Hillary says, “Terrorists Will Kill Us All, If You Vote Obama…”

Okay, I’ve had it!

For months, I have said i could vote for Hillary Clinton if she won the nomination, because she’s a very good candidate. I have defended her against certain types of attacks, and I have said time and time again that she’d make a good president.

Not anymore.

Check out this ad, which is called "Kitchen." And watch it all the way to the end, because she "approves’ it.

Come ON! SHE is the only one capable of taking on Bin laden? Is she kidding with this shit? This ad is right up there with the "Terrorist wolves will eat your children if John  Kerry is elected president" crap.

Just once, I would like for her to tell us just what the HELL she has actually DONE to make herself ready for such emergencies. Is having spent time living in the White House sufficient for claiming foreign policy experience? Is meeting world leaders and receiving flowers and candy from them actually on a par with a summit meeting on nuclear proliferation?

On the other hand, perhaps you’re lying to us. You did, after all, tell us you were anti-NAFTA, and you weren’t. Or perhaps we should questions your judgment. After all, you did vote in favor of the Patriot Act. And you did believe the most dishonest president in history when he made his case for war in Iraq, and supported him, up until you realized it might cost you the presidency. And even then, you voted with Jon Kyl and Joe Lieberman to authorize potential action against Iran, despite the fact that there is no evidence that Iran is currently a threat to anyone. In this ad, you claim that we need someone special, because we’re in two wars, yet, you had a hand in screwing up both of them, and you’re complicit in attempting to start a third.

And let’s face it; you really do whine a lot. Seriously; you complain that you’re asked too many pointed questions at one debate, and then gladly pile on at another, and don’t say a word when it’s obvious that the "reporters" (one of which used to work for your husband (and you, apparently, based on your claimed experience as "co-president.") are piling onto Sen. Obama. In fact, you called him a whiner the next day.

In the meantime, Barack Obama has shown tremendous class. he hasn’t made anything up about you, he’s never whined about how anyone treats him, all of his criticisms of you have to do with your policy differences. And how do you repay him for treating you with class and dignity? You imply, a la Karl Rove, that the entire country is doomed if he is elected president.

Please Cut the Crap, Mrs. Clinton! Barack Obama has sufficient experience to be president, and as anyone who understands the presidency knows, it’s not a job a person does alone. And for Chrissakes, fire the idiots who think this is a great way to run a campaign. I mean, come on! You’ve been pulling the "I’ll be ready on day one" thing for months now, and you’re hopelessly behind. get a clue.

By the way, one of the excuses your people (specifically your husband) gave about making up the Bosnia story was that it was 11 o’clock at night. If you’re that daffy at 11 PM, how can we trust you to do the right thing at 3 AM?

The people want a president who is unflappable, and who doesn’t panic when things aren’t going entirely his or her way.

And that person is not you.

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