How to Save Democracy

See, here’s the problem…

Once we as an electorate make a democratic decision, we are stuck with that decision for between two and six years. There is no mechanism in our democracy for a do-over, except to make sure the next time a candidate comes up for a vote, we vote the bastard out.

When the American democratic system allowed George W. Bush to be elected, it was a collective brain fart, caused by a lot of people who call themselves “progressive,” but understand precious little about the democratic process. They worshipped at the altar of Ralph Nader, who was, in fact, the worst politician to ever run for high office, to that time. Nader and his acolytes thought the best way to “win” (in Nader’s case, “winning” meant getting five percent, so the Green Party could obtain permanent ballot status.) was to peel off votes from “centrist” Al Gore. However, the way they chose to do that was to attack and weaken Gore, which made Gore vulnerable to the cheating that was going on in Florida, Ohio and several other states.

See, here’s the thing; if Nader had worked WITH Gore and AGAINST Bush, Nader could have gotten his beloved five percent of the vote and we never would have had a Bush 43 presidency. Instead, we had the spectacle of self-described “progressives” siding against the friendliest of the
two parties out of some asinine notion that the public would simply realize Dubya was a bad candidate all on their own and their attacks on Gore wouldn’t matter because “no one listens to us.”

Like I said, many self-described “progressive political junkies” are too stupid for words.

Worse, they don’t learn. I know this because they took on much the same strategy in 2004 when they did the same thing to John Kerry, who could very well be the most liberal candidate to ever run as a major party candidate for president. The result was an extra four years of Bush.

Barack Obama was able to overcome the nonsense of the “progressive political junkies” because the idea of a black president sated their white liberal sense of “justice,” and they lacked the guts to run a “third party progressive independent” against him, even though Bernie Sanders, of all people, thought he should have been primaried in 2012.

Bernie Sanders, in fact, is living proof that these folks never learn. In 2016, Hillary Clinton ran to become the first woman president in your history, and this same group of “progressives” adopted the same sort of tactic that had been so successful in 2000 and 2004, in that Bernie’s biggest fans thought they could attack Hillary for two years, and they would get so many votes, they would win the nomination. I suppose you could say Bernie was smarter in that he ran his campaign within the Democratic Party and not as an independent, where he would directly siphon votes away from the Democrat, but the Bernie Stans attacked Hillary as if she was the enemy for two solid years, often using smear tactics developed by rightwing Clinton-haters during the 90s. The attacks were brutal, and proof that these folks never learn anything when it comes to politics.

Many factors led to Donald Trump being elected to an office he was in no way qualified to have. One of those factors was most definitely the damage done to Hillary Clinton by these “progressive independents” who are still singing the praises of Bernie while simultaneously trying to tear down any Democrat who might prevent Bernie from winning the nomination.

Our democracy is hanging by a thread right now. We currently have a “president” who happily accepted the help of the Russian government in tearing apart his opponent and making it possible for him to eke out a victory in the electoral college. And just yesterday, he said he thought there was nothing wrong with doing it again. Republican states are purging voter rolls and putting obstacles to voting in place everywhere. Democrats in the House have passed a voting reform bill, to make voting easier for everyone, but the Republican Senate, led by Mitch McConnell, won’t even schedule it for debate, let alone a vote. These are real threats to our democracy; quite possibly the worst we have ever faced and there is only one way to fix it, and that is with more democracy.

The Republican Party is a minority Party; they represent less than a quarter of the electorate. Therefore, they have a vested interest in depressing turnout any way they can. The fewer non-Republicans who vote, the more their votes count. That means they need to do everything they can to make sure non-Republicans don’t turn out. That makes ur mission clear as a bell. Make sure turnout is as high as possible in 2020, 2022, 2024 and beyond, and Republicans can never win. And that is how we restore democracy.

As liberals and progressives, we have one real duty to the politics, and that is to make sure the best possible candidate wins every election. If that means voting for candidates who aren’t as “progressive” as you’d like, so be it. Attacking Democratic candidates and damaging them before they meet their Republican opponents is one reason we have an idiot in the White House and it’s the best way to ensure the viability of the current version of the Republican Party.

As a progressive, voting for Hillary Clinton in the general election was a no-brainer. The fact that at least 10 percent of Bernie primary supporters voted for Trump and others voted for Jill Stein and Gary Johnson, instead of ensuring that Hillary Clinton won the presidency, points to a pretty significant stench among the white liberal “progressive independent” set. If your hatred of Hillary was such that you could give Trump an inch, you are a major reason why our democracy hangs by a thread.

Democrats are not the enemy. Every Democrat running for president right now would be a marked improvement over Trump. And that should be our goal. The current Republican Party is not “conservative,” they are anti-progress. Their base is the only group of Americans they care about and the only thing their base cares about is “owning libs.” When we are seen as fighting, i give the GOP base the jollies and it energizes them. And when a large group of lefties goes off against the Democratic Party, it does two things; it damages the chances of Democratic candidates AND it serves to make Republicans more likely to vote. After all, if BOTH SIDES say the Democrats suck, who will think otherwise? This is how we got two terms of Bush and it’s the only way we’ll get two terms of Trump.

Put democracy first. Stop trashing Democrats. There is only one political party that hasn’t proven it’s a complete disaster for the country, and we on the left need them.


How to Save Democracy — 1 Comment

  1. May i suggest a couple of alterations?

    –> The current Republican Party is not “conservative,” they are anti-progress.
    ….. they are reactionary: they are not only opposed to change, but want to roll the clock back on any changes that have already happened.

    –> Their base is the only group of Americans they care about ….
    the only ‘group’ they care about are themselves and the power they feel is their right; their “base” is only a means to that end and are otherwise just part of the vulgar unwashed who are dumb enough to be conned into voting them into office.