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This Radio Saved over 750 Lives & The Essential Role of Truth & Accuracy in Media


Doesn’t look like much, does it?

When: Early Evening in the Winter of 1945. Where: The Lodz Ghetto Slave Labor Camp.

My father steps outside and greets a friend.  His friend whispers, “Any news?” then cautiously looks around. My father reports to him the latest Allied Troop movements he just monitored from the BBC on his very dangerous, very secret radio hidden in his apartment. His friend smiles.  “Thank you, that’s my dinner!”  He quickly moves away to relay this latest news to the brave members of the Lodz Ghetto Underground and Resistance.

Illegal radios were cobbled together by Jewish engineers ordered to fix equipment at Gestapo Headquarters.  They smuggled out vacuum tubes one at a time until they built a working receiver.  At one point, there were as many as four radios, but the ruthless SS were thorough and relentless in searching for them. Two were discovered with lethal consequences.

My father’s set now resides in Israel at the Ghetto Fighter’s Resistance Museum, as a relic of that horrible time.  The Germans had implemented a zero-information policy. Any infraction was met with the most lethal and brutal consequences. If caught, they were tortured and brutalized before being murdered.  By controlling all information, they presented their own version of the TRUTH and kept them feeling hopeless!

Sound familiar?…

After the war until the year he died, my father lit Yahrzeit (memorial) candles for his lost fellow resistance fighters.

The consolidation of Corporate Media has resulted in over 90% being owned by only SIX mega-corporations. News has become a source of massive profits, providing “info-tainment” and $$$-driven crap! They are now terrified of offending any stockholders or their CEO overlords. What often passes for Journalism are fake narratives, false-equivalencies, outright lies, innuendo, propaganda and a “both sides do it!” mentality.

Look no further than the 2016 Elections. Trump has paid a penalty for “bribing” Florida Attorney General Pam Biondi with a $ 25,000 donation to her campaign, yet that merits no investigation by Mainstream Media (MSM). Imagine if Clinton had donated to Trey Gowdy’s campaign?…

Then, yesterday Chris Wallace of FoxNewsSunday proudly declared this:


Utterly devoid of journalistic integrity and accountability, too many talking heads have become a GOP echo chamber. Lies go unchecked and fake scandals proliferate.

To combat this, many of us have stepped up using the freedom and access of the internet to become a“Legion of Citizen Journalists,”determined to counteract the poison of so much corporate media. Investigative sites, such as Daily Kos, ThinkProgress, Crooks and Liars, and Raw Story have led the way in exposing these sordid, dangerous and frankly un-American threats.


Alas, corporate TV remains a truth wasteland, pandering to the worst of human emotions and demanding no critical thinking.

The freedom of the press is being so abused we must stage an intervention!

I am asking for a TWO WEEK BOYCOTT of all Corporate Media!

Whatever social media you choose⎯Email, FaceBook, Twitter, etc.⎯join the boycott by the following steps.

1. Choose the day you start your boycott

2. Go to the most egregious corporate media sites

3, Tell them why you are boycotting them for two weeks

3. Back up your reason for boycotting with at least one fact about their irresponsible journalism

4. End your message with the hash tag, #TurnThemALLOff.

Sure it may rattle them for a bit but if we stand together to fight this abdication of the 1st Amendment, we will be a much stronger & better informed country.


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