The most blasphemous novel ever written (by me)! Just $1.99

Read the Most Blasphemous Book Ever Written!

Not Another Savior Cover

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“The funniest send-up of modern religion I have ever read.” – H.K, Los Angeles, CA

“A hilarious book that many so-called “Christians” will not appreciate, although everyone else will.” – B.G., Washington, DC.

“You’d better hope there is no Hell, because you’re headed straight for it!” – S.B., Milwaukee, WI

“You’re an anti-religious bigot for publishing such garbage, and I hope God sends you straight to Hell!” – A.N. Waco, TX

"Your a heethin, and god hates you,"(sic) – G, (unknown)


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The reviews are in!

“Not Another Savior” is making a lot of waves and upsetting a lot of people! Rabid "Christians" hate this book and some have even called for a ban, even though most reasonable people love it, and get a kick out of its send-up of religion. There’s very little middle ground here; readers tend to either love it or hate it. 

One thing everyone agrees on, however; there is no other book like it.  If you’re tired of reading run-of-the-mill books that don’t make you think, or scanning the bookstores looking for something interesting to read and coming up empty, this is the book you’ve been looking for. 

Religion is hilarious, if you really think about it. “Not Another Savior” makes that perfectly clear. You will have a good time reading this book.