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GOP Klown KarYou can really tell who the professional left are these days. While the rest of us are seeing things like what’s happened in Baltimore… and New York… and Chicago… and Ferguson… and trying to learn how we can make a difference in the world, pro lefties are all over Bernie Sanders. Really. It just happened. When the story about the Baltimore prosecutor indicting some cops over Freddie Gray’s death, several PUBs/emos and pro lefties were posting screeds on why we need Bernie Sanders as president. I shit you not.

Now, I love Bernie. In a perfect world, he’d make a good president. And I’m glad he will be adding to the debate, as will Martin O’Malley and Jim Webb. But we live in a democracy that even has a difficult time electing someone center-left – a far lefty like Sanders has zero chance of doing more than being heard. If we really want to do something, we need to get Bernie and Elizabeth Warren a majority Democratic Senate and House, so that they can actually pass laws. That means, stop trashing Hillary, and stop supporting Bernie so damn hard that your panties will bunch when he doesn’t win the nomination.

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In other words, the left has to stop tilting at windmills and start participating in the process. The reason Jesus KFCSanders, Warren, Mikulski and others have no power right now is because we keep allowing the far right GOP to win majorities in state and federal offices. We could have a center-left government by now, with a little bit of intelligent politics. We could have had 300 Democrats in the House and 65-70 in the Senate by now, for a President who OBVIOUSLY wants to do progressive things. But we don’t, because we have no message, except that everything sucks. Never mind that worse case, Democrats suck far less than Republicans — the loudest portion of the progressive movement, which I call PUBs (Progressive Unicorn Brigade) and which encompasses the professional left (those people who run liberal websites, even though they seem to know exactly dick about politics), undermines us and keeps us from having something special.

Progressives should be changing the country by changing the hearts and minds of most of the American people, but we’re not doing that now. Instead, we have a progressive media apparatus that thinks they have to complain about everything to be effective, and that sees every damn tree, but has no idea we’re in a forest.

This is becoming urgent. I know 2016 seems way off, but it’s actually here. The Republican Klowns are filling the Kar, and in addition to Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders has announced and Martin O’Malley and Jim Webb are due to join them soon. And yet, PUBs and pro lefties think the only way they can support Bernie is by trashing Hillary.

God and MoneySeriously, folks, check your fave liberal blogs; in addition to extolling Bernie’s virtues, they feel the need to trash the candidate who is most likely to win, who is Hillary Clinton. It’s like 2000 all over again, where these same people felt like the only way to get Nader the votes he needed was to attack Gore, which is ignorance to the highest degree. Only RIGHT wingers should ever believe that trashing the other candidates is how you win, because that’s actually how you depress turnout. Progressives win by encouraging turnout, not suppressing it. The only way we can lose next year is if we bury the Democratic Party by trying to perfect it.

We literally cannot afford to not propagate a positive progressive message anymore. The next president has to be a Democrat and s/he has to have a Democratic Congress to help them get anything done. The next president will get to replace at least three Supreme Court Justices, maybe four or five, and the country can’t afford to have anyone from the Klown Kar nominating them, can we?

We want to create a liberal voice that is unafraid of the right, but that realizes most voters are not aligned with liberal values, and won’t be until we make our case. We need a voice that doesn’t maintain the “outrage of the day” mentality that makes a lot of money for pro lefties, but which makes us look ridiculous. We want to sell a progressive message, but we can’t do that if the predominant message coming from the left is negative. Negativity keeps voters home, and we can’t want that anymore; it creates perpetual Republican rule. The root word of “progressive” is “progress,” and it’s time we pushed a progressive message, instead of being negative about everything, because negativity motivates no one except those on the fringes of the left and the right.

There is no magical force that will take us out of the wilderness and bring us to the liberal promised land. We have to do this ourselves. If only 10% of the people who visit this blog every day donate just $20, we’d meet our goal in about a week, and we’d demonstrate enough support to set up 10 pragmatic liberal websites and five professionally produced podcasts, and to begin to promote them. We can engineer a turnaround of progressive fortunes.

Go here to help us create a new, unicorn-free liberal network.

For more long and boring details of what we plan to do, read this: PCTC Network Proposal

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