Guest Re-Post: @SueinRockville: Donald J. Trump: Putin’s Useful Idiot


On 4/4/2016, Lilia Shevtsova wrote in The American Interest about the powerful effect of US-European sanctions against Russia and Syria. Frozen assets in the U.S. of the oligarch Yuri Kovalchuk, a close ally of Putin, have totaled $572 million. In Italy, the Rottenberg brothers have also sustained losses worth nearly $40 million.

Ms. Shevtsova emphasizes that these “sanctions have exacerbated the economic recession in Russia: by accelerating capital flight and shrinking internal financial resources; by restricting Russia’s access to international financial markets and triggering a financial crunch; and by creating crisis of confidence in international business circles regarding Russia.” As a result, Russia could find no buyers or investors for its government-owned oil companies.…

Only eight months later, just one month after Election Day, this happened:

“Russia said on Wednesday it sold a stake in oil giant Rosneft for 10.5 billion euros ($11.3 billion) to Qatar and commodities trader Glencore.”…

That’s $11.3B profits for starters, which begins to answer the question “Why Did Russia Chose Trump?”

#FollowTheMoney- It’s all about the Easing and Lifting Sanctions.

Vladimir Putin has proven to be nothing more than another brutal dictator. He will do anything—including murder—to maintain enormous power, thwart any and all perceived threats to him and Russia, while personally enriching himself with billions of rubles.

Just a few weeks before the Election, Franklin Foer broke this incredible story on Russia’s Alpha Bank server, which is installed in—yes, it’s true—Trump Tower!…

Funny how Corporate Media buried that story tout de suite. To this day, Trump, every member of his campaign, plus way too many Republicans have challenged the now insurmountable evidence that Russia and Putin himself directed a multiple and major hacking of US agencies. Why do these so-called Americans now in power trust Russia’s Intel more than our own?

Eleven US Intelligence Services have confirmed the hacking by Russia of the following:

1. DNC  2. RNC  3. Hillary Clinton & her campaign  4. The Joint Chiefs of Staff email system

and as of today…

5. The US Election Assistance Commission, whose sole purpose is to certify the security of American voting machines.…

Why did Russia hack American voting and email systems to benefit Trump?

Hillary Clinton not only supported the sanctions, but made it crystal clear that as President she would continue a hard line against Syria and Russia’s brutality.  Not only would the current economic sanctions remain in place, but she promised more actions.  Hillary was Putin’s # 1 threat to his Power and to his country’s economic stability.

We know that Donald Trump was an obvious and very easy choice, because he owes enormous financial debt to Russian Banks. How much? We would know the exact amounts if mainstream media had done their job instead of focusing most of their time on Trump’s sophomoric antics.

What if Corporate Media (MSM) focused as much attention on Trump’s utter defiant refusal to release his tax returns as they did on Clinton’s e-mails?

The abject failure of MSM continues to give Putin a free hand to put the very core of US democracy and put “free & fair elections” at great peril!

What happens next?

Hillary Clinton has almost 3 Million more votes. She is the clear winner of the popular vote. Will the obsolete Electoral College do the moral and right thing to protect our democratic republic and vote for her?  Extremely doubtful.

Make no mistake about it, Russia has committed an act of war. CyberWar is no less a direct attack on the safety and sovereignty of “We The People” than Pearl Harbor!

Therefore it is essential for President Obama & all Democrats to invalidate, to demand a full investigation this election, and to call for a full #Revote.  Today.

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