If Trump Wants Respect… well…

I am continually amazed by the intestinal fortitude of the Trump lovers who demand that I and others who criticize Lord Donny acknowledge that he is president and show him the respect he deserves. The thing is, I do exactly that.

I’ve told this story before, so bear with me. I really thought (naively, as it turns out) that George W. Bush would be the worst we would ever do, as far as presidents go. I was working for a DC law firm, among a relatively liberal group of paralegals (save one, who worshipped Ken Starr), and a few of us were possibly going to scheduled to go into the West Wing. We went through the security check and everything. I was asked a hypothetical question by them, about what I would call Bush if I happened to encounter him in the West Wing, as if that would ever happen. My response was simple; I said I would call him “Mr. President.” Some seemed disappointed, given that I’d called him several unflattering names in a previous blog, which I took down in 2004. As I told them, I have a hell of a lot of respect for the president and the democratic process, and I was going to show the office a lot of respect, even though I couldn’t stand the man.

This time, I would call him “Donny.” And that is because this situation is completely different than the Dubya presidency. Yes, Georgie started two wars and proceeded to completely screw them up, but it was because he was incompetent. And for all his faults, when the chips were down, he seemed to have respect for the presidency; he just sucked at it.

Trump, on the other hand, really sucks at it AND he demonstrates no respect for the office.

For the Trumpies who think I should show respect for the office of president, I would simply ask, why don’t you demand that he respect the office? Seriously, you guys, if you’re going to demand that the office be respected, shouldn’t you ask that of everyone? Is it really too much to ask that the office be respected by the person occupying it?

The presidency is a PUBLIC trust, and there has been no evidence that the current occupant of the White House has any concept of that. He seems to like the power given him, but to this day, Lord Donny seems to have no concept that he is a public servant. He seems to think of the people as “stockholders” and that he’s been elected as CEO of the federal government. He’s “the boss of America,” and we are basically his employees.

Look at how much he’s essentially trashed the office while he’s been in there. Who could possibly see anything in this man that suggests that he understands the job in any way? Maybe my standards are too high, but it seems to me that, if you are going to take a job in the public trust, you should try to learn as much as possible to do a great job. Yet, there is no evidence that he knows what the job entails or that he is inclined to learn anything about it, so he can did it better.

How much evidence do you need to see that Donald Trump has no respect for the office he ran for?

  • He is still actively involved with his own personal business and has refused to place his business and his assets into a blind trust, so as to remove potential conflicts of interest. That is a sign of complete disrespect for the people and the office.
  • Moreover, Trump is profiting personally from the presidency. Not only does he direct people who visit him to stay at a hotel blocks from the White House bearing his name. The building housing that hotel is owned by the federal government which means that he is essentially serving as both tenant and landlord, which would seem to be a major conflict of interest to anyone who actually thinks a little.
  • Then, what about all those golf trips to Trump-owned resorts. There was a time when the idea of a politician gathering revenues in the function of his office would automatically be assumed to be a crook. Now, apparently, we’re supposed to respect him. He obviously doesn’t respect the office of the presidency because, if he did, he would worry about how it looks for the president to be making money in the performance of his job.
  • How about the lack of respect for the office shown by not filling all of the positions in his own Administration? He’s obviously not interested in public service because he’s not in a position to serve anyone. Then, there is the problem with the people he has chosen to fill many of the positions. Most of his Cabinet is filled with unqualified cronies with no government experience, especially when it comes to his daughter and son-in-law, who have been given far too much to do and who actively hawk their business concerns inside the White House.
  • How about the lack of respect shown for the office by demanding that the taxpayers pay most of his freight when he claims he’s worth billions? Is it respectful to spend about $35 million per month on security, just so his 11-year-old son and his wife can keep living in their tacky condo?
  • How about the lack of respect for the American people demonstrated by the constant lying done by virtually everyone in the Trump Administration, not the least of which is Donny himself? Trump seems unable to tell the truth about anything. We’ll, except for intelligence that he is supposed to keep secret.
  • How much respect is he showing the presidency when he shows a complete and utter lack of diplomacy toward those countries who serve as our allies, especially while he kowtows to countries and leaders who treat human rights as optional? What the hell was that speech to NATO yesterday? There is no level at which this was not embarrassing for the country, which seems to me to be very disrespectful to the presidency. Germany is not “evil” and most of the cars they sell here are actually made here, in red states that voted for him, no less. And let’s be clear about something; NATO allies do not owe anyone money; Lord Donny simply doesn’t know what the hell he’s talking about. The NATO agreement suggests that all members try to spend two percent of their GDP on defense. Some don’t, but it has nothing to do with what we spend on defense.
  • In what way is constantly pissing on the people of the United States and telling them it’s raining a sign of respect for the highest office in the land? Lying to us about what’s in two GOP health insurance bills that he has obviously not read doesn’t show respect for the office, nor does gutting social programs that some taxpayers depend on for daily life so that he can give himself a tax cut.

You people who voted for Trump elected a malignant narcissist who has no respect for anyone or anything. Everyone makes a mistake and what’s done is done. However, in his short tenure, Trump has bombed shit just to raise his pathetic poll numbers. He has insulted many of our allies and the previous president for no good reason. He hands out his electoral map to anyone who even suggests that he didn’t actually win, and yet, he doesn’t seem inclined to use that as motivation to do the best job possible; his only interest is his own ego. He only plays to the people who voted for him and seems to have no idea that he is president of everyone. That shows a complete disrespect for everything the presidency is supposed to mean.

If he wants respect, he might try earning some.


If Trump Wants Respect… well… — 6 Comments

  1. Trumps latest tweet:

    “Many NATO countries have agreed to step up payments considerably, as they should. Money is beginning to pour in- NATO will be much stronger.”

    Absolutely terrifying statement…he’ll sell this as recouping the $140b of taxpayer money (cash) that Obama shelled out to Iran…and his base will believe him…and maybe THEN he’ll finally shoot that loser on 5th Avenue and get it over with. The friggin’ suspense is killing me at this point…

  2. Milt this column was especially good for me. It isn’t that I feel a need for permission from anyone to respect or disrespect someone in office but I never realized what you just pointed out.

    There are a number of times this year that I have thought and sometimes written how amazed I was that there was someone who could make Bush/Cheney look good. Even so I have had a hard time articulating just what the difference was and your column here pointed it out for me. It should have been obvious.

    We should point out, however, that GWB had plenty of disrespect for the office as well but obviously nowhere near the level Trump has.

  3. I have never disrespected the office of president never mind who’s in it. Until now. I am 100% in agreement with you, Milt. This man disrespects the office, the law, the Constitution, and all of us. He deserves NOTHING from us at all.

  4. Nailed it.
    I’ve sent this to many of the Lil_Donnie voters that have told me to “give him a chance”.
    I tell them he doesn’t deserve a chance b/c he hasn’t a clue about how to do the job.

    Thank you.

  5. every point you’ve made is the truth. Donald Trump does not respect the highest office of the land, than why should we respect him. I don’t or won’t call him The President. he’s just a Donald or Donny

    When you vote for a clown – you get the whole circus…