If You Voted for Trump 2020, Here is What You Voted For…

It never fails. Not a day goes by that someone who clearly voted for Donald Trump to serve a second term as the worst president in history tells me how unfair I am to his voters, especially when I call them “stupid.”

Well, I call them stupid because their vote for him because doing so is a stupid act. It shows a complete and utter lack of standards, and a childish desire to “show the left” how little power we have to “control” them, as if that was something we have ever tried to do. Right wing Trumpers seem to think that, because they put their trust in an asshole who doesn’t care about anyone, “that’s what we’re trying to do,” they seem to be saying, which is insane, to say the least.

“So, in one four-year term of office, what the hell did Trump do that was so horrible?” You ask?

Well, here is a partial list.

  • Trump tried to block all Muslims from entering the country, simply because they were Muslim. Fortunately, he was too incompetent to do so in a way that would work.
  • While his Muslim ban was incomplete, the major reason is because he incompetently left off the list those “Muslim countries” who were most likely to support terrorism.
  • Even though he likes to brag about how great the economy was on his watch, the facts show joust the opposite. He has the worst jobs record of any president in history. And just tp be clear, that includes Herbert Hoover, as unlikely as that seems.
  • He completely mismanaged a pandemic that has so far compiled a death toll over 500,000 and blew the economy to hell. (See above)
  • Trump’s attempted solution to the ‘Rona business collapse was to try to force everything open, even though millions were contracting coronavirus and it was spreading like wildfire.
  • Trump tried hard to pressure Ukraine to dig up dirt on Joe Biden, even though there was n evidence of such a thing. He was later impeached for that effort.
  • After trying to con his voters into thinking he actually won the 2020 election, when he actually lost far more votes than anyone thought he would, Trump became the first president to ever ever impeached twice – keep in mind; he was only in office for a single term – when he led an insurrection against Congress.
  • Trump is the only president to ever have been impeached twice, and he only escaped without conviction because Republicans in the Senate refused to vote for conviction both times. In both instances, they said the evidence didn’t matter and they promised to vote to acquit him.
  • He also put together an immigration system that was geared t scaring newcomers from coming to this land of liberty, in part by separating families from them, without any system to count them or reunite them before shipping them back.
  • Trump also assembled American troops covertly, and had them chase and tear gas American citizen protesters from Lafayette Park, which is directly north of the White House, to clear the way so that Trump the fake “Christian” could get a photo op in front of a nearby church while holding a Bible.
  • Trump also conducted his entire presidency by trying to staff his Cabinet without even bothering to get ‘advice and consent” from the Senate, which is required by the Constitution.
  • Trump also trusted the word of Russian President/dictator Vladimir Putin over the word of the pro-American patriots working in our intelligence community.
  • Trump also fired numerous government workers via Twitter, including Robert Mueller, the FBI Director, whom he essentially fired for investigating Trump’s relationship with Russia. He also took the opportunity of a TV interview to brag about firing the FBI Director and hiring another.
  • And can anyone imagine any other “president” diverting military funding intended to protect the country to build a wall on our southern border, which experts agree was nothing more than a vanity exercise?
  • Trump also banned transgender people from serving in our military.
  • At least one journalistic enterprise (The Washington Post) has compiled a list of lies Trump told while president, and it grew to well over 30,000 by he time he left office.
  • Trump also routinely threw reporters out of the White House Briefing Room whenever they asked a tough question he didn’t like.
  • Are than once, Trump referred to the press as “an enemy of the people” and looked the other way when a reporter was targeted for not liking Trump sufficiently.
  • Trump also vetoed a defense funding bill just because it ordered military bases named for Confederate soldiers to be renamed.
  • Trump also engineered the longest government in US history and engaged in histrionics claiming he was saving the country lots of money.
  • Of course, that was after he had already added $8 trillion to. The National Debt; by far a record for any president, but even more so for a single-term presidential loser.
  • In fact, In four years in office, Trump ran three of the highest annual deficits in US history. And given the deficits passed by his Republican predecessors, that’s no small feat.
  • At the same time he was coddling the self-appointed leader of Saudi Arabia, even after that leader ordered the murder and dismemberment of a journalist based in the United States, Trump was referring to American soldiers and other military veterans as “losers and suckers.”
  • Speaking of losers and suckers, Trump also hired his daughter and son-in-law to work in the White House, even though neither had any qualifications for such a role.
  • Demonstrating his faulty judgment further, Trump referred to Neo-Nazis and White Supremacists as “very fine people,” likely the first time since at least the 1950s that anyone has referred to them that way.
  • Trump didn’t have a lot of patience with the press, unless they sufficiently kissed his ass. And make no mistake, Trump’s need for others to kiss his ass is virtually unlimited.
  • Trump also has a need for everyone to think he’s the greatest at everything, which is why he embarrassed himself by suggesting that people ingest bleach or disinfectants as a way to fight the coronavirus, at least when he wasn’t calling the pandemic a “hoax.”
