To Democrats and “Independents” Who Might Vote Republican — WTF?????

Whether you’re a Democrat who is pissed off at your own party for some stupid reason, or you’re an “independent” who wants to “send a message” to someone, somewhere, for some other stupid reason, this is what you’re voting for if you vote for ANY Republican:

  • You favor cutting off unemployment benefits for the unemployed. As late as October 8, 2010, Senate Republicans – all of them – BLOCKED an extension of unemployment benefits in a recession in which unemployment is at a 26-year high of 9.8%. The reason many of them gave was that the $250 a week you were getting was going to make you want to become permanently unemployed. 
  • You favor a government that is absolutely unable to get anything done. The Republicans have promised nothing positive during the entire election season. Their only promise thus far has been to continue to block everything proposed by Democrats, and to hold hearings on everything they can possibly think of. If you loved a government paralyzed to near-inactivity because of endless investigations of a blowjob during a time of relatively good economic conditions, you’ll love the next two years. And let me ask you; if the reason you plan to vote for Republicans is because the Democrats haven’t gotten anything done, are you aware that Republicans in the Senate have blocked 375 bills passed by Democrats in the House with only 41 seats? What do you imagine will happen with a Republican majority in either the House or Senate or both? What do you imagine you’re “showing” anyone by voting for these idiots?

