military Choice on Yahoo! News.

Mitt Romney, who won the Iowa Republican straw poll yesterday, said he “misspoke” when he suggested that his sons’ work on his presidential campaign was comparable to serving in the military in Iraq.

“I misspoke,” the former Massachusetts governor said today on “Fox News Sunday.”“It’s not service to the country, it’s service for me, and there’s just no comparison there.”

At an event in Iowa last week, Romney was asked why his adult sons hadn’t enlisted in the military and responded by saying: “One of the ways my sons are showing support for our nation is helping me get elected because they think I’d be a great president,” according to the Associated Press.

Romney said today that he “didn’t mean in any way to compare service in the country with my boys in any way. Service in this country is an extraordinary sacrifice being made by individuals and their families.”

Aww, isn’t that sweet? Don’t ya just love how they say something they really feel, and when people reject it out of hand, they think a half-assed "apology" will absolve them?

No wonder "none of the above" is winning the Republican primary race.

By the way, is this any way to treat your supporters? The following is from the same article, talking about his straw poll "win" agains no one else in Iowa:

“We’ve turned our people out,” Romney told Fox News. “I won. Can’t do better than that. That’s exactly what I was hoping for.”

Ewww… There’s a mental image no one needed.

Of course, Mitt’s little faux pas has nothing on Rudy Giuliani’s braggadocio, such as his claim to have spent as much time at Ground Zero as all of the rescue workers on 9/11. Well, he kinda sorta apologized, too, and lied his ass off while doing so.

From: Print Story: Giuliani: I misspoke about ground zero on Yahoo! News.

presidential hopeful Rudy Giuliani said Friday that he misspoke when he
said he spent as much time, if not more, at ground zero exposed to the
same health risks as workers combing the site after the Sept. 11

"I think I could have said it better," he told nationally syndicated
radio host Mike Gallagher. "You know, what I was saying was, ‘I’m there
with you.’"

Um, bullshit.

Notice he had to "correct the record" on the show of a right wing tool with a microscopic audience. And they were discussing the health effects of the aftermath of the terrorist attack; that was not what he meant, and anyone with half a brain knows that. Hence the use of Mike Gallagher’s program…

The former New York mayor upset some firefighters and police officers
when he said Thursday in Cincinnati that he was at ground zero "as
often, if not more, than most of the workers."

"I was there working with them. I was exposed to exactly the same
things they were exposed to. So in that sense, I’m one of them," he
told reporters at a Los Angeles Dodgers-Cincinnati Reds baseball game.

See, this is the false bravado that marks the entire content of his presidential campaign. The entire reason that Rudy Giuliani thinks he’s qualified to be president is because of his actions on a few days in September, 2001. Nothing he did up until then, or even after that, makes him qualified to be president. And frankly, he’s not even close to "one of them," if that means the wonderful people who put their lives on the line to help the victims. Oh, did he mention WHY he was all over the media barking orders on 9/11?

Fire and police officials responded angrily, saying Giuliani did not do
the same work as those involved in the rescue, recovery and cleanup
from the 2001 terrorist attacks, which left many workers sick and

On Friday, Giuliani said he was trying to show his concern for the
workers’ health.
"What I was trying to say yesterday is that I empathize with them,
because I feel like I have that same risk," he said.
"There were people there less than me, people on my staff, who already
have had serious health consequences, and they weren’t there as often
as I was," Giuliani said, "but I wasn’t trying to suggest a competition
of any kind, which is the way it come across."

Seriously, does he really think we buy this sort of "apology"? And if he’s so concerned for workers’ health, then why has he done nothing about it. As self-appointed spokeman for them, and given his close relationship to the president, he’s in a phenomenal position to help. Yet Michael Moore has done more for them that Rudy has.

Just curious, Rudy and Mitt; how dumb are you?


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