Guest Post: Media Collaborators Help Drumpf Terrify Kids

(Here’s another great post by SueinRockville, one of the brightest regular callers to the Stephanie Miller Show, who is also a mother, grandmother & former Director of a vibrant Preschool & Kindergarten as well as a Parent Educator for over 3 decades. Her background in early childhood development, education and psychology makes her very qualified to deal with children of all ages. After 9-11 she served as a consultant for the Federal government including the NSA, US Navy, US Army , NIH and others in teaching parents to help children cope with heightened anxieties, stress & fears. (If you would like to write a post for the PCTC Blog, drop me a line at pleasecuttehecrap(at) )

GOP VisionLately, I have noticed with increasing alarm the need to reassure my older grandkids & too many of their friends that Donald Drumpf will not become the next Fuhrer – I mean President.

Given the estimated $ 2 Billion in free air time by ALL the MSM and Corporate Media they have been unable to escape Drumpf’s empty rhetoric and incoherent rantings. They are legitimately afraid of a Drumpf presidency.

On a recent field trip by the entire 7th grade of my grandson’s Middle School to the U.S. Holocaust Museum in Washington D.C., his group was studying the propaganda by Germans in the run-up to WW II. When my daughter asked if that reminds them of anything today, they all said, How Drumpf Talks!

Not just stupid, but irresponsible, complicit, aiding and abetting this fear and anxiety.

The Corporate Media has totally abrogated their journalistic duties and mission. Where are the Murrows, Cronkites or Brinkleys? Even my beloved Rachel Maddow, due to the utter destruction of MSNBC has succumbed all too often to this base pandering.

Need Proof? On the night of March 15 as the Super Tuesday results came in, CNN, Fox & MSNBC totally ignored Bernie Sander’s speech to keep their cameras on an EMPTY stage awaiting The Donald.

Bernie Sanders an exceedingly viable and qualified candidate is not even mentioned as millions are wasted showing nothing.

One more? Yesterday CNN’s Wolf, “We’ll Have to Leave it there” Blitzer allowed Drumpf unchallenged comments threatening torture; even “nukes.” (Go Here to watch that!)

Society’s most important obligation to our children is to: Keep Them Safe!

Isn’t it Time for all of us to do exactly that?

In light of this week’s tragic terrorist attacks in Brussels, Belgium MSM throws some legitimate fear and terror into the mix and voila! Right on cue, GOP candidates and their cohorts in the MSM create more terror among our citizens, especially our children.’s Charlie Pierce lamented that the blood had not yet dried and the exploitation of the events began on cue, especially by Drumpf. There’s nothing sacred when it comes to his self-promotion, nothing is off limits.

It is time for all of us to act:
Help our kids by calling out all Corporate Media.
Publicly email tweet, write letters & hold them accountable. Expose them and #SpreadTheirShame!

During the Vietnam War era one of the most iconic posters said,
War is NOT Healthy for Children & Other Living Things.
Time for 2016 updated ones:
Drumpf is NOT Healthy for Children…..
GOP is NOT Healthy…..
Corporate Media is NOT Healthy….

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