If the Election Goes to the House, They’ll Choose… Trump. Here’s Why

A lot of people have taken me to task for my belief that, given the opportunity to choose a president, I’m pretty sure the Republican-run House will choose…

Donald Trump.

I’ve had a lot of “political junkies” assure me that the House Republicans are aching for an opportunity to get rid of Trump because he makes them look bad. They assume that Republican polticians will want to do the right thing by the country and at least choose a Republican with political experience because they can get more done. I was just listening to an “expert” on the radio tell me he hoped that Republicans would just “do the right thing and replace Trump with a “more acceptable” Republican.

Yes really. There are “political junkies” who actually think that. You know, because that fits a long-term pattern the GOP has followed for many decades. Right? For unicorn progressives, that was sarcasm. The GOP has shown that repeatedly that they only care about winning and care not one little bit about the country or its people. The first thing they did when they heard Trump won was to double-down on their promise to kill Medicare and Obamacare. First thing. Not making sure we make enough to pay our bills or to make sure out kids can go to a good school, but to take healthcare for millions of people.

Where would anyone who follows politics at all believe that the current incarnation of the Republican Party is anxious to rid themselves of Donald Trump? I mean, have you been alive during the two year torture session that was the 2016 election? They had the ability to get rid of Trump at any time during this election year. Anytime. I mean, the RNC could have changed the rules at any time and installed a replacement who would both toe the party line and who would have at least some political experience. Yet, they kept him.

And let’s be clear. If enough electors decide to not vote for Trump to deny him the electoral majority, it sends the choice to the House. Not the House and Senate, but the House. That means Paul Ryan gets to lead the choice. There is no filibuster and not supermajority is needed to vote for a president. It means no possible chance for Hillary Clinton to win, even though she got the most popular votes. And yes, in theory, they can choose any Republican to be the President of the United States. They could choose Mike Pence. they could choose Ryan. They could choose Mitt Romney or John McCain. They could choose pretty much anyone. But they will choose Donald Trump. And the reasons are obvious, if you’re not a “political junkie” who believes that everything in politics is so complicated that only you understand how it works, regardless of how often you’re wrong.

Let me explain why they will choose Trump. There are many reasons, but these are the most likely. And yes, more than one could possibly apply.

  • Trump received the most votes among Republicans in 2016. He did receive far less votes than Hillary Clinton and he only received about 40% of the votes cast in the GOP primaries, but a shitload of Republicans held their noses and voted for him because he outlasted the rest of the Clown Car and god forbid they vote for the best candidate. “Loyal Republicans” don’t do that. Ever. If the House was to choose anyone else, they would essentially negate the votes of tens of millions of Republicans. Screw the country; they only care about winning and Republican votes.
  • The teabaggers would be pissed. The GOP “base” is smaller than it’s ever been, which means every element of their staunchest followers are important. They are too important to Republicans to risk pissing them off.  Not only that, but they protest, which means there would be very visible and very vocal reminders of how the Republican Party screwed its very own. Teabaggers believe they are the “soul of the GOP,” and they would never stand still for such a thing. Like I have said all year, Trump’s voters are largely people I refer to as the “Fuck You Caucus.” They really don’t care about anything but coming in first. They love Trump because they have fantasies of him just running roughshod over “Washington establishment” and anyone who stops that won’t get their votes ever again.
  • Trump is a very litigious person. If the electoral college votes for Hillary, he’ll sue. No one cares about that. However, if the House prevents him from becoming president, he will sue the GOP, and the GOP would seriously hate that. They hate looking bad more than anything and 2-4 years of being dragged through the courts and dealing with endless litigation does not appeal to them at all. They will avoid it at all costs. It’s the same reason you can bet he won’t be impeached anytime soon, as many unicorn progressives seem to be fantasizing.
  • Trump is a “useful idiot.” This could very well be the biggest reason House Republicans will hand the election to Trump.  Donald Trump is a moron, who knows almost nothing about politics and government. That makes him very malleable, which means they believe they can can get him to go along with any of their schemes and blame them on him. Eventually, Trump will probably figure out he’s extremely unpopular and he might go out on his own for a while. But for the first year or two, Republicans will love having someone who will sign virtually anything they put in front of him without questioning it. Think about it. It’s why they loved Dubya.
  • Republicans only care about winning. They don’t care about governing at all. To get rid of Trump and replace him with someone seen by the public as competent would mean they might have to actually govern. One of the reasons they started their agenda with killing Medicare and Obamacare is because they don’t think they can pass a repeal of either. All we need is 3-4 Senate Republicans to get cold feet and neither will happen. But if they install someone with lots of legislative experience as president, they will actually have to produce. See above. Trump is a “useful idiot,” in that all of the blame for GOP failure will fall on him.

There is only one sure way to prevent Donald Trump from taking office and it falls on the electoral college. Like Obiwan Kenobi, they’re our only hope.

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