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This is important! We are creating a network of like-minded liberal voices to counteract the constant negativity coming from the professional left, but we can’t do it on our own. Everything costs money. We just paid for the domain, but we still have to pay for the hosting and then we have to pay for the design of the main network, as well as for a few computers, some podcasting equipment and some production apps. We now have an even doen blogs and other liberal websites on board, and this is going to happen anyway, but HOW WELL we are able to do this is all dependent on the support we receive.

The people we’re getting to go along with us on this on the blog network are smart, politically savvy pragmatic liberals who should be heard by a wider audience. The podcasts will be helmed by smart, funny liberals who will attract more people to our side through their thoughtful banter. However, in order to make this project seem professional, we need your help.

Again, unlike the professional left websites and blogs, who claim they need tens of thousands of dollars a month just to operate, everyone involved with the PCTC Network is doing this because they want to and because America needs us.

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Every amount is appreciated, so please help with what you can…

Here’s the plan for the PCTC Network, which will be located at PCTC.Network

Here are the basic details, and what the money we raise will be used for:

Blogs & Websites: The original PCTC blog will serve as the anchor for the network, primarily because it’s already developed a significant audience base. We will expand its scope, adding more writers and a lot more content. It will set the tone — but only the tone — for the other sites in the network. We already have commitments from about 10 (NOW UP TO 11!) different blogs/websites, but we want as many as we can get. (50?) Each one will be run individually by a progressive with a unique viewpoint, so they will all be unique and yet have a focus of moving society forward. All of the editorial content will be run by the editor/publisher of each site. The goal of this network is to get more people on board the progressive train. The real progressive train, not that fantasy that many unicorn progressives peddle. As you can tell by the modest goal of this fundraiser, we aren’t looking to make money; we just don’t want to lose any.

We want this to be a grassroots effort, which means we will seek to maximize our footprint among a wider number of progressives, as well as moderates who don’t realize they are progressive. It’s time we tried to drown out the professional left.

Each site in the network will feel unique and special, and they will appeal to folks on a personal level. We will be cheerleaders for all Democratic candidates, at least until Democrats have a large enough majority to be able to pick off a few.

Because podcasting has gone mainstream, we can have a serious impact on the dialogue with several smart, entertaining podcasts that are set up to impart political wisdom, not just repeat talking points some progressives dictate to the rest of us. While the inclination among many progressives is to make everything sound like talk radio, we will have no such inclination. All podcasts will be entertaining because we’re progressives, and because we have the truth on our side. While it is sometimes difficult to believe when you read the pro left, most liberals have a sophisticated sense of humor. Plus, more people will listen to what we have to say if we’re not preaching to them.

That’s our goal. We want to build a solid progressive message and make it relatable to the average voter. The money we raise will go to hosting services, setting up domains and technical issues, as well as a minimal outlay for podcasting equipment.

This network will go on line September 1, no matter what, but we really do need your help to defray the costs and make it so that we’re still able to pay the bills. Please help us do this. We need a stronger voice.

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  1. i’m very much considering a donation, but do not do internet donations or payments.
    What i would like to have is a P.O. Box or other mailing address or the necessary info to do a check.

    I’m looking forward to seeing this idea grow.

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