GOP Right Boobs of the Week: Trump the Hump Edition

By @surinrockville and Milt Shook
Another week, another column in which we are forced to ask the important question, “Where the hell do we start?” Well, as is usual these days, we start with Trump. He is, after all, the leader of the current Republican Party. This week even featured international stupidity, with the Brits demonstrating that they have a large bloc of voters that is as dumb as our GOP. However, when it comes to abject stupidity, Republicans simply will not be denied.
On the gun front, in the wake of the worst mass shooting in US history, as we pointed out last week, pretty much the entire Republican Party has been nothing short of despicable, primarily because the people killed were largely gay and Latino. Well, that, and to a Republican, guns are the fourth rail of American politics. It’s funny, really; the GOP claims that we “liberal Democrats” blame the guns for everything, but it is their party that refuses to pass anything to protect people from the people who use them to commit harm. I imagine they keep their guns on an altar, surrounded by votive candles and engulfed in incense.
This week, House Democrats, led by the great John Lewis, held a sit-in on the House floor, in an attempt to bring attention to the fact that GOP leaders have pocketed several bills that 80-90% of the American people approve of. Republicans won’t allow a vote because they are cowards without the courage of any convictions or principles. They don’t want any regulations on guns, but they also don’t want to be on the record as being against any and all regulations on guns, because NRA.
Republicans largely called the Democrats “childish” for the “stunt,” although all hissy fits were thrown by Republicans. Speaker Paul Ryan, quite possibly the only Republican in the country who could make John Boehner look effective, ordered C-SPAN cameras shut down and took to Twitter for his childish response:

The next morning, with the 25-hour sit-in still going on, Speaker Paul Ryan continued to conduct business as if nothing was happening. (Source) But it’s the Democrats who were “childish,” right?

Former Speaker Tom DeLay chimed in on the “controversy” from his lair – you remember, the one in Texas where he hid from prosecutors at one point – and demanded that ethics charges be brought against the Democratic Congresscritters who staged the sit-in. He said,
“I’m heartbroken. The destruction of dignity, decorum of the people’s House,” he said. “That House doesn’t belong to those members. It belongs to the people of the United States, and for them to desecrate it like they just did is beyond me.” (Source)
You may recall that DeLay was forced to relinquish his seat when he was charged with money laundering. He was later convicted, although that conviction was later overturned on appeal. The basis for the appeal was the upper Texas courts claiming there wasn’t enough evidence for the lower court to determine that what he did was criminal. In other words, the court didn’t say he didn’t do anything unethical, just that it wasn’t criminal. Sort of. (Source) Put simply, an unethical Republican demanded that Democrats who insisted that the House do the will of 90% of the American people. That’s your modern GOP, folks.
Speaking of which, as the Democrats were sitting in to prevent terrorists from getting guns too easily, Republicans showed exactly where their priorities lie when they removed a provision that allowed the VA (NOT private citizens, but the VA) from flying the confederate flag at military cemeteries. (Source)
Then came Brexit.
This should have been a liberating time for us. For a year now, we’ve been fretting over the fact that we look like saps on the world stage because so many want to elect Oompa Loompa Donald Trump. To make us look better, the United Kingdom held a vote to take itself out of the European Union based on a xenophobic fear of “immigrants,” and we were saved. Here was the wholly self-important England, voting for isolationism in a world where such a thing is impossible.
However, when you have Trump as your standard-bearer, there is no way the American GOP will remain second-stupidest in the world for long. Trump was in Scotland to open a golf course that no one in Scotland wants and which looms as yet another business failure. It’s also an example of how Trump lies to everyone to get what he wants. This is from The Guardian:
In many ways, Trump’s loss-making development at the Menie estate is a microcosm of what’s been going on during his run for the White House. When Trump pledged to be the “jobs president”, Scots were quick to remember his broken promises on jobs. Trump claimed he would create 6,000 jobs through his golf course resort and spend £1bn building the “greatest luxury golf resort in the world”. In fact, no “resort” was ever built. Around 100 jobs have been created on the Menie estate and a single golf course is in operation, along with a granite-clad clubhouse. It is estimated he has spent less than 5% of the original investment pledged. Plans for a second golf course have yet to materialise – much to the relief of local residents who fear it would destroy another stretch of wild dunes. (Source)
Yes, that’s right, Trump voters who are stupid enough to believe he tells the truth and says what he thinks? This is another example that serves as proof that Trump is a bald-faced liar and never follows through on anything he says.
In Scotland this time, Trump proved that his knowledge of international affairs is non-existent. He Tweeted the following and the incomparable Lily Allen (Milt Note: I already have all of her albums, or i’d go buy them) responded:
Scotland Tweet
Yes, that’s right. Not only was Trump wrong about the Scottish vote, which was overwhelmingly in favor of staying in the EU, but there is already talk of yet another vote for independence from the UK and re-entry into the EU. It’s hard to underestimate how much Scotland hates Donald Trump. They expressed it back in 2012, when he was sending bulldozers into villages to turn the beautiful Scottish countryside into a golf course.
Trump liar 2012
Then there is the comedian who showed up at the Trump presser with the golf balls for the new resort, emblazoned with swastikas.

