“I Am Not Disappointed by President Obama”

A must-see video, especially by those folks who insist on putting down President Obama, because they don't think he's "done enough" of what they like. Listen to what this man says, and ask yourself WHY you're disappointed. Then, consider what you're rhetoric is doing to the debate, and how your rhetoric might actually be prolonging the neocon era. 

He's only a "disappointment" if you expected perfection. It's never going to happen. Get over yourselves.



“I Am Not Disappointed by President Obama” — 3 Comments

  1. The irony of people expecting Obama to be a perfect president is that HE said HIMSELF, in early 2008, “I’m not a perfect man, and I won’t be a perfect president.”

    People don’t like truth. Not even so-called progressives, and certainly not a good portion of the vocal among OWSers, unfortunately. (Just take a look at the Paulmania seeping in there.) It’s a struggle to teach some people that thinking for yourself doesn’t mean being gullibly and automatically contrarian. But there’s hope for some.

  2. First of all, the above is not ME.
    Second of all, learn the difference between opinions and rhetoric. They’re not the same.
    But your belief that your expression of opinion is somehow important to the “discourse,” and without it, we are all lesser, points to a blind narcissism that is at the heart of the biggest problem progressives have; the complete lack of understanding of how the political process works.
    “I voted for Barack Obama hoping for a leader.” No, you voted for him hoping for a SAVIOR. You apparently have no concept of what a president IS, in this governmental set up. The fact that you think the improvements in society listed by the man in this video are “half-wins and nebulous stuff” points to an appalling lack of realism that betrays you as whiny and petulant, not thoughtful at all. Yet, you think the rest of us should just listen to your opinions as part of the discourse. Nope. I won’t. You don’t think for yourself; you think as part of a whiny segment of the progressive movement who thought they helped elect someone who could wave a magic wand and make 30 years of neocon political domination just disappear. The people in Zuccotti Park are not leading, genius.
    I have a few columns on this unrealistic mode of thinking; you should stay tuned. Political participation doesn’t end with elections; that’s when it BEGINS. If you have to be “led” to get things done, then get out of the way, because you’re part of the problem.
    And if all politics sounds the same to you, you show a complete lack of intellect that is stunning. It explains why progressives keep standing on the sidelines with their thumbs up their asses, while neocons, who are a tiny minority, keep dominating the discourse. The biggest barrier to progress is the GOP and its domination by an extremist fringe. Yet you’re sitting here telling me how shitty Obama is? Are you kidding me?
    Keep reading this blog; you need it more than most. You’re petulant and whiny and narcissistic. if you want the rest of us to listen to your opinions, at least base them on reality. If you want Obama to do more, than give him the goddamn tools. Don’t just elect him, and then whine when he can’t perform magic tricks. Grow a pair and stop whining. If Obama’s not doing what you want, don’t blame HIM, blame yourself.

  3. I’m glad you’re not disappointed, but I am. However, what disappoints me WAY more than the performance of Barack Obama is the pit of despair that pretty much all discourse on politics has fallen into. It doesn’t matter whether it’s conservatives or liberals, democrats or republicans — obedience to blind dogma seems to be what is expected. In this case, Mr Shook actually says it flat out… I should turn off my brain because my “rhetoric” (presumably, his opinions are not rhetoric, they are wise and reasoned discourse) might prolong a “neocon era”. Huh? I’m sorry Mr. Shook. But there are some of us out there who still like to think for ourselves. There are some of us who believe that actual conversation is a good thing. There are some of us who think that actually thinking one’s thoughts is at the very heart of a democracy.
    How about this. I don’t care about all the half-wins and nebulous stuff you’ve listed. I voted for Barack Obama hoping for a leader. I didn’t get one. So a handful of people in Zuccotti Park are doing the job I’d hoped the guy in the oval office would do. Across the nation people that do not have all the presidential perks are taking on men in riot gear and armed with paramilitary weapons — all because the man I voted for is too afraid to actually lead. He’d rather leave the job to an 82 year old woman.
    Yeah, I’m disappointed. And if my disappointment makes me a shill for the “necons” I’m fine with that. Are you fine using fear tactics to limit thought? You sound a lot like Fox news to me. That’s my real problem with American politics. They ALL sound the same to me.