How the Unicorn Left Helps the GOP

Over the past few weeks, I have been bombarded by messages from far lefties who think they are the smartest people in the world about politics. Now, many of these “progressives” have 100-200 purchased followers and many have been Tweeting for less than a week, or just took up Tweeting again after a three-year absence, which is a sure sign of a bot or a troll. However,  some of these so-called “progressives” are people I have known for 15 years or more. It’s a funny thing; they are always trying to impress me with their intelligence. They are always citing some obscure “factoid” that is supposed to indicate that they have “studied” whatever it is they are prattling on about – I am apparently supposed to be profoundly impressed with their intellect and they are always upset when I am not and say I don’t care.

And I really don’t.

You know what I care about? I care about what every ACTUAL progressive and liberal cares about.

  • I care about making sure that we catch up to the rest of the world and create a society in which everyone sees a doctor when they’re sick or injured and where families don’t have to hold fundraisers when a family member gets sick. I want UNIVERSAL HEALTH CARE. That means, you get sick, you go to a hospital, you get the treatment you need and you don’t have to lose your house because you can’t afford the bill.
  • I care about making sure that everyone who is working for a living is making enough to support themselves and their loved ones, as applicable. Everyone should be making a living wage.
  • I care about making sure the markets are fair as possible for everyone who seeks to enter it. Everyone who wants to open a business should be able to do so on an even playing field that is not tilted to those with the most cash.
  • I want a socially just society where NO ONE is singled out based on some arbitrary factor, such as the color of their skin, or their religion or their sexuality.
  • I want a society in which law enforcement and the courts seek to protect all of us and don’t just lock up everyone who does something they feel is wrong.
  • I want “white privilege” to be a thing of the past. Not because I think white people should be locked up or shot like everyone else, but because People of Color, LGBTQ people, women and recent immigrants are ALL treated the way white people are almost always treated now.

The only difference between me and the professional left, besides the fact that I don’t try to make a living from my blog, is that I actually try to do what is necessary to make this (and many other progressive things) happen. I realize that, to get anything done in any democratic political system, you have to encourage the majority to see things your way. You also have to compromise, which is something pro lefties and unicorn progressives pretty much refuse to do. It’s why they are abject failures when it comes to politics. if you think I’m being harsh, look at the record.

Just as absurd as the notion that Lord Donny will magically “make America great again” is the notion that a bunch of loud obnoxious assholes who call themselves “progressive,” but who have impeded actual progress for about a half century, are the only “REAL progressives” becuase they hold the same opinion on every issue. For some reason, these folks have decided that throwing the Democratic Party under the bus is the best way to make progress. Given that the heart of our system is the electoral process. Let’s get real;

  • The goal is “universal health care,” NOT “single payer.” Get a clue that, among countries with universal health care, only a scant few are single payer.
  • the goal is “a living wage,” not “$15 per hour.” In some parts of the country, $11 an hour is a “living wage.”
  • “Black Lives Matter” is a thing because, well, they don’t seem to at the moment. It’s not a slight to white liberals, its an acknowledgment of reality.
  • The goal is “social justice,” which is a lot more than paying lip service to the phrase, “social justice.”  repeating the phrase will never bring social justice and constantly helping Republicans win will never result in social justice of any kind.

Yes, that’s right. The professional left and the unicorn lovers constantly help Republicans win.

Now, read this carefully because this is enormously important. If you’re liberal, Republicans and right wingers hate you, which means you won’t get their support. If you throw Democrats under the bus and you talk about “centrists” as if they’re evil somehow, where do you plan to get the majority you will need to actually make the progress that has to happen if we’re to get the government we want? Do you really think the force of your will will get you the progressive country you fantasize about? Do you really believe that simply repeating Bernie Sanders’ name three times will magically give us single-payer and make white liberals the kings and queens of the world?

Why do far-left progressives and professional lefties not seem to notice that everything they do politically fails miserably? Why do they not seem to have a clue that the progressive movement has been losing ground for a half century? I know the answer to this, of course. You see, for all of their blather, they don’t give a flying fuck if this nation is progressive. In fact, if we actually made progress, it would mean they’d have less to whine about and it would hurt their brand. They always have to imagine themselves the underdog and if they ever started winning shit and getting shit done, they wouldn’t know what to do. For all of their bluster and their crying over the state of the country, they actually WANT the country to turn to shit because they imagine, despite the evidence, that the country has to be in the shitter before people will act.

Let’s face it: most unicorn progressives and pro lefties want to either be popular among liberals or get shitloads of clicks for their writing; one or the other or sometimes both. They would rather suck up to the tiny circle they have created for themselves, in which they impress each other with how “progressive” they can sound, than to actually make the progress they claim they want.

