How the GOP is Screwing Itself

There is a very real reason Trump’s never-ending parade of impeachable offenses and his lame-ass defense coming from the Republican leadership have come to be known as “stupid Watergate.” All of these people are not just a little moronic; they are actually dumb enough to damn Trump through their defense of him.

They were doing it all through the Mueller investigation when they constantly went after Mueller without actually providing a defense for anything Trump was accused of. Monday marked the third anniversary of Donny’s poorly attended inauguration and those defending Trump have withstood almost four years of Trump being called a “Russian agent,” without actually denying it, at least with any force. It is crystal clear that, while Trump and his campaign may not have overtly solicited the help of the Russian government to cheat for him and give him an edge against Hillary Clinton, he certainly knew he was getting the help early on, and he welcomed it from open arms. And while he’s dumb as a post, not everyone affiliated with his campaign was, so it’s likely he knew that working with foreigners to boost his campaign was illegal.

Now, he’s trying to repeat what worked before and he simply doesn’t care that it was illegal before and is still illegal. What the entire Republican Party doesn’t seem t understand is that their actions in support of Donald Trump’s worst instincts have effectively inoculated him and the entire Party from ever being vindicated for this or any other impeachable offense.

Oh, sure; he probably will be acquitted. There is a chance of getting 20 Republican Senators to break with the rest of the caucus and vote to convict, but the chance is admittedly slim. However, there is no way he will ever be vindicated. In Trump’s tiny little world, he will call acquittal his “vindication,” but no one will buy it.

Worse for the Republican Party, the acquittal will likely not play well with the public. Keep in mind, this year, 24 Republican Senators are up for election, and the public will look at the current whitewash that is happening with the trial poorly, and there is an excellent chance that will be exacerbated by an acquittal. It’s unlikely all 24 will lose this year, but losing 10-12 is quite possible, and Democrats only need 4 seats to take the majority.

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