House Republican Steele Says the GOP is Perfect As-Is… GOP is Toast!

So, just how did someone like Michael Steele, who has no successful political experience — he won one election as a governor's running mate, and has never won election on his own — get to lead a party that most agree is on it's way down?

By being black, and declaring that nothing is wrong… 

You can't make this crap up.

The following is from a transcript of RNC Chairman Michael Steele on 'FOX News Sunday' with  Chris Wallace.

On immigration;

STEELE: The GOP's position is secure our borders first. Let us know and let us make sure the American people know that we've taken care of the important business of dealing with illegal immigration into this country.
You cannot begin to address the concerns of the peopMichael-steele1
le who are already here unless and until you have made certain that no more are coming in behind them.

Believe it or not this was the first thing Steele mentioned. Immigration. The economy is falling apart, and Steele wants to talk about immigration. Ironically, the economy in the shitter is probably the one thing that will keep people from wanting to come here. (Well, unless they're invited by bankers, of course. See previous post.)

But here's the thing; the Republicans HAVE NOT dealt with illegal immigration in any significant way. They've had control of the government since 1981, and all they have done is give illegal immigrants amnesty over and over. The immigration departments are still overwhelmed with everything, and we're behind other countries when it comes to using advanced technology to track immigrants.

Here's a clue, folks. The biggest problem isn't brown people swimming the Rio Grande or climbing over a fence. It's people who come over legally and never leave.

And if you want to stop illegal immigration, you make it impossible for them to work. That means extreme penalties for employers who hire them, and extremely strictly enforce the laws on the books. Illegals come here because business owners gleefully hire them.

So, after Steele regaled us with the most important issue to him, apparently, THEN he and Wallace turned to the economy, right?

Well, no.

WALLACE: You are one of the co-founders of something called the Republican Leadership Council…


WALLACE: … which supports candidates who favor abortion and gay rights.


WALLACE: Does the GOP need to do a better job of reaching out to people who hold those views?

I think — I think that's an important opportunity for us, absolutely,
because within our party we do have those who have that view as well as

And my
partnership with Christy Todd Whitman was an effort to hopefully build
a bridge between moderates and conservatives in the party. I'm a
pro-life Roman Catholic conservative, always have been.

WALLACE: You also support a constitutional amendment against gay marriage.

That's right. And the reality of it is this, because I don't think we
should muck around with the Constitution. We can deal with that at the
state level, OK? That's my personal view.

the reality of it is the party has to recognize the diversity of
opinion that's out there. And we're not going to get everyone to agree
with the — Ronald Reagan said it best. If you agree with me 80 percent
of the time, I think that's good enough. I mean, I think we can move
forward on that 80 percent.

there are some 80-percent issues out there that we can work with those
within our party and outside our party and create a new bridge and a
new opportunity. That was my involvement with the RLC, and I'm very
happy about that.

Okay, wait.

He doesn't believe in mucking around with the Constitution, but he's all for an Amendment banning gay marriage? And does he realize that a Constitutional ban on gay marriage would prevent states from dealing with it on a state level?

And why would he even begin to think he had 80% support for such a thing? He seems to be a bit out of touch. Which makes him the perfect leader for today's GOP.

Oh, wait… I think he switched gears without elaborating. Yeah, they do that. He was talking about the Republicans' inability to recognize the diversity of opinion, and having to spend more time dealing with such diversity. Yeah, well, if he bothered to deal with the diversity of opinion out there, he wouldn't be in favor of amending the Constitution.

Chris Wallace, to his credit, pressed Steele on whether or not he really had 80% support on such issues, and Steele deflected, and mentioned the economy, but didn't actually discuss it. Then there was this exchange:

WALLACE: All right. On
Saturday, you spoke at a meeting of Republican congressmen, and you
congratulated them on voting as a group against the House stimulus
plan. In fact, as you put it, "the goose egg you laid on the
president's desk was just beautiful."

Obama has a 70 percent approval rating. Eighty percent of the country
says they want Republicans to work — not necessarily agree with, but to
work with President Obama. Are you saying the GOP should just ignore

I'm saying — well, I'm just — I'm saying the GOP did what the GOP had
to do to protect the pocketbooks and the interests of the American
people. That's a bad bill. It's not a stimulus bill. It's a spending
bill. Let's call it what it is.

tell me, "Well, I'm going to give you a third tax cuts, and then I'm to
spend two-thirds of that." It's crazy. So I called it what it is. The
Republican Congress did a great job in drawing the line.

hope the Senate will follow. I hope the Senate members will follow with
the House leaders in making certain that we do not spend the American
people — the money that's proposed. It is not a good plan.

