Hillary Clinton: Not the Right Time

It’s time.

Let go.

Embrace the future.

Look, Hillary die-hards: I know it’s sometimes difficult to move on from an abject failure, but we have to do it.

I’m sitting here in the Tattered Cover, eavesdropping on several Hillary die-hards, who are promising to make a bit of a scene at tonight’s roll call vote. Not anything horrible, but they plan to very vocally cast their vote for their matron, and to poke that "upstart" Obama in the eye with a sharp stick one last time.

Look; I know some of you have a difficult time moving forward; the past is far more comfortable. But it’s time to embrace the reform movement that was inevitable when the wingnuts finally relinquished power.

I know you want a woman president; so do I. I know you want competence returned to the White House. So do I. And I know you want the government returned to the people, and restored to the condition it was in before the neocon takeover. So do I.

But Hillary Clinton was not, and is not, the person to do all of that.

Hillary Clinton ran a shitty campaign, and deserved to lose the nomination. For anyone to want her to win after such a campaign, one would have to believe she should win simply because she’s a woman; why is that not in itself an insult to women? And do we really want the first woman president to be someone who’s in her position pretty much by virtue of the fact that her husband was once president? If we were talking about electing Barbara Mikulski, then we’d be talking about electing a woman because she was the best person for the job. Instead, we’re talking about electing a woman whose main attribute is that she was once First Lady.

This country needs a neocon laxative, folks. Not only do we need to elect a Democrat; we need to elect a Democrat who will purge the government of the nastiness represented by the last 28 years of neocon rule. One of the hallmarks of the Hillary Clinton campaign, as well as the eight years of Bill Clinton as president, was a complete lack of boldness, and a tendency to acquiesce to neocon demands. I know the Clinton presidency seems like a golden era to a lot of people, but let’s get real here; it was basically eight years of holding the neocons at bay somewhat, and little more. Hillary Clinton blew national health care, and in the process destroyed the chance of passing it for at least a decade; Bill Clinton signed "welfare reform," which probably created more homeless than any act since the Reagan years; he continued the trend toward deregulation, and frankly, he made the Enron debacle possible. And if you want to know why the national media is so toothless, and why you are forced to listen to right wingers blather on talk radio all of the time, blame the wonderful Communications Act of 1996.

In other words, folks, the Clinton presidency was only great when compared to the Bushes that bookended his administration. The Clinton Administration, and Hillary Clinton’s campaign, was orchestrated by the morons at the DLC, the worst political organization in the history of Democratic politics. Their entire strategy involved embracing neocon ideas, and making them Democratic ideas.

Hillary Clinton stands for the muddled past 28 years, while Barack Obama represents a return to the Democratic politics of old; the politics that brought us the Marshall Plan, the GI Bill, Medicare and the Peace Corps. We need a bold plan, and we need people in office who will reverse the damage the neocons have done while the DLC minions fiddled.

Hillary supporters, get over the past, and embrace the future. Join with the rest of us and watch the future unfold. We will have a woman president, probably sooner rather than later. It just won’t be Hillary.

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