GOP Right Boobs of the Week – Good Luck Getting Distaste Out of Your Mind

Ya know, we all spend a lot of time talking about Donald Trump, who is a truly disgusting human being and the ultimate Republican, but the issue is the Republican Party ideology, such as it is. That is the thought behind our relatively new “Trump Republican of the Day” feature. However, 5-7 Republican idiots doesn’t begin to tell the story, so we’re also bringing back our weekly round-up of Republican idiots of the week. We have to make it crystal clear to all voters that voting for a Republican is unacceptable. Period. Here are some examples why:

Coulter BarbieThe most odious of the professional right, Ann Coulter, has a new book out that praises Trump, of course, although while she’s on tour hawking this piece of shit (no, I haven’t read it: I’m assuming), she has taken issue with Trump’s “new” immigration plan, which apparently doesn’t involve deporting as many brown people as she pretends to want him to. Not only that, but she blames Trump’s attempted (and failed) triangulation on none other than Roger Ailes. (Source) Meanwhile, Annie is apparently so upset at Trump’s “pivot” on immigration that she’s threatening to cancel her “book tour” in protest. She also engaged in a Twitter meltdown for the ages, which was purely hilarious. (Source) She’s apparently come a long way since she was such a “darling” in the GOP that she had her own action figure and right wingnuts spanked it to her every night.

Meanwhile, in a Republican primary in Arizona, the Arizona Capital Times got hold of some audio of a state representative, Sonny Borelli, saying the following about the voters who may choose to support his primary opponent this coming Tuesday:

“If these ignorant, cocksucking idiots want to vote for that fucking phony, lying piece of shit, they can get what they deserve. Another fucking senator, a senator that did absolutely nothing for this district except piss everybody off in Phoenix, to include the fucking governor. And now how is he going to act when he goes back to Phoenix with a fucking governor that he’s already called a fucking RINO and a liberal?”

You can hear the entire diatribe here. You know, because this is why we should all speak to someone on the phone as is the other person is recording it. I know a lot of people who learned that four or so years ago… (Source)

Not satisfied at carrying the moniker, “The Dumbest Governor in the Country,” Paul LePage of Maine (What were the people of Maine thinking?) decided to re-open a huge wound for his beloved Republican Party. Not only has he endorsed Donald Trump, but he’s also decided to go after Gold Star father Khizr Khan. In a radio interview with a Boston-based right wing radio host, LePage said the following about Mr. Khan:

“Then there’s the all mighty powerful ones like Mr. Khan — which is a con artist himself, and he uses the death of his son, who’s an American soldier, which we respect and honor, and he uses that to go after Trump, which I found very distasteful.” (Source)

This all seems to be part of the campaign to discredit the Clinton Foundation; the attempted swiftboating of Hillary Clinton. Either way, it’s LePage who is distasteful.

And since it’s Lepage, of course, you can’t expect him to just say something that stupid and shut up, right? This week, not only did he claim that he has a binder full of drug dealers (What is it with Republicans and “binders”?) and that “90 percent” of them are black and Hispanic. Keep in mind that Maine is about 95 percent white and that the “Dumbest Governor in the country” was fighting off accusations that Maine state troopers are racially profiling people. So, being LePage, he described minorities as “the enemy.”

“Look, a bad guy is a bad guy, I don’t care what color it is. When you go to war, if you know the enemy, the enemy dresses in red and you dress in blue, you shoot at red, don’t you? You shoot at the enemy. You try to identify the enemy. And the enemy right now, the overwhelming majority right now coming in are people of color or people of Hispanic origin. I can’t help that. I just can’t help it. Those are the facts.” (source)

Yep. Racism is in the Republican DNA. They can’t avoid it. It’s why they need to go.

Take the Republican mayor of Midland City, Alabama, who lost a primary to a (gasp!) black women and posted the following on Facebook:


For those of you who think the Republican Party wins because they are able to carry their message to more people, there is Missouri Senator Roy Blunt, who is running his campaign for a second term on the incredible message of “More Jobs, Less Government,” a message we have never heard from the GOP before, right? By the way, since he was swept in as part of the anti-Blue Dog wave that declared his Democratic opponent, Robin Carnahan, as too impure to be elected, his Republican Party has killed dozens of jobs bills and has actually grown the government. And as a Representative and some time House Majority Leader alongside boy rapist Dennis Hastert, Blunt helped create the Department of Homeland Security and was a strong proponent of two wars costing the country more than $3 trillion, even as they made ISIL possible. (Source) “More Jobs” is pure bullshit, and “Less Government” only means “less help for poor and working people.”

The race to unseat John McCain took an odd turn this week, when his 47-year-old primary opponent, Dr. Kelli Ward, decided to take McCain on based on his age. He turns 80 on Monday. She might want to consider another tack, however, like his terrible record on veterans and the million-dollar donation to his “Institute” from Saudi Arabia, since the man talks to his mother almost every day. She’s 103. Ward is a teabagger, so we want his Democratic opponent, Ann Kirkpatrick, to beat him, not her. (Source)

Another week and many fine examples of Republican politics at its finest. This is what they’re all about and why we need to make this clear to all voters.


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