I'm going to go out on a limb and suggest that Michael Steele hasn't read the stimulus package, and has no idea what's in it. Either that, or he doesn't know what a stimulus bill is. A stimulus bill IS a spending bill. I mean, how do you stimulate an economy without spending money?

I guess he'll be about the perfect leader for the current Republican Party, because he has the double-talk down pat.

Mr. Steele, how do you stimulate an economy without spending money? And if the private sector has no money, where is the stimulus supposed to come from? Funny how the Republicans have been dragging us into the poorhouse for years, but it's this one bill that is going to bankrupt and ruin us.

Of course, Steele tried to address this:

WALLACE: … and in 2008. Let's
take a look at the numbers. You've lost 14 seats in the Senate and,
depending on Judd Gregg and Al Franken, possibly one or two more —
there we go — 54 seats in the House, seven governorships. How much
trouble is the GOP in?

That's ugly, isn't it? That's some ugly numbers. And now we have an
opportunity to turn that around. We've got a special election in the
20th Congressional District coming up in New York. We've got Virginia
gubernatorial race. We've got New Jersey gubernatorial race.

going to be on the ground and engaged in all of those campaigns that
are going to be important opportunities for us to re- establish the
brand for the party, number one, but most especially, reacquaint
ourselves with the voters and help them appreciate exactly what we
stand for and what we believe, putting good candidates in a position to

That's my job,
is to put good candidates in a position to win. Now, we're not going to
win all of them, but we're going to start to win again in important
races that matter, and we've got three of them coming up this year.

Here's where I'm a little bit confused. You say and other party leaders
say, "Look, we are going to stick with our conservative principles,"
and I think you could make the argument this is still a center-right

STEELE: Absolutely, it is.

But the fact is, for whatever reason, people have moved away from the
Republican Party. So is it — is it a question of salesmanship or,
without giving up your basic principles, do you have to change some of
your policies?

You don't give up on your basic principles, number one. And keep in
mind the losses that you've displayed there had nothing to do with our
value for life, our value for a sound economy, the hard work that we…

WALLACE: So what was it about?

It was about the fact that we failed to lead. We grew the size of
government. When we're saying we believed in less government, we grew
government. When we said we believe in less spending, we spent more.

had a contract with America, 1994, with the American people and the
party bound together in agreement that these would be some 10
principles that we would follow. We moved away from that. And the
American people…

WALLACE: So are you saying — going back to 1994?

No, I'm not saying we're going back to 1994, Chris. I'm saying that the
principles that we espoused then are still true and good today…

WALLACE: But do you need new…

STEELE: … and that's not what people moved away from us for. They moved away from us because we behaved badly.

We came to Washington, and we became like the people we were sent here to replace, and they replaced us.

Um, No, Michael. That is not why we replaced you. 

The voters replaced the Republican Party BECAUSE of its ideology. Because you people don't know what the American people need. You idiots think the number one issue among most Americans is whether or not two men or two women should get married. You think the second most important issue is abortion, and the third most important issue is this invisible threat against absolute gun ownership, without registration or licensing.

But they're not. The issues most important to most Americans are:

1. The economy, as in "How am I going to be able to pay the bills this month," not "How can I get away with paying $200 less in taxes every year." 

2. Making a better life for their children and family, as in "How can I make sure my child has a decent education, and can build a better life than I have?" not "How can I make sure non of my children ever have to live next door to a 'Negro' or a gay?"

3. Making sure that everyone in this country has an equal shot at the American Dream. That means equal opportunity, not, as the Republican Party champions these days, "opportunity for those with money; the rest of you can make your own way."

The American people have rejected the Republican Party because its politics are narrow-minded, appeals to the lowest common denominator in our society, and because they are incompetent and don't care about the people who voted for them.

If Michael Steele thinks he can go back to 1994 and recover the GOP, then he's more delusional than his predecessors. Until his party realizes that there are people out here, and that REPUBLICANS work for THEM, and not the other way around, the party is destined for the scrap heap.

Like I said, the GOP has hired an empty suit. Good for them.

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