How News Loses Credibility in One easy Step.

This is a horrible trend, and absolute proof that the people running cable news are all about short-term profits, and have no idea what their actual job is supposed to be.

from The Hollywood Reporter: CNN’s Beck in bed with ad.

In the first ever on-air pitch for one of its advertisers, CNN Headline News talk show host Glenn Beck recently plugged one of his radio show sponsors — Select Comfort mattresses.

Despite the long-standing journalistic practice of keeping news free of commercial messages to preserve editorial integrity, a Headline News spokesman noted that Beck’s show is a "point-of-view" program and not a traditional newscast.

"Select Comfort is Glenn Beck’s/Headline News’ first and only advertiser to have an on-air entitlement, and it’s specifically targeted for his show," the spokesman said. "The advertiser has a relationship with Glenn Beck that extends beyond his Headline News program."

Can you believe this crap? During a program on a channel named "Headline news," they have someone purporting to be a "newsman" (yes, I know; it’s impossible to take an idiot like Glenn Beck seriously in any forum) stopping in mid-report and touting the benefits of SelectComfort beds.

I understand that he does this on his radio show, and I don’t have a problem with that. But CNN Headline News, um, is a NEWS channel. People go there to watch the news. It’s bad enough that there are too many opinion programs on these channels in the first place. But why make the water even muddier by removing any semblance of credibility from the channels altogether?

Isn’t it bad enough that FNC refers to itself as a "news" channel, despite the fact that they don’t report on very much news at all?

Imagine if this catches on. You’re watching NBC News one day, and Chip Reid’s reporting on today’s doings at the White House, when suddenly he pulls out a box of Tide with Bleach, and tells Brian Williams, "You know, Brian, our viewers may not live in the White House, but their clothes can be white…"

Or, imagine you’re reading an article in the New York Times: " the robber fled the store and jumped into a 2008 Cadillac Escalade, the luxury SUV that now comes with a 100,000 mile Cadillac warranty, to make his escape."

Once again, if the news people want to know why fewer and fewer people are getting their news from traditional sources, talk to me. Report the news, just the news, and the profits will be greater than you ever dreamed of…


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