GOP Right Boobs of the Week: Gender Neutral Edition

Welcome to another week of GOP racism, bigotry, and overall stupidity!

This week’s column specially written by “John Barron” (Secretly, we’re really @SueinRockville with an able assist by Milt Shook, but don’t tell anyone.)
trump supportersFor most of the last year, the corporate media has been suffering from Donalditis, a fever that had them deliriously obsessed and rabidly covering Trump ‘s every move and utterance without so much as a tiny bit of analysis. Unfortunately for Trump, it seems that, since he became the presumptive GOP nominee, perhaps the media’s fever seems to have finally broken because it seems that a bit of journalism seems to have broken out.
For those still clinging to the notion that Trump did not know David Duke or the KKK and was not allied with racists,  it turns out Trump’s own butler for the last 17 years, Anthony Senecal, is currently under investigation by the Secret Service, who want to know more about his racist screeds and death threats against President Obama. At least he is easy to find, since he still lives at Trump’s estate at Mar-a-Largo as his – wait for it – historian!
So, what did Senecal say that got the Secret Service interested? It’s that damn Facebook. (More on them later.) It seems that Senecal posted the following on his page.

To all my friends on FB, just a short note to you on our pus headed “president” !!!! This character who I refer to as zero (0) should have been taken out by our military and shot as an enemy agent in his first term !!!!! Instead he still remains in office doing every thing he can to gut the America we all know and love !!!!! Now comes Donald J Trump to put an end to the corruption in government !!!! The so called elite, who are nothing but common dog turds from your front lawn are shaking in their boots because there is a new Sheriff coming to town, and the end to their corruption of the American people (YOU) is at hand !!!! I cannot believe that a common murder is even allowed to run (killery clinton) OR that a commie like bernie is a also allowed to also run !!!! Come on America put your big boy pants on—this election you have a choice—GET YOUR ASS OUT AND VOTE !!!! Thank you !!!!
At least he had the wherewithal to make sure only his friends could see it. That fact may make it difficult for his attorney to defend at trial, though… (Source)
Trump Meme 2It is absolutely true that Republicans have a history of selling their souls and practicing blind obedience to their overlords. Another example of this occurred this week as Paul Ryan met with Trump and was “encouraged” (which he reiterated about 20 times) by their talk. While he did stop just short of an official endorsement, we guarantee by month’s end the majority of Congressional Republicans will be sitting with him around the campfire singing Kumbaya! (Source)
One Friday, the amazing news broke that several of Trump’s former “publicists,” such as John Miller and John Barron, were actually Trump himself.

When asked about it by a reporter, Trump gave the pathetic excuse, “Lots of people sound like me” before hanging up. Soon after, #DonaldTrumpExcuses began trending on Twitter.
He has been doing this for so long, this is probably one of the worst-kept secrets in New York City. As CNN pointed out, reporters have known for years that Trump was doing his own publicity and they even had an audio expert verify that the voices were Trump’s, although when you listen, it’s pretty obvious. (Source) And if that’s not enough, he’s on record admitting it in court testimony.
And all week long, reporters were finally hounding Trump about releasing his tax forms for the past few years, so that people can see how much he pays in taxes. Of course, what they may also find out is that he’s worth nothing close to $10 billion (Or is it $11 billion? A gazillion trillion?), so he hedged.

When Mr. Trump was asked on ABC’s “Good Morning America” whether he thought voters had a right to see his returns, he replied, “I don’t think they do.”

Mr. Trump added of his taxes: “It’s under routine audit. When the audit ends, I’m going to present them. That should be before the election. I hope it’s before the election.”

But when asked by the interviewer, George Stephanopoulos, what effective tax rate he pays, Mr. Trump said, “It’s none of your business.” He added, “You’ll see it when I release, but I fight very hard to pay as little tax as possible.” (New York Times)

Stephanopolous also told Trump that every presidential candidate has released their taxes since 1976. Which is true. Like we said, there is journalism happening lately. Go figure.
By the way, as this blog points out frequently, Republicans have a serious irony deficiency and that was on display when former losing Republican presidential candidate, one Willard Romney, said that Trump’s refusal to release his taxes was “disqualifying.” (Source) Of all the Republicans who could comment on this, they couldn’t have done better than Romney? In 2012, he famously refused to release any tax returns for months and then, when he did release something, it was one return and it was obviously heavily amended.
Not every stupid thing a Republican did last week was done by Trump, however. For example, while the country’s infrastructure is falling apart and Obama is working his magic on getting rid of ISIS, Republicans in Congress were preoccupied with a truly serious threat. FACEBOOK.
That’s right, John Thune and the Senate Commerce Committee are demanding that Facebook “come clean” about its “Trending Topics,” claiming that it has a liberal bias. That’s right, folks; the Republican Party, who basically owns and runs Fox News and which dominates 90% of all broadcast talk radio, is actually concerned that Facebook might be keeping right wing (I don’t use the term “conservative” to describe these assholes – see yesterday’s blog post) topics off their feed. Facebook denies it, and they’re probably right. As I write this, I took a screenshot of my (Milt’s) current “Trending Topics.” You tell me if it’s biased left.
Trending topics
If anything, it’s biased toward gossip. Look at that last one, though. That’s a little funny. They promised us jobs bills, but what do we get? A guarantee of more rightwing shit on Facebook.
In Oklahoma, Republican Legislator Sally Kern, who gave a speech  in 2011 comparing the LGBT agenda with terrorism, gave a farewell speech on the House floor, comparing LGBT rights to terrorism. You can’t make this shit up. (Source)

And what the hell is this fascination with transgender people in bathrooms? If these assholes are scared to go to the bathroom, you’d never know it. I went into a Walmart bathroom a couple of weeks ago and they should be forcing rednecks with bad aim to use a urinal to pee.
Anyway, this week, North Carolina Governor Pay McCrory was fighting for his political life and claiming that the issue of who can go to the bathroom where is the “Democrats’ fault.” (By the way, McCrory, this is not a new issue.” It’s called equality, get used to it. )

Instead of leaving the issue alone and letting the courts handle it, many people from the state of Texas, the nuclear waste dump of Republican politics, once again threatened to secede from the union. Yes, we know there are some wonderful people in Texas, but when you see thousands of Texans driving to rallies on federally funded roads and paying for federally subsidized gas for their vehicles built to federally mandated safety standards, with some of them using money from their federal Social Security payments, all proudly shrieking, “Don’t Mess with Texas” and declaring a desire to secede over bathroom laws, it kind of belies the term, “patriot.”
Bathroom memeGovernor Abbott, who is actually dumber than either of his predecessors, who are George W, Bush and Rick Perry, no less, clearly has no compassion, love or reason inserted himself into this steaming pile of LGBT discrimination by aligning himself with McCrory. Doubling down on that bigotry was Texas Attorney General Patrick, who promised to ignore federal law on bathrooms and to also forego an estimated $10 billion in federal education funds in the process. That’s right. Not only are Texas Republicans above the law, they’ll also deny their children a proper education.
Stay tuned for more misadventures by the GOP!

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