  • You favor rolling back the entire health insurance reform apparatus. The entire Republican Party wants to do away with all health insurance reform. That includes measures that make it illegal for a health insurance company to discriminate against you becaise you might actually use it at some point. That includes measures that allow you to keep your college age child on the insurance policy you’ve been paying on for the last 20 years, rather than making you buy an extra insurance policy for them. That includes measures that allow insurance companies to arbitrarily deny your claim due to a “pre-existing condition,” and making you prove it’s not. That includes measures that forbid people who actually are sick from contributing to their own health care. That includes measures that make it less likely that anyone will have to declare bankruptcy because of medical bills.
  • You favor fiscal irresponsibility. Look, folks, if you believe Republicans are “fiscally responsible,” you are woefully ignorant, and quite possibly one of the most gullible human beings in existence. There are no facts to support the conclusion that Republicans are in any way fiscally responsible. Throughout American history up through FY 1981, the total national debt was $900 billion. It’s now $14 trillion, and $12 trillion of that was added by Republicans. Between 1945 to 1981, the debt went from 120% of GDP after the war to 33% of GDP. By the end of the first Bush Administration, Republicans had doubled the debt as a percent of GDP, to 67%. When Bill Clinton left office, and Republicans took over every aspect of the government, they took a balanced budget, with surpluses projected for at least ten years, and turned it into a doubling of the debt. The record deficit for FY 2009 was a BUSH budget, not an Obama budget. Obama’s first deficit is actually down almost 15% from Bush’s, even with including the wars on-budget (which wasn’t done previous to FY 2010) and giving most working class and middle class folks a significant tax break. 
  • You favor big government. Again, stop falling for the bullshit. In the last 40 years, only two administrations have reduced the size of the federal government; the Carter and the Clinton Administrations. In the last 30 years, only the first Bush and Clinton Administrations have actually reduced the size of the federal government. Reagan increased the size by a wide margin, and Bush and the Republicans exploded its size after 9/11, with the creation of the idiotic Department of Homeland Security. The Republican Party keeps increasing the Defense budget, even during peacetime. No, scratch that – they increase its size ESPECIALLY during peacetime. 
  • You reject actual free market principles. Oh, yeah, I know; the Republicans make a great game of talking up their love of “free markets.: But what is their definition of “free markets”? Apparently, their definition is allowing capitalist companies to do whatever they want, without any regulation of their activities whatsoever. How many bubbles do you have to live though before you get that Republicans don’t give a shit about the “free market”?? Back in the post-war era, someone could take a couple thousand dollars in savings and an idea, and go into business. Think about your neighborhood growing up; all those mom and pop stores, those butcher shops and bakeries, where the people behind the counter knew your name and thanked you for the quarter you spent on penny candy, or a donut are all gone now; replaced by chains. And what’s worse is, the chains control so much of their markets that you can’t just open a shop anymore, without dealing with one of them. In the 30 years before the Republicans took control of the system and “deregulated” everything they could get their hands on, we’ve gone from a country in which a family could do quite well on one income and individuals with an idea could turn that idea into a comfortable living, to a country in which a family needs to have two earners in order to make a living, and in which the entrepreneurial spirit is largely limited to those with the ability to save hundreds of thousands of dollars and buy a franchise. Free markets are supposed to be competitive, but where’s the competition today? Where’s the one oil company willing to bid low for oil, and dare to set off a price war on gasoline? Why have a few large companies been allowed to open in rural areas and kill off their competition, so that they can control that market? Why have those large companies been allowed to engage in predatory pricing to kill any competition that might crop up? Is that really a free market? 
  • You reject the concept of job creation. Job creation always languishes under Republicans. Unemployment didn’t actually go down under Reagan until his last two years, and it went up during Bush Senior’s reign. Bill Clinton, on the other hand, oversaw the creation of more than 20 million jobs, while Bush Junior’s reign saw the absolute worst job creation record since the Great Depression. President Obama has already created more jobs in two years than Dubya created in eight. With a full Republican complement in the Congress, and their stated intention to stop Obama from doing anything positive for the country, expect them to block him from creating any jobs to the best of their ability. 
  • You favor rewarding bad political behavior. The Republicans have purposely stoked bigotry and hatred. They have blocked legislation that would make the average American’s life easier – which is the stated purpose of the federal government (You do know what “general welfare” means, right?). They have stated outright that they don’t care about anything except making sure the president has no success while in office – Miss McConnell even said flat-out that the Republicans only purpose is to make sure Obama is a one-term president. Since the success of the president means the success of a country, what Republicans are saying is that they intend to do everything they can to make sure unemployment stays high, that foreclosures stay at record levels, that bankruptcies and business failures stay high, for as long as possible, because they think it means they’ll win more elections and gain more power. You plan to REWARD them for that?
  • You favor rewarding political liars. Republicans keep perpetrating the lie that taxes have gone up for everyone under Barack Obama, when the opposite is actually the case. In fact, they spread lies and misinformation every chance they get. The only thing they’ve told the truth about is their intention to prevent Democrats from doing anything positive for you. Everything else is a lie. Here are some examples:
    • Republicans keep telling us taxes have gone up. Taxes have NOT gone up under Obama, at least for the 98% of the population that makes less than $250,000. In fact, they’ve gone down.
    • Republicans keep blaming Democrats for the high deficit. The budget deficit has actually gone DOWN under President Obama, and the only times in the last 40 years the budget has been in balance was during the last six Clinton budgets. As soon as they took over, Republicans exploded the deficit.
    • Republicans keep blaming the bank bail-outs on Democrats, and they give Democrats the blame for the $700 billion they cost. Now, don’t get me wrong; there was nothing wrong with the bailouts; they were necessary to keep the economy from collapse. But two things; one is, they were proposed by Bush’s people, and passed with the help of many Republicans. BUT – and this is a very important point the Republicans leave out – the original proposal by the Bush Administration was one page long, and did NOT include repaying the money. It was DEMOCRATS who insisted on repayment, and OBAMA who told the heads of these banks that they couldn’t pay themselves bonuses until they paid back the money they took. Essentially, REPUBLICANS wanted to give away $700 billion, and use that money to buy up toxic securities without oversight or payback, and it was DEMOCRATS who made sure the whole program cost us almost nothing. In fact, when all is said and done, it’s likely the Treasury will end up seeing a profit from the bailouts.
    • Republicans keep telling us the stimulus didn’t work. That’s an outright lie. Forget the infusion of cash in the greatest technological industry in the next 50 years, which is the alternative energy industry. Forget the fact that, without stimulus cash, most public schools would have faced massive layoffs, and state services would have been curtailed almost everywhere. According to the Congressional Budget Office, the stimulus alone created between 1.5 million to 3.3 million jobs. (Psst… both numbers constitute more net jobs than Bush created in eight years.)
    • Republicans tell us that businesses will hire if they cut taxes, and will not hire if taxes are not cut. Bush cut taxes to their lowest rate in history, and there was no job creation. Clinton raised taxes slightly and created 22 million jobs. Am I claiming that raising taxes creates jobs? No, of course not. I’m saying that there is no evidence that cutting taxes creates them. 
    • Republicans keep lying, saying that health insurance reform will cost us $1 trillion. The CBO analysis of the bill that was passed shows that health insurance reform will actually REDUCE the debt by $158 billion over 10 years. Not only that, but the bill also included a lot of money to help future taxpayers go to college and make more money and pay more taxes, by increasing availability of college students to get low cost financial aid without burdening them with tens of thousands in debt before graduation.
    • Republicans keep perpetuating the lie that Social Security and Medicare are in trouble because they’re a “Ponzi Scheme.” In reality, Social Security has always run a surplus, and is flush with cash until at least the mid-2040s, and the only risk to the system is due to the fact that Republicans keep borrowing from it to finance their enormous debt. Medicare’s only problem is the incredible rate of inflation in health care costs, and that will be partially solved by the health insurance reform bill. More medical bills will be paid, which means there will be less inflation, and less pressure on Medicare.
    • Republicans also keep lying and saying that government doesn’t create jobs. If that isn’t apparent as a lie, then perhaps you need to get out more. Roads and schools don’t build themselves. Taxes pay public school teachers, who in turn train the next generation’s workers. And the more workers there are, the lower the pressure on wages, and the more businesses can make.

If you’re a Democrat or Independent, and you’re planning to “send a message” in some odd way, perhaps you should reconsider. Your vote will actually only send the following messages;

  • That politicians who lie, cheat and steal should be rewarded with more power.
  • That politicians who care about power more than you, who are irresponsible with taxpayers’ money, and who think “small government” means a government that provides no services, but polices bedrooms to find all the gays and fills the courts with judges who think denial of rights to those whose “lifestyle” they find icky should become MORE powerful;
  • That politicians who try with all their might, but fail due to obstructionism by the liars and cheaters should be thrown out on their asses; and
  • That obstructionism should be institutionalized in government.

Is that REALLY the message you want to send? REALLY?



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