  • Trump also sided with the worst side of the Syrian Civil War and left our Kurdish allies, who had put themselves on the line for us, out to dry by choosing the Turks and their self-proclaimed autocrat, Erdogan, over them.
  • Trump and his party also passed a massive tax cut that belies their claim to care about the size of the deficit and the massiveness of the national debt, by focusing virtually he entire tax cut on rich people and extremely wealthy corporations.
  • The Trump Administration didn’t only incite the people they could con into believing he was cheated out of the 2020 election. They also incited everyone who protested the lockdowns designed to prevent the spread of the ‘Rona, and got them to lash out against mask mandates and shutdowns, even though they had no alternate plans to replace those measures.
  • Trump also seemed to hate working with other countries on anything. He pulled us out of the Transpacific Partnership, even though he bragged about re-negotiating a “new NAFTA,” and the TPP fixed almost all of the problems cited with NAFTA previously, and which also was designed to stop most of China’s troublesome economic practices. He also pulled us out of the Iran nuclear deal, which managed to end that country’s nuclear proliferation program without firing a shot.
  • Trump also withdrew us from the Paris Climate Accords, even though climate change has been expanding so quickly in the past decade, no one can deny it or refer to it as a hoax without feeling incredibly stupid.
  • Trump also thought he was clever when he insulted everyone in the world from his Twitter account. He insulted Cabinet members routinely, and he insulted the US Intelligence community every time he had a chance. He called the City of Baltimore “the worst in the nation,’ and he referred to Haiti and most African nations as “shithole countries” and refused to apologize when it was pointed out that almost all of them did better with COVID-19 than we did under his “leadership.”
  • Trump also perpetuated the “fake news” industry and attempted to give it credibility, apparently. Consider how many times he gave himself credit for restoring “Merry Christmas” as a holiday greeting, as if most people had been banned from using it.
  • When his first Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, recused himself from the Mueller investigation, as he was required by law to do, Trump insulted him endlessly via his Twitter account.
  • Trump also televised his first Cabinet meeting, which featured each Cabinet member praising him personally, treating him as if he was the leader of a white supremacist cult.
  • Trump also leased a government building to be a new “Trump International Hotel” and encouraged foreign dignitaries to stay there, in an obvious and clear violation of the intention of the emoluments Clause of the US Constitution.
  • Trump also used his golf addiction as a way to funnel tax money into the Trump Organization, by making sure everyone in his entourage paid for a room at Mar-a-Lago with taxpayers’ money.
  • Trump also insinuated that we should buy Greenland, as if it was simply possible to buy any land we wanted.
  • Trump also claimed that the reason the number of cases of COVID-19 skyrocketed was because of testing.
  • Of course, he also told Bob Woodward that COVID-19 was a big deal when they spoke privately, but in public, he referred to it as a “hoax” or a “joke”. He repeatedly referred to it as “just like a cold” and refused to wear a mask most of the time, even when medical experts told us that was among the best ways to reduce the number of cases.
  • Trump’s Cabinet was also mostly a joke, as he primarily hired corrupt people to run each department. The heads of Agriculture, Interior, State, Education, Health & Human Services, and Homeland Security, were all corrupt, as were the heads of agencies like the EPA.
  • Even as Trump insulted seemingly every American via Twitter, including war hero John McCain, he always had praise for authoritarians and dictators for their ability to do whatever they wanted, since that was clearly the Trump definition of “leadership.”
  • Trump once used Twitter to try to start a war with Iran.
  • After it was clear that Joe Biden had won the election, Trump refused to have anything to do with the transition to a new Administration.
  • Trump’s first Secretary of State, who was previously an executive with one of the largest oil companies in the world, repeatedly referred to Trump as a “moron.”
  • Trump’s entire four-year term seemed to be in service to his ego. He spent his first year trying to insist that he won the popular vote in 2016, which he didn’t. There was also his constant golf outings at resorts he owned, in which people overpaid for the “privilege” of kissing his oversized ass. There was also the time he claimed he had turn down Time Magazine’s offer to name him their “Man of the Year.”

This is just a short list I managed to compile off the top of my head. If I had the time to do some thorough research, I could easily come up with hundreds more instances of Trump incompetence and egomania. However, this list alone should be enough to disqualify anyone from the office of President.

And yet, if you voted for Donald Trump in 2020, you decided that all of the above incidents are perfectly fine for a president. And frankly, if you believed Trump when he said the election had been “stolen,” then pardon for my lack of surprise that you have no standards.

I know people get pissed at me when I say shit like this, but it’s too bad. Voting for Donald Trump as president the first time showed a lack of standards. Looking at what he did for four years and voting for four more years of it is a lot worse than a lack of standards; it shows a loss of care about our precious democracy. You can’t call yourself a “patriot” and then vote for a clown as president, yet you did it twice. You’re not patriotic because you feel strongly about Trump. You’re patriotic because you accept the results of democracy, which has only failed us once in almost 245 years. (And yes, that failure was in 2016. Sorry.)

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