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I have to admit, I have blown it with this blog. Part of it is just a lack of vision. The “election” of Donald Trump as “president” made it very difficult to focus on any one thing; the constant barrage of bullshit coming from the current regime (some say “administration,” but I can’t) has made it impossible to know what to write about.

Well, with the impending defeat of this immature, narcissistic asshole and his removal from the White House, and perhaps the nation’s psyche, it’s time to start getting real. It’s time for this blog to get back to what we used to do best; to push the liberal message in a way that makes us more viable as a movement. It’s time we stopped yelling from the sidelines and start participating in the democracy, like we used to. It’s time we started arguing against the right wing and get them the hell out of government to the extent possible, and force them to reconfigure their movement and create a political party that actually works for the American people.

You probably already know where this is going. I have been running this blog for more than 13 years now, and it has had its ups and downs. It’s down right now, but I will bring it back, with your help. There was a time when this blog pulled in 50,000 people per day, and we have topped 1 million in a month before. I plan to do that again.

Like I said, though; I need your help. I always promised I would keep this blog going as long as I could do so without losing money, and I have kept that promise. However, we’re close to the edge, and I need help to bring it back to health. If you want to see this blog returned to good health, I’ll need your help. Anything you can donate is welcome, from a couple of bucks to a few thousand. Just go to the column on the right or click below and send what you can. Thank you for putting up with this, but you’ll be happy with the result…


Thank you…

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