Not satisfied with merely looking stupid, Trump decided to show himself to be an uncaring hopeless greedhead. Followed by his narcissistic boasting that, even though economic disaster  was about to befall the UK & Europe as a result of this vote, he would personally profit stating,”When the pound goes down, more people are coming to Turnberry, frankly.” If you want to know where the phrase “Ugly American” comes from, there you go.
Trump’s prowess as a financial guru was also a major subject of discussion this week, as the May 2016 FEC filings were released publicly, showing that Trump,  the fiscal genius who is going to save the largest economy in the world from ruin, demonstrated that he had only about $1.3 million cash on hand for the general election. He has no staff to speak of and that $1.3 million is just a little bit short of the $1 billion it is estimated will be required to win the presidency this year. In short, not only is he not prepared to be president, he’s never been serious about running and is woefully unprepared to run a national campaign for the Presidency. Just to mollify RNC leaders, Trump was forced to forgive a $50 million loan he made to himself. Of course, based on what’s in the FEC report, he may not actually lose money, anyway. (Source)
In less than a month, Republicans will hold their convention, and without some major upheaval, Donald Trump will be the Republican nominee. While no one believes a majority of American voters will vote in such an idiot as president, no one thought the Brits would leave the EU, either. Be careful not to allow this orange menace to become president. I don’t care if you have to hold your nose to vote Hillary, getting rid of the GOP has to be a top priority.
Besides Trump, Ryan and the rest of the GOP leadership, we have these, too:
  • Another former Republican Speaker of the House, child rapist Denny Hastert, was probably very happy there was so much else going on, since he reported to prison this week, in a wheelchair… (Source) Just a reminder that more young people have been attacked in locker rooms and restrooms by Republicans than by all the trans people in the country.
  • A Republican lawmaker in Wisconsin, Bob Gannon, wants to expand on an already odious law that creates immunity from civil liability for gun deaths in businesses that allow guns on their property. Gannon’s idea, which he calls the “Disarmed Citizen Compensation Act,” wants to allow victims of gun violence to sue businesses who DO NOT allow guns on their property. In other words, if you’re shot in a “gun-free zone,” you can recover treble damages, no matter who was at fault. Think about that. If you allow guns on your property and someone is shot by one, you have no liability, but if you try to keep people safe by banning guns, you have to pay triple if someone gets in and shoots someone.

“There are violent thugs in our midst, some homegrown, some international, who are determined to cause us harm,” Gannon said in a statement. “This bill will give the citizens of Wisconsin a better chance of defending themselves and their loved ones against this scourge of terrorist activity.” (Source)

  • Then, there is Iowa Republican Steve King (He goin’ rogue!), who put up an amendment that even the rest of the House Rules Committee found offensive, when he demanded that Harriet Tubman be banned from inclusion on the $20 bill. Why, you ask? Because he found the replacement of slaveholder and genocide purveyor Andrew Jackson with the abolitionist Tubman to be “racist” and “sexist.” I shit you not. (Source)
  • Speaking of King, this is his Tweet on Brexit:

Please stop telling me “both parties are the same.” FFS, people, you can’t come up with a Democrat who comes close to this. Yes, even Joe Manchin.

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