How Gunloons Unwittingly Make the Case for Gun Control

Open carry texas

I know the gunloons with their “open carry” nonsense think they’re making a case against any sort of gun control with their obstinate attempt to force the rest of the country to accept their phony interpretation of the Second Amendment, but as is the case with pretty much everything they do, they’re wrong.

In point of fact, they’re actually creating a better case for gun control than any non-gun person could ever make.

Whenever I see a bunch of “good old boys” gathered together to show each other their guns, it reinforces the notion that anyone who wants one can obviously buy a gun, and wield it anywhere they want. That’s not a positive development at all.

Lately, a bunch of gunloons from groups like “Open Carry Texas” have decided to start going into Target stores  armed with military-style weapons. They’re actually attempting to assert some sort of “right” to do so. Of course, that concept is absurd. You don’t have a right to carry a gun on private property, ever. Of course, the lily-livered executives at Target Stores have decided that pissing off gunloons isn’t worth the effort, and they apparently imagine a significant loss of business if they try. I hate to break it to them, but the potential loss of business if they ban guns in their stores is nothing compared to the potential loss of business if some gunloon opens fire inside the store at some point. And frankly, if I were a Target executive, I’d have to ask how many people are refusing to shop in their stores because they see crazy-looking people with guns running around everywhere.

Like I said, in their fervor to establish a right to bear arms at a level that doesn’t exist, groups like “Open Carry Texas” actually are making a strong case for comprehensive gun control.

Right now, anyone could take a loaded AR-15 into a Target store and no one can possibly tell if s/he is good or bad, and they could open fire without warning. At some point, I will almost guarantee that someone will walk into a retail store that allows this sort of silliness and kill people. And there will be nothing police or store security can do to stop them. Right now,  Target has one option – they have to ban guns altogether. Right now, they’re courting disaster.

Yeah, I said it; a lack of gun control is the main reason so many business owners ban guns from their premises, and it’s frankly why all businesses should do so. There is currently no possible way to know who is carrying a gun into your establishment, and anything could happen. And make no mistake, Target Stores or other stores who are afraid of the gun nut lobby, you will be held liable when it happens, and it’ll cost you a hell of a lot more than a slip and fall.

On the other hand, if all guns were registered and all gun owners/carriers were licensed, certified and background checked on a regular basis, it’s possible that all anyone – whether it’s a police officer or a store security guard – would have to do is scan a person’s identification to have at least a reasonable belief that the person toting the gun is a law abiding gun owner, rather than a troublemaker.

And that is why we need comprehensive gun control. We need to be able to tell good guys from bad guys.

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