This is why they are overwhelmingly negative. Look at Bernie Sanders’ message and compare it to Trump’s. It really wasn’t all that different. According to both Bernie and Trump, the United States was an economic morass, full of suffering and deprivation. No one had a job and people were selling matches on street corners to survive, according to the Bernie/Trump dystopian vision. BOTH candidates were trying to win by creating fear; there was no difference, really.

Well, I really hate to break it to you, but if you’re one of those who thinks that fear motivates voters, you haven’t been paying attention. Fear doesn’t motivate voters in the least. In fact, the effect is the opposite of that. I mean, it’s not hard to figure out, really. The Republican Party’s primary focus is on depressing turnout. After all, it’s the only way they can win. They are a minority party and their membership has been shrinking over the years – far more than the Democrats’ membership has. Their only chance is to depress turnout. That is why they are always negative; they know their most faithful followers will show up evert election in big numbers, but the numbers are actually small, so the only way to make them more powerful in the electorate is to make sure fewer decent people show up.

Put simply, fear and loathing on the campaign trail only works to help the deplorable right. So, if pro and unicorn lefties are as smart as the let on, what should the progressive strategy be? Come on, it’s easy – YOU DO THE OPPOSITE OF THE RIGHT. If we do what they do, then we are also depressing turnout. And that is why Republicans keep winning. That is why our country is turning to shit. That is why we have an asshole like Donald Trump occupying the White House. When you have a moderate center, making up more than 70 percent of the electorate, and they already KNOW the GOP is batshit crazy, how smart do you imagine it is to tell them, ad nauseum, that Democrats are as bad as Republicans?

We won with “hope and change.” Get a clue from that. Obama is smarter than you, unicorn lefties. And everyone is smarter than the professional left. I mean, how smart can you be, if you don’t see that you can scream about a $15 minimum wage all you want, but if you want to actually INCREASE the minimum wage, you need a majority Democratic legislature everywhere, you’re not very bright. Throwing Democrats under the bus is the opposite of “progressive.”


How the Unicorn Left Helps the GOP — 7 Comments

  1. What’s an “icing wage”? Some parts of the country $20 is a living wage. $11 is too low, no matter where you live. Hillary did come around to $15 nationwide, but even $12 is a good start.

  2. If you’re liberal, Republicans and right wingers hate you, which means you won’t get their support. If you throw Democrats under the bus and you talk about “centrists” as if they’re evil somehow, where do you plan to get the majority you will need to actually make the progress that has to happen if we’re to get the government we want? Do you really think the force of your will will get you the progressive country you fantasize about?


  3. There is an elephant in the room and his name is Seigniorage. He has the wherewithal to enable you to reach all of the goals you have listed. The problem is all Rs and most Ds refuse to acknowledge the elephant. Seigniorage has a big sign hanging from his neck. It reads, “Government does not need to either tax or borrow before spending.” He has been around a very long time. He was there in March of 1760 when the Virginia Money Act was passed. He was there when bankers wanted 36% interest to lend money to the government to fight the civil war and Lincoln created and spent “greenbacks” instead. Beardsley Ruml, who was then president of the NY Fed, explained it in great detail in his paper in 1946 entitled “Taxes for Revenue are Obsolete.” Now, with all of that history behind us, we have both Rs and Ds arguing about how to “pay for” programs with taxes. Democrats, by ignoring the elephant in the room, are conceding loss to the Republican privatizers.

    • Wow, you’re as stupid as you think you are smart. You have to deal with what IS, not with what your imagination thinks should be. And it is a furtive imagination, too. So, you truly think you can just spend money that no one has created to spend? How’s that work, exactly? I mean, if the government can simply make cash appear out of thin air, how tenable is the concept of money in the first place? Doesn’t matter. We live in a currency-driven global economy and it works when properly administered and regulated.

      • Banks create money out of thin air when they make loans. The US Treasury mints coins, prints money and pays bills with computer programs. So yes, the government can and does create money, spend it at face value and the cost of creating it is less than the face value. It is done everyday. The quarters minted in 2016 had a face value of 400+ million dollars more than the minting cost. Seigniorage is very real and it could and should be vastly expanded. The nation would be well served by a program to teach all citizens about the nation’s monetary system as defined by the constitution. Abe Lincoln understood: “The Government should create, issue, and circulate all the currency and credits needed to satisfy the spending power of the Government and the buying power of consumers. By the adoption of these principles, the taxpayers will be saved immense sums of interest. Money will cease to be master and become the servant of humanity.” -Abraham Lincoln

        • No money comes out of thin air, you moron. Banks loan money that comes from deposits. Now go away…